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Aries Escape: Episode No.006

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Aries Escape: Episode No.006

elleYou're invited to the birthday party of a dear friend and, as birthdays usually come on an annual basis, there is nothing unusual about this one...except, when you show up, it turns out to be a big set-up, getting you to partake in a surprise room escape game. So, Happy Birthday! Even if it's early or late or right on time, join the celebration in LiberTechno's festively made-up banquet hall replete with pretty balloons, scrumptious cake, chafers of fancy foods and clever puzzles in the form of wall decorations. What better way to escape the weekday than with a little party game called Aries Escape: Episode No.006?

Aries Escape: Episode No.006If you're familiar with LiberTechno's characteristic style, you should mostly feel right at home. In a large part, things work the same way here as in other episodes: a changing cursor will help you seek out active areas, inventory items are kept close at hand, and arrows indicate the directions you can turn so that all actions and navigation take no more effort than a simple click. In this case, though, a long banquet table in the center of the room makes getting around a little less simple, as it can be hard to change perspective and understand your movements. In some cases, this is helped along by arrows on the right and left so you can easily shift over even when in close view of the table. If you're able, keep an open document to make notes and paste in screenshots as this will aid your sleuthing quite a bit.

Not long into the shindig, perhaps you're feeling dizzy from navigating the long room or the sheer abundance of puzzles here—or maybe it's just a sugar hangover—but you'd like to get outside into that gloriously sunny day, wouldn't you? Then make a note to examine every ornament, every place setting, and every corner of this room as you can find. Don't think that, just because you don't see an easy way to reach a particular spot, that it isn't worth a look (sometimes you need to see its clue first, sometimes you need to try a new approach to get there).

Once you click around enough, you'll get a sense of where you're going. What's more challenging is determining which clues will lead to answers to which puzzles and codes; so many details abound just for the stubborness of existing, to divert your attention away from the real solutions. In this way, clues are hidden in plain sight, calling on your detective skills to uncover them. Great fun for those who are looking for more challenge and content in their escape, leading up to a giant feeling of satisfaction once you solve your way out. Now isn't that the best way to leave a party?

Play Aries Escape: Episode No.006

Note: To adjust the sound, select the tool icon and move the bottom slider to the left. Keep the top slider, which controls click sensitivity toward the right.

Walkthrough Guide

(Please allow page to fully load for spoiler tags to be functional.)

Walkthrough: Aries Escape Episode No.006

Getting Started: Exploring the Banquet Hall

  1. You begin with your back to the entrance doors, facing the end of a long banquet table. On your left is a wall with four pictures (puzzles) and a row of chairs. On your right is a large window. At the far end of the room is a fountain and glass doors.

    • Navigation is made tricky by this lay-out, so take your time to scan each scene with your cursor: this way you'll find arrows and active areas to guide you.

    • If you'd like, it helps to draw your own map or take screenshots, or both.

    • I recommend taking some time to just randomly wander around, to get a sense of how you can move about, not worrying about clues or puzzles, so you'll feel better oriented with the layout. It makes sense once you get used to it.

    • If you're taken a tour of the room, and found your way back to where you've started, now...

  2. Zoom in to read the sign:

    • "Welcome. Birthday Party!!" Make note of the Yellow Heart.

    • Back out.

  3. Hover your cursor to the right side of the table to move that direction.

    • Here the banquet table is on your left, you have a closer view of the fountain and cake stand ahead, and so the large windows are at your right.

  4. Turn right to look out the glass windows and see the pretty balloons:

    • Zoom in on the balloons teethered to the pink stand on the right, note their number and colors, then back out.

    • Now, zoom in on the balloons teethered to the yellow stand on the left...

      • Then click above these balloons to get a closer look at the Green Spade.

    • Back up twice.

  5. Turn left from the large window looking out on the lawn to face the fountain area again.

  6. Click the little stone bridge on the waterway to zoom in on it.

    • Then, click the side of the stone to find a number:

    • 822

    • Back out twice.

  7. Zoom in on the cake in the corner (to the right of the glass doors).

    • Make note of the Red Diamond.

  8. Back out from the cake and turn left to face the glass doors. To the left of the doors is a little panel...

    • Zoom in on the panel and open it to see you need a code to unlock the door.

    • Back up.

  9. Turn left while in close view of the glass doors to see an urn of flowers...

    • Zoom in on the note card on the flowers to see a clue:

    • 22:30

  10. Back up from the urn of flowers and turn left to face the back side of the fountain. Click the center of the screen to move back toward the banquet table.

  11. Now, turn right to face the banquet table. Let's see what's being served:

    • Zoom in on the leftmost tray of food: some cheese and cold cuts.

      • There is a lot to see here, take a screenshot or make a note of it so you can sort out the information later.

      • *While in close view of the table, you can use the arrows on the side to move down the table to the next tray.

    • Move right to the next tray of food: breaded orange sauce something....

      • Also make a note of the card suits along the side of this tray.

    • Go right again to the sausages in red sauce.

    • Then right to the crackers with toppings...

      • Hmmm. The plates are in two half stacks...

      • Keep clicking the plates until a number is revealed underneath:

      • 08**

    • Lastly, go right to the tray of petite fours.

  12. Back up from the table.All that food make you thirsty? Have a look at the wine, beer and glasses...Go forward to directly face the fountain (it's all wet, so you can't get closer). From here, turn left twice and you'll be facing the drinks of the table:

    • Examine the "Special Hint Rose Wine" for a clue:

    • oxo

  13. Hover your cursor to the right of the banquet table and click the arrow to move forward.Then, turn left to face the other side of the banquet table. Let's see what's this side of the food trays looks like:

    • Zoom in on the tray of petite fours on the left end of the table: note what you see.

    • Move right* to the second tray of food: some crackers with colorful toppings.

    • Move right again to the third tray of food: sausages with red sauce?

      • Besides noting what's here, you should also notice you can move the plates.

      • Click on the plates and keep clicking until you reveal a number underneath them:

      • **18

    • Move right to the fourth tray of food: some breaded orange sauce stuff.

    • Lastly, move right to the fifth tray of food on the end of the table: some cheese and cold cuts.

  14. Leave the table close-up and turn left twice to face the wall of pictures and chairs...

    • You can only zoom in on the pictures/puzzles if you've viewed their clues. At this point, you've seen clues for all the puzzles except the second on the left.

    • You can also move aside the chairs. Behind the chair third from the right, there is a panel...

      • behind the panel are five rows of levels below a design that kind of looks familiar.

      • Back up.

  15. While facing the chair wall, turn right to see the glass doors and fountain. On the left should be a glass case with your first puzzle of the day...

The Glass-Cased Book and the Levers Puzzle

  1. If you're facing the fountain from the chairs side of the banquet table, you should see a gold-trimmed glass case housing a book. Take a closer look at it:

    • Inside is a book with a Blue Club on the cover.

    • The case is locked with a 4-digit code.


      The code is found in two parts, under the plates on the banquet table. Look on each side for half-stacks that can be clicked through to reveal the numbers underneath...



    • Enter the correct code into the lock to release it, then step back.

  2. With the lock off, you can open the door to the glass case and peruse the book:

    • On page 1, notice how the circle with the two lines on either side probably refers to the fountain. The rows of tongs below probably refers to the tongs on the table.

      Page 2 tells you that the water can be turned off and on.

      Page 3 shows a grid (probably the panel under the fountain) and the order of the five colors: pink, yellow, orange, blue and green.

      Page 4 sends you toward the little stone footbridge on the right side of the fountain.

  3. Back up from the case and go back to the row of chairs by clicking on them.

  4. You're now ready to solve the levers puzzle. Click on the third chair from the right then zoom in on the panel and open it up.

    • The book told you to look at the tongs on the table for your answers.


      The clue in the blue clover book indicates to look at the tongs (as you stand at the door and look at the table, you can see the resemblance to the diagram, too). Pay no attention to the ends of the tongs, just the angle they're at.

      \ \ (up/down)
      \ / (up/up)
      / \ (down/down)
      \ \ (up/down)
      / / (down/up)

    • Click the levers until they're either up or down.

  5. When all levers are in the correct positions, the panel automatically opens, revealing an On/Off switch.

    • Flip the switch to "Off" and the water stops flowing from the fountain.

  6. Back up.

Circle "Star" Picture

  1. While facing the chairs, zoom in on the picture on the far left, the one that looks like a compass star:

    • You can click along the edge of the circle to make the points of the "star" turn red.

      • If you click to the left of a point, it will move to the left.

      • Click to the right of a point, it will move right.

      • To make another pair of points, just click in an area between two un-lit points.

    • Your goal here is to light up the correct number of points and arrange them to point in the right directions.

    • Use the clue found on the note card in the urn of flowers.


      Go over to the area by the glass doors, behind the fountain, and find an urn of flowers. The hint you need is there. More specifically:

      22:30 + 15:00

      Set the design to read those two times, 10:30 and 3:00, so you'll have four points going these directions on the star...


  2. When you've solved this puzzle, the panel opens, giving you another clue:

  3. circle = add up the oval-shaped signs on the table.

  4. Back up.

4-Color "X" Picture

  1. While facing the chairs, examine the second picture from the left.

  2. If you click each of the four buttons, you'll see they light up a different color:

    • TOP LEFT = Yellow

    • TOP RIGHT = Red

    • BOTTOM RIGHT = Green

    • BOTTOM LEFT = Blue

  3. Use the clues scattered around the room to determine which order to click each button.

  4. HINT:

    You're looking for four cards suits as well as some indication of the order they go in.


    The white-board sign, window behind the balloons, cake and book have the colors.

    The right side of the breaded orange sauced rolls' tray has a series of card suit symbols, giving you the correct order for each color.



    top left, top left, top right, bottom left, bottom right, bottom left, top right.

    Colorblind Help:

    Heart is Yellow.
    Diamond is Red.
    Spade is Green.
    Club is Blue.

  5. Click the colored buttons of the "X" in the correct order.

  6. When you solve the puzzle, the panel automatically opens, giving you another clue:

  7. triangle = (8x4)-3

    Order of operations means you multiple first, then subject.

  8. Back up.

"Honeycomb" Picture

  1. Zoom in on the second picture on the right, the one that looks like a cross-section of a honeycomb.

    • If you click on any hexagon within the design, it will light up pink.

    • The clue for this one is found on the table (think: thirsty).

  2. Create the correct pattern of red hexagons to solve this puzzle.


    Zoom in on wine bottles at the end of the table as you're directly facing that end of the table. On the label is the pattern you need to emulate.

    For each row, "x" represents a red hexagon:


  4. When you've turned the correct spots on the honey-comb pink, the panel opens automatically to reveal the next hint:

  5. Pentagon = 1+1+1

  6. Back up from the wall again.

"Digital" Picture

  1. While facing the wall of chairs, zoom in on the picture on the right:

    • It looks kind of like a digital read out, with three numbers smooshed up together.

    • If you click on different segments of this design, they'll turn pink. You can create patterns of numbers this way.

  2. Enter the correct number to solve this puzzle.

    • To find the clue, you need to examine every angle, the side of every object, even something that's right under your feet.


      A number's written on the edge of the little stone footbridge that goes across the stream.


  3. When you get the panel open, you'll find the fourth clue:

  4. square = all the square table signs multiplied

  5. Back away from the wall.

The Fountain Keypad

  1. While facing the wall of chairs, turn right. Then, click on the fountain to move closer to it.

  2. With the water off, you can now access the door on the fountain's column. So click on it to zoom in and click again to open it.

    • Here is a typical number keypad. You can input five numbers on it.

    • Enter the correct number and press the enter button.

    • HINT:

      A balloon on the read-out above is your first clue.
      Page three in the book is the other clue.


      You need to go around the room and count the colored balloons. There are...

      7 Pink
      2 Yellow
      4 Orange
      5 Blue
      1 Green

      So put them in that order, as shown in the book, to get the code:


    • When you have entered the correct code, the side of the fountain slides down, emptying the fountain's pool.

  3. With the fountain empty, back up and then click on the edge of the pool to look inside:

    • A fifth and final math clue is revealed:

    • (triangle+circle+square) x pentagon

  4. Back up twice from the fountain.

The Exit Code and "Normal" Ending

  1. To reach the glass doors and enter the exit code, first you need to turn on the fountain again so you can raise the bridge back up (yes, your legs are too short and your high heels too fancy to try to jump the stream.)

    • While facing the fountain, turn left. Then, go forward toward the chairs.

    • Move aside the third chair on the right and open the panel behind it.

      • Flip the switch to "On."

    • Back up and make your way around this big ol' table...

      • The easiest way to explain it is to turn left while facing the chairs, go toward the door, turn left again, then go forward.

    • While standing on the right side of the table facing the fountain, move forward toward the cake stand then turn left.

  2. Now you're at the double glass doors. On the left is a panel; zoom in on it:

    • Here you need another 5-digit code to unlock the glass doors.

    • Use the information earned by solving the other puzzles to determine the code (math skill needed).


      Remember to complete the math inside the parantheses before doing the rest of the problem. Also remember to multiply before you subtract or add.

      The equation you need to solve is in the fountain's pool when the water is drained:


      The numbers you need to fill in those shapes are behind each of the four pictures as well as on the table signs....

      Triangle=29; circle=30; square=1008; pentagon=3

      Doing the math, you end up with this code:


    • After inputing the number, click "open". It'll turn green if the answer is correct.

  3. Back up to face the now unlocked glass doors.

    • At this point, if you want to experience the perfect ending, "SAVE" your game by clicking the blue file icon in the bottom right of the game screen.

  4. Click the doors and they'll open, giving you the "normal ending."

"Perfect Ending"

  1. After experiencing the normal ending, click "replay" to return to the start screen."

    • Choose "Load" to start from where you left off—at the doors if you saved right before exiting.

  2. This time, don't go out the door after entering the exit code. Instead, turn left to face the flowers.

    • Move aside the urn of flowers and look at the floor:

    • orange-green-yellow-red-blue

  3. Back out and turn left. Go forward, then turn toward the chairs...

    • Move aside the third chair on the right, open the panel, and turn the water "Off" again. Then back up.

  4. Turn around and go over to the fountain:

    • Look behind the panel, now the clue indicates the candles.

  5. Now go check out the cake.

  6. Count the candles:

  7. Go back to the fountain and open up its panel door:

    • Input the new code...


      Count the colors to get this code, using the order from under the urn of flowers:


    • If the code is correct, the panel will open and you can get:

      • The "Perfect" Token.

  8. Now exit the glass doors to get the perfect ending!

Congratulations! Have some birthday cake, calorie free!


donhuando February 6, 2013 2:28 AM

I have no idea what to do here.
Also, the navigation is horrible.
You go back and forth between two screens, and you don't get back to where you were. And, to get to the other side of the table you need to find strange paths.


I admit, the navigation is not the best I've seen, but otherwise the game is logical and fun.

Most of the action happens on the wall with the chairs. There are four "pictures" on the wall that you should solve. You cannot start solving them (you cannot zoom to the picture) until you have found all the clues around the room for each picture.

Check the wine.
Count the balloons of different colors.
Find the colors of the suits.
Move the plates.
Check the vase.
Move the chairs.


I'm out with �normal end.� Anyone know what to do for another ending?



Check under the vase.

donhuando February 6, 2013 4:06 AM

Can someone tell me about the:

Balloons. I am color blind, so I have no way of doing this.


Wow. BGM. Wow.



There are 7 pink, 2 yellow, 4 orange, 5 blue, and 1 green. That's also the order of the colors in the hint in the book. There are also 6 white balloons, but they don't matter.

jerry.dathe February 6, 2013 9:49 AM

Enjoying it so far, despite the difficult navigation. I cannot seem to find the necessary clues for the right-hand puzzle (digital). A little help?


I'm stuck at the ten levers puzzle...


look at the stone on the left of the fountain

LightWarriorK February 6, 2013 11:17 AM

My main issue with this game isn't the navigation, even though it is pretty bad. What I dislike is that while like Tomatea in that you can't attempt puzzles until you have enough information to solve them, unlike Tomatea there isn't a "I can't solve this yet!"....except for whatever is being said in Japanese below, which isn't sufficient for those who don't read it. I had no idea that

the wall decorations are actually puzzles!

I was wandering around for 10 minutes before I randomly stumbled onto enough information to start solving, and that's not how I like these escape games.

I don't like being all negative in my comments, but I can't navigate this game enough to experience anything positive yet. I'll have to wait for a walkthrough.


Still stuck on the levers. I think I am having trouble figuring out the order.

jerry.dathe February 6, 2013 11:51 AM


Use the fountain as a reference point


Thank you! I was trying

to use the numbered place cards

jerry.dathe February 6, 2013 12:03 PM

@altermxm Thanks for the hint, but I can't seem to find what you are talking about....grrr.


stuck on the star puzzle (left most puzzle on the wall). help?

jerrydathe - click to the right of the bridge next to the fountain to get the code for the righthand puzzle


baileydonk February 6, 2013 12:50 PM

So I believe I'm at the very end, but

the equation with the shapes is not working for me. I have tried it the "correct" way, performing multiplication before addition, and the incorrect way, in order left to right, and neither of the numbers I get works on the door. Hints?

In addition, I don't understand the comment about

checking under the vase. I only see one vase, and I can't click anywhere but on the card sticking up...


for the other ending

concerning the vase

you need to first enter the door code, but not open the doors, then the vase will move


is a walkthrough on the way?

baileydonk February 6, 2013 1:22 PM

Never mind! I had made a big stupid mistake in writing down the numbers for the shape equation... Out now!


I still can't figure out how to get over to the vase :-(


baileydonk, my equation still isn't working no matter whether I use the correct order of operations or not... Do you have any hints?


^^ wafflem, you must not have figured out the correct numbers to use in the equation.

circle = 30
square = 1008
pentagon = 3
triangle = 29


Ah, I see, timing was everything. NVM. *facepalm*


Can anyone explain to me how I decide the order to use the numbers to do the multiplication part of the equation?


@Helen Lynch

Solve equation inside the parentheses first (do multiplication first, then addition).

nerdypants February 6, 2013 3:23 PM

I feel like I would've enjoyed this game more had it not been for the confusing navigation. It took me a whole fifteen minutes to figure out I could go behind the fountain, and I needed the walkthrough to tell me how to zoom in on the wine. It's never a good sign when the layout of the room gives you more trouble than the actual puzzles.

Other than that, it was a decent game.

jerry.dathe February 6, 2013 3:43 PM

And out...thanks for the pointers. I don't think I would have ever happened upon that number unless I went click crazy everywhere.

korvarthefox February 6, 2013 4:05 PM

Going for the alternate ending:

I know it's to do with the candles, and their colours, but does their position also mean something?


I understand the maths equation but don't know the order of the numbers in squares.


It's rare for me to find an escape game that I loathe so much, it keeps me from finishing it.

Congratulations Aries Escape No.006.

The puzzles aren't great to begin with, but the impossible navigation makes this pretty unplayable. I can't figure out how to get back to the view of the cake, vase and glass door.

Ugh. So frustrating.


Hi folks...

Crappy game whatsoever
Afford a bloody translator next time !

Paris : cold, explains my mood.

BlueIceEyes February 10, 2013 10:46 AM

Like everyone else I REALLY hate the navigation in this game. That is sad because a lot of the puzzles were actually fun, but because of the navigation I had a hard time even getting to them. I hated the table...


the colors of the balloons were hard to distinguish. I kept putting in the wrong numbers because some looked pink and some looked purple

Most of this game ended up being more tedious than fun, but I also really feel that the developer has a lot of potential, and once the format is worked on more could really produce something good. There are a lot of crappy ETR games out there, and though this one was frustrating (and I had to result to a walk thru even when I understood my goal) I think it has more promise than others. That being said, I'll be a little more hesitant to try this series if I only have time for one game...


I can't read Japanese, so maybe I am mistaken, but I am under the impression that some of the items that appear in LiberTechno's games are real stuff you can buy by clicking on the ads in the page.

If so, I think it is a clever and unobtrusive way of monetizing free games, but maybe they should get the 'advergame' label.

inheritance.fan February 23, 2013 10:24 PM

I followed the instructions for the 'X' puzzle and it didn't work.


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