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Alone in the Park

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Rating: 4.4/5 (106 votes)
Comments (76) | Views (6,443)

DoraAlone in the ParkThere ain't too much I can say about this game except that the answer is blowin' in the wind. Or inside a brain fruit. Or a women's public toilet. And you might want to shake down any children you find just to be safe. And harass a goat or two. Maybe take down some migrating falcons? Katharine Neil of Cheap Drunk Games brings you one very odd little tale with Alone in the Park. A mysterious letter arrives in your mailbox one day and invites you to track down pieces of a map scattered around nearby Spiegel Park to find a hidden treasure. What could it be? Unreleased Pokemon sketches? Vintage lego sets? *gasp* TIM HORTONS COFFEE?! What are you standing around for?

The game is primarily a text adventure with some visual representations and inventory management. An icon appearing in the central window where your location is displayed usually means an object or person to interact with, which is done by clicking on it. You can drag items in your inventory over one of these icons to try to use the two together, or to ask someone about whatever you're carrying. The titular park, it turns out, is rather a large place, so you'll be doing a lot of traveling between the numerous locations, which is done by simply clicking and holding on the map screen, whereupon you'll trundle in that direction. If you find yourself at a loss as to what to do, try activating "hint mode" from the game options, which makes items in your inventory that are relevant to your current location glow slightly.

As you'll soon discover, despite the title, you are not, strictly speaking, alone in the park. All manner of people are milling about in the various locales, taking in the sights, chaining themselves to trees, and owning unreasonable teddy-bears. Most of them will be able to help you find the missing pieces of your map if you ask... but only if you do something for them first. It might be as simple as tracking down a missing ring, or it might be as complex as chasing down one of the most belligerent goats on the face of the planet. Just make sure you save your game by clicking on the appropriate button when you need to take a break from the demands of your new "friends", since this game is fairly large.

Alone in the ParkAnalysis: There's no question that while the presentation is unique and appealing, the star of the game is definitely Katharine Neil's writing, which is snarky when it needs to be and breathes life into both her cast of characters and bizarre situations. As is the case with all humour, the jokes in Alone in the Park can be hit or miss depending on your tastes. Some of it I found very clever, while other segments gave me the impression it was trying a bit too hard to be both ridiculously surreal and wink-wink-nudge-nudge-offensive. During our evaluation of the game, fellow word monkey joye made the suggestion that "the narrator is supposed to be unlikable; it's one of those post-post-modern hipster things where no one is likable". Which is a valid observation and stance, but in my case I would offer that someone who is unlikable on purpose is still unlikable and probably not someone I'll willing to hang around with even if the experience does level up my Hipster Hoodie.

Which is not to say the game isn't entertaining and worth playing, of course. If you've ever wanted to make a love connection for a pseudo-Goth shut-in, experience spiritual enlightenment from a goat, or help a woman stuck in a public restroom, Alone in the Park will provide. The cast is essentially a set of archetypes exaggerated to the extreme, and the end result is a game that feels like a sort of mecha-parody of itself and everything from other games to pop culture as a whole. The biggest issue may be with the puzzles in that most of them wind up being extended fetch-quests, which can be potentially frustrating considering that your primary mode of discovery and travel is "wander in big loopy circles until something pops up", which, considering how big the park itself actually is, could take a while. The biggest frustrations will probably wind up being the bird and the teddy bear, for sheer confusion and repetition respectively. (Although seeking out higher ground can help.)

In the end, possibly the word that best describes Alone in the Park is "different". It's not the only word; the game is also silly, creative, cheeky, crass, and entertaining. But it isn't something that will appeal to everyone. Of course, that's hardly a bad thing; give me a Dark City over a Sin City any day. For all its flaws, Alone in the Park is still an impressive bit of work and will appeal to adventure gamers with a sense of humour willing to take a bit of sass with their experience.

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"the narrator is supposed to be unlikable..."

Which is well and good, but the epilogue isn't so much the narrator's point of view as it is what "actually" happens, and it's one of the most mean-spirited parts of the game.

I enjoyed the gameplay, and some of the snark, but I'm not necessarily eager to play another of her games (unless the tone is, well toned down).


I am stuck with trying to find the stupid bird and following the directions given by the floopy lady

Anonymous May 24, 2011 7:03 PM

For the bird,

talk to everyone about it, and go to the places they describe at the correct times of day. I had to go back and forth a lot of different times, and I'm not sure why I finally got it right, but eventually a new location appeared on my map.

Sorry I can't be more specific; I didn't write down everything I tried.

Zuubert May 24, 2011 7:11 PM

Am I going entirely bonkers or can I just not seem to find the treasure at all? I'm walking round and round and round where all the little x's are and I'm not getting anything :( Did I miss something?

Anonymous May 24, 2011 8:17 PM

@Zuubert: I'm having the same problem =( I did notice that there are 3 spaces left in my inventory. Perhaps there's something still to be done?


If you haven't unlocked the place where the bird lives yet:

1) Make sure your current task for the Bird quest is "Follow bird through park as it flies to message sender". If it isn't yet, check that you've sighted (clicked on) the bird flying both north and south, and both at Batty Boggart Hill and Big Rock Falls.

2) The bird flies north one day carrying a message, then returns south the next day (without a message), then north the next day and so on. Go to Batty Boggart Hill on an afternoon when you see that the bird is flying due south. Exit the Hill location and walk in a straight line directly south (you're "following" the bird). You will come upon the hidden location somewhere between Batty Boggart Hill and the Toilets.

3) If this doesn't work, save and reload the game and try 2) again.


I'm having the same problems as Zuubert. All 4 x's aren't responding. Please help.


I love the power of the post. Just figured out the secret to the map.

Use cross checking to find the spot.

Or the actual location...

The bend in the river near the h in rough.

Latitude 927
Longitude 989


Bird solution here:

1) Make sure your current task for the Bird quest is "Follow bird through park as it flies to message sender". If it isn't yet, check that you've sighted (clicked on) the bird flying both north and south, and both at Batty Boggart Hill and Big Rock Falls.

2) The bird flies north one day carrying a message, then returns south the next day (without a message), then north the next day and so on. Go to Batty Boggart Hill on an afternoon when you see that the bird is flying due south. Exit the Hill location and walk in a straight line directly south (you're "following" the bird). You will come upon the hidden location somewhere between Batty Boggart Hill and the Toilets.

3) If this doesn't work, save and reload the game and try 2) again.

The Logical Ghost May 24, 2011 9:17 PM

Done everything except

Getting the green fruit off the tall tree and chasing down the bird.

Riley - I tried going to that exact spot: nada. I guess I'll go around again.

The Logical Ghost May 24, 2011 9:20 PM

Power of posting.

The tall tree gives a really obvious hint when you try to use the binoculars on it.

Still trying to figure out the other one.

The Logical Ghost May 24, 2011 9:25 PM

Aaand now I'm waiting for a caught fish. ALSO forgot to mention that I'm stuck on "suggesting lady friends."

I was hoping, given the obvious anti-hero nature of the protagonist, I could pass off the tree-hugger picture as a lady, but I guess not.

hikari no sakura May 24, 2011 9:31 PM

Ugh, stuck on bird. And

find lady friends

The Logical Ghost May 24, 2011 9:35 PM


I think the exact location of some of the secret spots changes from game to game. My advice on the bird is, watch the lat and long in order to go as accurately n/s/w/e etc as you can from your landmarks, and do so at many different times of day. Mine was directly south of BBH.

hikari no sakura May 24, 2011 9:39 PM

@Logical Ghost
Thanks! That worked perfectly!

Phaeton May 24, 2011 9:52 PM

"Official" solution to bird problem from the game website:

If you haven't unlocked the place where the bird lives yet:

1) Make sure your current task for the Bird quest is "Follow bird through park as it flies to message sender". If it isn't yet, check that you've sighted (clicked on) the bird flying both north and south, and both at Batty Boggart Hill and Big Rock Falls.

2) The bird flies north one day carrying a message, then returns south the next day (without a message), then north the next day and so on. Go to Batty Boggart Hill on an afternoon when you see that the bird is flying due south. Exit the Hill location and walk in a straight line directly south (you're "following" the bird). You will come upon the hidden location somewhere between Batty Boggart Hill and the Toilets.

3) If this doesn't work, save and reload the game and try 2) again.

Azure BM May 24, 2011 9:56 PM

I've got everything except the treasure, I'm questioning how I'm going to use a


on the map and not at a location.

hikari no sakura May 24, 2011 10:04 PM

I'm giving up on the treasure hunting bit. Is there a way to get the exact coordinates of the X es? walking around the area for ages doesn't cut it.

Meredith May 24, 2011 10:06 PM

Okay, so I have all but the middle piece of the map, and I can't for the life of me find the location that is listed second (after the park entrance). Will I find the last piece there? If not... help?

JIGuest May 24, 2011 10:29 PM

Ok, I'm stuck on

getting Camilla to like Matt (so I have to make Matt look better)

and finding where the spirt rock thing is, I've tried all the locations I can think of with no luck.

Forsythe May 24, 2011 10:54 PM

@hikari: Re: the x...

There can be--- excuse me, is only one.


This game is simply perfect - Chapeau l'artiste !! (from France)

tigrita May 25, 2011 12:09 AM

Hint for those struggling with the map:

You won't be able to find what you're looking for unless the map is complete and properly assembled -- you'll get a message that it is. I had 2 pieces reversed without realizing it for the longest time

As for the epilogue:

What a cheery outlook on the world the author has! I especially liked Taylor's realization that

"being remarkably clever and mature for one's age is no longer considered an endearing trait in a female beyond 25 years of age"

I know it's satire, but WOW, seriously. Guess I'm one of the people whose humor doesn't match up with the author's

crimsonthread May 25, 2011 12:15 AM

Still stuck on the x's...

I have the map assembled properly, and got the spade. But I still can't manage to find the spots marked by x's.

crimsonthread May 25, 2011 12:18 AM

POP. Guess I'm not the brightest crayon.... :)


I found a few bugs in this game. The text began to repeat itself shortly into the game, and I found that eventually the picture wouldn't change, even after I click to go to a different location, and the exit button ultimately stopped working. I hope it gets fixed!


Moira gives very bad directions, I have criss crossed the map, can not find what on earth she is referring to. A point in the right direction would be nice.

hikari no sakura May 25, 2011 3:06 AM

Sorry, still not finding the X!

Although I do have a message "I pieced together the map, based on what I could remember about the landmarks" And a goal that says "Locate treasure using Xs on map"

I would assume that means I've assembled the map correctly, then?

And what does the artist's impression of the map do?


This is all constructive, so I hope if the author/programmer reads this they don't take it the wrong way. Or do -- if the author actually espouses any of the narrator's views then she can go take a walk. :P
The overall UI for this game could really use some work. The credits for the game load in the same text box as the rest of the story, so if the user wants to check out the credits they then have to page back past that if they want to read anything that came before. There's no volume control for the music that starts blaring when you get to the goth lady's house. On the subject of sound, that "Jack and Jill" ditty at the surveyor's tower gets really annoying. The treasures are annoying to locate -- sort of a spot-the-hidden-pixel-on-the-map sort of thing.
Games are supposed to be fun, but this one actually pissed me off (which is why I stopped playing it).

Satané May 25, 2011 5:34 AM

@Hikari no Sakura (position of the x/location of the treasure)

Once the map is completed you will see ~four~ x-marks. Huh? You need only ~one~ treasure location. Strange...

Maybe the four xs mark something else..?

Like two crossing lines?

Like an x!

Think of the four xs on the map as one large x. Walk around where the intersection should be. An icon will appear - voilà: The location of the treasure :)

I skipped most of the text passages for it was mostly boring and unneeded. The humour wasn't my cup of tea either, but I really liked the gameplay itself.


I seem to not have all the map pieces, and I have six empty spaces in my inventory. I think there must be a mission I haven't found, here are all the ones I've done:

Finding a map of Spiegel Park
Janice and the Missing Engagement
The Tall Tree and its Green Brainapple
The Lone Tree and its Orange
The Eco-Anarchist and the Purple
Moira and her Map Fragment
Pimping for Matt
Taylor's Teddy and the Lost Eyes
Mystery of the Bird and its Reclusive

littlefish May 25, 2011 8:31 AM

What a picnic!!!
Good-looking, with an interesting narrator... (if there's anyone worth dating in this game, it's her ;)
A few places of "where the heck am I supposed to go now?"

Follow the bird!

which reminds of a favorite scene from the movie "Willow": Bird takes off in irrelevant direction - "Oh, forget the bird... Follow the river!"


in general, roaming around to find out who to talk to, and about what...


When I had like 5 empty slots for things, and had not yet found out that Matt was slightly desperate for a date


I found moira's place

walking between the two rocks up and left on the map

But that's all, i don't have any other quest, i don't know what to do, i thought i've talk to everybody...

I have still 4 objects to find (last was sacred stone for moira)


I really liked the rough tone of the narrator.. made me lough a couple of times.

but.. found a real annoying bug: the location symbols suddenly mixed up, some disappeared and when i click one, i come up on another place :/

-- and are still trying to find the remaining 3 items, cause the xs wont show up..


power of post? no, power of hint modus.. found what i was searchin' for :D

and yepp, liked the epilouge as much as the rest..


Ah, i finally found what to do. You really have to show the letter to EVERYONE.

I haven't find the puzzle difficult, make a screenshot when you see everything from the binoculars, and place the pieces the same. Of course you have to walk and find everything on the map first: river, mountains, etc.

The hidden final spot seem simple to me:

draw a cross from the red crosses on the puzzle-map, it will lead you to the "h" in "rougH map"

Then, take the spade and

click on the patch of grass, on the same location

The epiloge is funny and horrible at the same time :D but i expected another thing.

I find the start of the game not clear, and the moves on the map slooooow, even if it take half a day every time.


done everything but find moira's spirit stone. can't figure out what to do...

Repatriate May 25, 2011 12:03 PM

Stuck on the bird, but perhaps because of a bug?

I've followed the bird and found the secret location. I've even done a further quest involving the homeowner.

(Set up Matt and Carmilla and gotten Matt's map piece.)

But the bird quest still says I need to follow the bird. I've tried following in the other direction, but that's not doing anything (yet?). Tried saving and reloading as suggested by the creator, but all that did was take away the icon for the secret location, which is still revealed in the main map.

Is there more to this quest? I've got 8 map pieces and four empty inventory slots.

Repatriate May 25, 2011 12:51 PM

Emmy, I've only got one more quest finished than you do. But I think you've finished a subsequent quest, so this may not help!

While finishing the Mystery of the Bird and its Reclusive, did you notice

a man who likes to climb things? If so,

have you done him any favors?

Repatriate May 25, 2011 1:11 PM

Ok, solved my own problem re: bird and finished the game. :)

breakstress May 25, 2011 3:09 PM

I just had to say, that I love you for referencing the movie "Dark City". It's really underrated.

Also this game looks nice, but I'm not into all the hipsterish stuff either.


I really liked this. Very different and I chuckled a lot over the writing and the various characters. In spite of some of the glitches it was very enjoyable.

You do have to get the map pieces in the right places but it does let you know when you have done that. I went to the lookout and kept comparing until I figured it out.


Yeah, I like the interface and stuff, but the bird problem is a major problem, and I ran into bugs that made me quit playing the game (my save was erased, not willing to start over).

I wish it wouldn't tell you to try hint mode if you already have it on. I didn't notice any change in my gameplay with that checkbox marked, however.

I also ran into a bug involving the bird quest. I wasn't able to find the bird, but as I was visiting the lake, Carmilla's place suddenly showed up in my shortcuts to places on the bottom, even though I had never found it. After I visited it for the first time, the bird quest was still marked as unfinished. I ended up finishing all the quests I had except the bird one, which drove me to just repeatedly click between Batty Boggart Hill and the waterfall.
Not fun. Even after hearing the bird's flight path from Carmilla, it was hard to get to the right place at the right time due to how sometimes time changes after you visit a place, and sometimes it stays the same.
Eventually, Carmilla's place was erased from my shortcuts at the bottom, even though I could still visit her place by manually directing my dotted line, and there was no blank "undiscovered" spot for it to be there.

hikari no sakura May 25, 2011 9:44 PM

Thanks! I kind of thought I'd get a marked point on the map automatically if I visit the 4 locations.


can someone give me more accurate directions for Moira?


I'm down to trying to hook up

Camilla and Matt - I've dressed him, but they still refuse to meet one another.

Formalin-kun May 26, 2011 3:51 AM

I hope this is the hint you are looking for?

"Moira and her Map Fragment"-Task

Location: Spiegel Park Holistic Healing Retreat
Condition: Own at least one Map Fragment.

Click the "Moira"-Icon.
Drag the "Letter"-photo to the "Moira"-Icon.
Drag a "Map Fragment"-photo to the "Moira"-Icon.

Read Moira's (somewhat cryptic) description and try to extract the main information:

West: Water (River)
South: Hills
North: Rocks

It's easier with a completed map and/or the binoculars. You might find a location on the map with some craggy rocks, four smooth hills and a river nearby.

If you don't have any of these or don't bother much looking for the River-Hills-Rocks-Location:

Exit the Holistic Healing Retreat and walk North-East. You will soon cross a river. East of this river is Moira's Sacred Stone Location.

If you are still in trouble finding the Icon, this is the position:

Latitude: 627
Longtitude: 410

The Stone will show after sunset, so walk/click around on the map until evening.

This worked for me twice, so I hope nothing changes from time to time...

Pascale May 26, 2011 9:14 AM

how do you make over Matt to show Camilla???

Formalin-kun May 26, 2011 11:42 AM


Matt's make over

Hint 1:

The text is giving you a hint: You may change Matt's appearance with something nearby.

This "something" is really close.

At the same location (lake).

Hint 2:

Think about what piece of clothing a stereotype goth girl like Carmilla might love.

And "what" (who?) owns it...

A spikey dog collar.


At Lake Kappa drag the "Dog"-Photo to the "Matt"-Icon.

SkylerF May 26, 2011 3:13 PM

How long did this take to load for you? I can't get past the loading screen...

SkylerF May 26, 2011 4:50 PM

Okay, I've completed all the quests I've started, but I'm missing two map pieces, 1 location, and 9 unused inventory spaces. Going off emmy's list of quests, she has done 1 that I have not started:

Taylor's Teddy and the Lost Eyes

Any hints, please?

Sapckobert May 26, 2011 6:10 PM

I love love love the background-sounds at the holistic healing place. Everytime I laugh my post-puberty-ass off!

SkylerF May 26, 2011 8:46 PM

Found one hint:

emmy, have you shown your map to Wayne? He's the *extreme* climber dude.

Also, that's how you find the binoculars...which I had been wondering about.


Thank you Formalin


Ok so I've

followed the bird back to Carmilla's lair, but it still doesn't show the quest as being completed. I've even set up the date between her and Matt so that when I talk to him he just says "thanks again" and she just says "do we have to talk about him" I've completed everything else but that one follow the bird quest. what do I do?


Is there anything else one has to do about pimping for steve?

I've already

put the collar on steve, rubbed fish guts and poured water on him. He looks...well, blue.

But I still can't get camilla to hook up with him. I've asked all the questions I think I have to, and now it steve wants a bar graph or somesuch.

I'm banging my head.


And I forgot to mention

Matt still hasn't given me that map fragment!!!

Frogglerok May 26, 2011 10:45 PM

For those who are having difficulty with sealing the deal between Matt and Camilla:

In order to get Camilla to talk about herself, slide her own picture on top of her at her home.


AH HA! to pimp properly

after Matt is suitably dressed, you have to ask camillia about herself


drag cam's pic to cam


Problem finishing the Teddy Eyes quest.

I've gotten 12 of 14 eyes, but the last two aren't anywhere on the map. I've tried talking to other people about the little girl and other random things, but nothing's working. Where are those last two eyes?


anyone got a walkthrough yet?

LuckyDee May 27, 2011 3:51 PM

Impwessive! The simplicity of the gameplay is perfectly complemented by the narrative, the puzzles are a nicely balanced between straightforward and My Brain Hurts, and the combined experience has the - I presume - much sought after I'll-just-finish-this-bit-and-then-I'm-really-quitting effect.

Kudos, great stuff.

Anonymous May 27, 2011 5:38 PM

Omg cool


I can't find any sutable lady-friends for
Matt and think it's the key to retrieving the Brainapple from the lake.


The game is nice but the save feature doesn't work too good. After game crashed, I cannot load my save :/
Authors should strongly optimize this point.

shadowmax June 1, 2011 6:57 PM

I really enjoyed this game. I started playing computer games when all graphics were ASCII and we used the games to get new users comfortable with terminals connected to mainframes. Commodore and Infocom introduced me to recreational gaming and I still enjoy a good text adventure once in a while. This games UI was a bit buggy, but overall a great concept. To be able to play a game where the story is told with the author's voice instead of an artist's rendering, yet to not have to jump through vocabulary and parsing hoops, makes this type of game much more enjoyable. With more polish this interface could get many more interested in what is now called 'interactive fiction'. Also, I enjoyed the story. Dark and rough? Maybe. Realistic and believable? Totally!

Carolynn June 2, 2011 5:00 PM

Can anyone tell me where the playground is? I've walked around and around and finished every other quest given to me and just can't find it.

Anonymous June 5, 2011 1:22 AM

I seem to have encountered a bug in the game. It says to meet wayne at the tree and I showed him the map, but he doesn't say anything. Help please?


I've encountered the same bug as shnnr where the game's screen picture does not change and you can't seem to exit the screen. It has only happened after I found the bathroom in the park. Unfortunately, saving during the screen bug reset all my progress when I loaded my "saved game" :(

It is a very enjoyable game nonetheless and I hope to get past the bugs and finish it!


The playground is located somewhere to the south of the hill with the station. In the brown area, it is a little up and to the left of the bathroom.


After you show Wayne the tall tree, Wayne should have disappeared from the waterfall screen after he says he'll meet you there. Then you can just make your way to the tall tree.

hamfist June 16, 2011 8:54 PM


Note: While performing quests, you will discover game locations along the way before I mention them, so, play the game however you want, but I wrote this to be a "linear, straight forward" game experience.

(Clicking on an object that appears in the game window will take a "picture" of the item and allow you to use it to interact with other characters/items in the game).

Note: all locations will be in the following format. (Latitude, Longitude).

Note: Each map fragment will be numbered from 1-9. Each number will correspond to the position in the map holder that it should be placed.

Click on letter
Click on map holder
Go to Spiegel Park Entrance (2427, 2445)
Click on artist's interpretation of park
Click it a second time
QUEST COMPLETE: Find a map of Spiegel Park

Go to Carpenter's Wood (2259, 1546)
Click geriatric tree, click Cedric
Show Cedric the letter
Go to Happy Kappa Lake (2050, 1863)
Click Matt, click dog
Show Matt letter
Go to Toilets (1326, 2139)
Click on toilet door
Click on Janice
Show Janice letter

NOTE: At some point during the upcoming quests, you will see a bird appear in the game window along with the other characters/items. When you do, click on it, and keep clicking on it every time you encounter it until you see the Quest "Mystery of the Bird and it's reclusive owner", and the objective is "Follow bird through park as it flies to message".
Go to playground (780, 2029)
Click on Taylor
Show Taylor letter
Show Taylor Janice
Go to Batty Boggart Hill (1326, 1189)
Click on tripod
Go to Big Rock Falls (1327, 449)
Click on Wayne
Show letter to Wayne
Click on binoculars
Show tripod to Wayne
Show Wayne Janice

Return to Batty Boggart Hill (You can now use the icons below the game window to quickly return to places you have already visited).
Use binoculars on tripod
(On the map that appears, white dots represent the location of Wayne's carabiners. Red dots represent the location of Taylor's bear eyes. You will probably need to return a couple of times to use the binoculars, unless you take a screenshot or make a map).
When you have collected all 6 carabiners, and 2 bear eyes, then you can return to the respective quest beginning locations. I'll start with Wayne.
Return to Big Rock Falls
Give Wayne Carabiners
Receive map fragment 2
QUEST COMPLETE: Wayne and his curry beans

Return to playground
Give Taylor Bear eyes
(Then you find out that the bear has 14 more eyes to find)
Return to Batty Boggart Hill
Use binoculars on tripod to find out the locations of the other 14 eyes
After you locate the other 14 eyes, return to playground
Give Taylor remaining eyes
Receive map fragment 7
QUEST COMPLETE: Taylor's Teddy and the lost eyes

Go to Spiegel Park Holistic Healing (150, 637)
Click on Moira
Click on brochure
Show Moira letter
Show Moira either one of the map fragments
Return to Carpenter's Woods
Show geriatric tree to Cedric
Show brochure to Cedric
Click on brainapple, receive map fragment 5.
QUEST COMPLETE: The Eco-Anarchist and the Purple Fruit

(The next step may be done in the EVENING only)
Go to the Sacred Stone Location (627, 410)
Click on Sacred Stone
Return to Spiegel Park Holistic Healing
Give stone to Moira
Receive map fragment 4
QUEST COMPLETE: Moira and her Map Fragment

Go to Tree Overhanging a hill (313, 263)
Click on tall tree
Use binoculars on tall tree
Return to Big Rock Falls
Show tall tree to Wayne
Return to Tree Overhanging a hill
Show tall tree to Wayne
Return to Happy Kappa Lake
Show Matt Janice
Click green brainapple
Click trout
Show trout to Matt
Go to Rock with Janice' rock (1819, 1514)
Click ring

NOTE: By this time, you probably have seen gotten the Quest "Mystery of the Bird and it's reclusive owner", and ONLY WHEN YOU HAVE CLICKED THE BIRD ENOUGH TIMES to get the objective "Follow bird through park as it flies to message", can you complete the next part. If your objective doesn't read this yet, skip over this and come back to this later.
NOTE: You will need to show Falcon to Matt, Taylor, Moira and Wayne along your travels
Falcon appears at Batty Boggart Hill , Big Rock Hill, and Camilla's Lair
Go to Camilla's Lair (1322,1741)
Click bird (falcon)
Click Camilla
Show Camilla falcon
Show Camilla brochure
Show Camilla letter
Receive map fragment 9
QUEST COMPLETE: Mystery of the Bird and it's reclusive owner
Show Camilla Camilla (this isn't a typo-show Camilla her own picture)
Click iPad showing Camilla's website

Return to toilets
Give Janice ring
Return to Happy Kappa Lake
Show trout to Matt
Click trout
Click green brainapple
Receive map fragment 3
Show Matt Camilla
Show Matt iPad showing Camilla's website
Return to Toilets
Click Janice
Receive map fragment 6
QUEST COMPLETE: Janice and the missing engagement ring

Return to Camilla's Lair
Show Camilla Matt
Return to Happy Kappa Lake
Show Matt dog
Return to Camilla's Lair
Show Camilla the "new" Matt
Return to Happy Kappa Lake
Show Matt Camilla
Receive map fragment 1
QUEST COMPLETE: Pimping for Matt

Go to Lone Tree Hill (2004, 579)
Click on tree
Click on orange brainapple
Go to Fairy Grove Meadow (312, 1089)
Click on goat
Give orange brainapple to goat
Return to Lone Tree Hill
Click on goat
Return to Batty Boggart Hill
Click on goat
Return to Tree Overhanging a hill
Click on goat
Return to Fairy Grove Meadow
Click on goat
Click orange brainapple
Receive map fragment 8
QUEST COMPLETE: The Lone tree and its Orange fruit

Assemble map to receive final quest
Go to treasure location (927,991)
Take spade
Use spade on grass
Take container
QUEST COMPLETE: Find the treasure
That's it. Enjoy final dialogue and epilogue


People having trouble with the bird:

When you meet Camila, GIVE HER THE LETTER! It will end the bird quest.


That bird thing's killing me, because I got it once, but now when I exit the last location of tracking, I automatically SPEND THE NIGHT. Which puts me in the wrong day. Not cool.


I quite liked it. Exploring was a little tough, but rewarding. The puzzles were not that difficult but still rewarding. I definitely enjoyed the dragging pictures and walking around more than typing in commands in other text games. For me, the goat quest was the most annoying, and the epilogue text was over-the-top. But otherwise, I thought it was great.

baatsheba February 1, 2012 3:25 PM

sooo annoying. But I did it. Start with showing letter to everybody, finish with forgetting about the x's, just find last hidden spot and dig there. Ufff...

guitardude27 March 11, 2012 4:36 AM

Excuse me, first time poster here but have played and beaten this cute, adorable game several times for the past month. Does anyone at least know the lyrics or can make out the lyrics to the beautiful gothic song in C sharp minor, heard when visiting Carmilla's Lair?

I've been trying to google "watch the sound; it's some of kind of evil; through the wings my song is sleeping" for the last 3 hours and haven't been able to find this song. I want it for my iPod, it's so amazing and makes me think of the amazing girl I like. I can already play the melody on my guitar but that's just not good enough for me. Could someone please help me out? Would be greatly appreaciated! ~J. Andrew

AbbiNormal August 28, 2012 2:00 AM

I thoroughly enjoyed this. I hope to see more games like this in the future. =)


Technical complaint: I wish this game autosaved its state in cookies (as many other browser games do). I played it for a while, then accidentally reloaded the webpage that it lives on...and found myself right back at the beginning (I wasn't using Save Game because, honestly, I didn't think I'd need to until I ended my session).


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