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Alice House 2 No.07: The White Knight

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Rating: 3.9/5 (58 votes)
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Alice House 2 No.07: The White Knight

Looks like Funkyland wants you to prove yourself, because before you can play the rest of the escape game Alice House 2 No.07: The White Knight, you'll have to puzzle your way through a locked gate right off the bat. As usual, you're looking for five items bearing the image of a specific character, the white knight this time, and there's no changing cursor to provide any extra guidance, so you'll have to click around to make sure you find everything on your own. If you aren't in the habit of clicking everywhere and trying to use items in ways that might not be immediately instinctive, The White Knight might stymie you from time to time, though its trickiness can be admirable as well. Funkyland's usual whimsy is on display here and weaves with the puzzles nicely, making for a pleasantly off-the-wall challenge that fits perfectly into a break from your day.

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I've been unable to open the gate, so far.

I've been using the red dice as a guide, assuming those numbers work as a combination, somehow.

Coffeeteamix February 21, 2016 8:46 PM replied to J-Walk

@ jwalk

yes. the dice are the clues for the door. Specifically:

they give the order to click the colored knights in

J-Walk February 21, 2016 9:07 PM replied to Coffeeteamix

Thanks, Coffeeteamix.


I give up
What do I do with the


The middle object to escapes me


nvm found it. too much hunting in this one


White Knight outline walkthrough.

1. Gather stuff.

Get the white mace from

the left end of the fence.

Use the mace to

open the padlocked cabinet, get

a white knight disk thingy and the clue for the gate.

2. First object.

Get the first white knight object

at the right end of the fence.

3. Gate.

Use the items from step 1 to open the gate.

Put the disk thingy and the mace in their appropriate spots, then click the knights/maces in the order given by the dice in the padlocked cabinet.

4. Gather clues.

Go in and turn right. Get the honeybee and word clues

from either side of the middle window.

5. Bee cabinet.

Go back out and apply the honeybee clue. Get

the mailbox key.

6. Mailbox.

Use the key to get a white knight object and a paper.

7. Terrarium.

Put the paper

in the birdbath

to get the terrarium clue. Use it to get the saw.

8. Bridging the gap.


the saw

to get a bridge across the left-hand gutter.

Saw off the piece of fence between

the bee cabinet and the gate.

9. Gutter.

Get the poker; use it to retrieve another white knight object from the gutter.

10. Words.

Use the word clue (from step 4) to get the

carrots from the rabbit.

Hang them from

that hook on a ribbon

to get another white knight object.

11. Column.

Look behind the blue column to get the last white knight object.

12. Exit.

The five objects assemble themselves into the key for the door. Apply it and you're out.


A bit of a pixel hunt, but still fun. And I've just realised

the layout of the room means you go two steps forward and one step to the side. Nice touch!


nice and short (once you find where to use the saw you're almost out !)

Gainarriz March 20, 2016 11:13 AM replied to Juli

Please,tell me how to solve about the dice

Put the disk thingy and the mace in their appropriate spots, then click the knights/maces in the order given by the dice in the padlocked cabinet

I do not understand, why?
I can start the white horse 1st,then I click the red horse 3 times,and I click the white horse 2 times for the end, I can open the gate,
But I do not know how to think for the dice.

2 5
4 1
3 6

Please send me, [email protected]
Or reply this comment.


Gainarriz, you're overcomplicating it. The dice are just the display medium for the numbers 1 to 6, giving the order of clicks for the gate.

1st, you click where the 1 is.

(It's in the right-hand column, so you click the knight on the right, which is the white one.)

2nd, you click where the 2 is.

(It's in the left-hand column, so you click on the knight on the left, which is the red one.)

3rd, you click where the 3 is.

(In the left-hand column, so red, again.)

And so on for a total of 6 clicks.

Gainarriz March 21, 2016 1:42 AM replied to Juli

Oh! Thank you very much,juli.
My girlfriend and I cannot solve this quest.Now,i understand and bless you are lucky.


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