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AntiVillain OneShot

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Rating: 3.3/5 (29 votes)
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In SpaceWhat do you do when you find out courtesy of a note that your girlfriend has been accepted into the Hero Institute and broken up with you? Move heaven and Earth to try and impress her? Try to get into the Hero Institute yourself to win her heart back? It turns out the answer is far less chivalrous - the answer involves V not for Vendetta but Villain! Becoming a regular villain isn't enough though - your ambition is to be a Super Villain. Turns out, though, there is a little more to the process than meets the eye. Even the bad guys are no match for the bureaucratic red tape, and well, things are off to a bad start when you are robbed of your money before you can even submit your villain application. But never fear, the bad guys are here, and you soon make your way through and team up to serve as backup for a robbery. But beware, the job may not be as easy as it sounds.

From author VasantJ of the Medieval Cop series comes a delightful and yet completely different title. This game also hails from the rpgmaker genre and brings along its melancholy, dark sense of humor, but with a completely disjoint storyline and actual turn-based fighting mechanics. The specific mechanics are too detailed to get into here, but they are explained in-game as you progress through it. Other controls are the left mouse button to move around/select options and the right mouse button to access the options menu, save, etc. Now it's time for you to go be a bad guy, and make sure you do a good job at it!

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BubbaJoe April 28, 2017 4:21 PM

Not bad, but the combat system is rather annoying. It's a mix of keyboard and mouse minigames, so you're constantly swapping between the two, and, unless you remember exactly what attacks you chose, you don't necessarily know what's coming next.

andr01d May 1, 2017 12:39 AM

The warning before the game begins (but AFTER it loads, of course) says that it contains "coarse language and adult situations" ... that alone was not quite enough to qualify for instant rejection; I can skim over foulmouth idiocy if the gameplay is good enough. But the hideous "artwork" on the first screen definetly pushed it over the edge. Trashy language and bad art doth not a game make.

Patreon Contributor kktkkr May 1, 2017 9:49 PM replied to andr01d

You would certainly be overreacting to that one warning. Yes, there are curse words, but not to the extent that they would be censored in any other work of fiction about villainy. There are "adult situations", namely: turning evil to spite an ex and taking out guards in bloodless turn-based combat during a bank robbery.

Maybe you think the combination of those two is a little crass, but I find it perfectly reasonable. If you'd actually played more than one minute into the game, you would have found that it's not all trashy language and bad art. No sleuthing, Sherlock.

Patreon Contributor kktkkr May 1, 2017 10:07 PM replied to BubbaJoe

(I'm putting this in another comment since it's actually about gameplay and not literary style.)

@BubbaJoe: You can play each of the minigames with the keyboard, except for an occasional bug where enemy targeting requires the mouse. In theory, the entire game can be keyboard-only, except for the title screen.

You can stick to the basic attack (MARDEK-style timing bar) and Clock Time attacks (pie-chart timing system), which do decent damage, are difficult to completely fail, and work equally well with keyboard and mouse. Combined with healing and items (which don't have minigames), this means you can beat the whole game using only two types of combat minigames, or using only the mouse.

That doesn't solve the issue of the combat system being unpolished, but at least you don't have to play with three hands.


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