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Adventure Story

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Rating: 4.5/5 (148 votes)
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Kyhkyh_adventurestory_screen.pngIn his continuing efforts to try out new genres, Matt Roszak, aka kupo707, brings you an action platformer in Adventure Story. It has the same set of characters as in his previous Epic Battle Fantasy titles, with Natalie being kidnapped by a big, bad guy driving a big, bad tank. It's up to you, as Matt, to travel through worlds of enemies, coins and chests galore to save her. Use the [arrow] keys to move around and jump with [A]. Your attacks come in the form of sword slashing with [S] and a list of magic spells accessed with [D]. You must defeat these hordes of slimes, bushes and bats!

Twenty levels of fun await you (perhaps along with some bonuses...), and each level contains 100 gold coins and 10 chests to find. The chests hide delightful treasures from extra experience and equipment to more mana or an increase to your maximum health. The gold coins, on the other hand, are used at the shop in the level select screen to purchase new spells or upgrade your old ones. While you can keep coming back to the same area to reap the benefits of whatever bits of health and magic defeated enemies drop, a chest or gold coin can only be collected once.

Nothing groundbreaking is introduced in Adventure Story, but it's still massively fun with Roszak's familiar cartoon graphics and the fitting tunes of HalcyonicFalconX, who has worked with him in the past. Several hours of gameplay await you before you can become Natalie's savior, and if that's too much for you, well, at least your trusty blue cat is there to greet you at the end of every level. And what would you do without him?

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I've run into a pretty bad bug - I beat the first tutorial level, and then it went black. I reloaded the page, but when I select play from the menu (right after the story cutscene) it goes to the screen that should allow me to play the next level, use the shop, manage equipment, etc., but I can't actually click on anything. I've tried resetting level progress and clearing the cache, but it doesn't fix it...

I'm using Chrome, and as far as I know my flash player is the latest version.

[I just uploaded a new version, hopefully this fixes the issue you encountered. Make sure you reload the page. The version number should be v1.4.2. -Jay]


Does anyone have any tips for

beating the beholder? The eye beam gets me almost every time. And I know the girl will warn me that it's coming, but there's never enough time to get out of the way.


Octo, I just spent like 40 minutes trying to beat that guy and staying up later than I would like... :P

I just mainly stayed close enough to the boss so that I could hit him, while keeping an eye on the girl. Then when the boss does a beam I can either jump up quickly to the 2nd level platform off the ground... or jump down to the ground, depending on which beam it is. :P Then when he sends out those annoying black moths I kinda retreated to around where the girl is, so I can just kill the minions off, and you still have access to platforms.

Yeah... hope that's clear? Mainly just make sure you stay close to those accessible platforms and keep trying until your reflexes are fast enough that you can jump out in time.


Aye, Angelade has the right idea.

Personally though, I'd rather just stand real close to the boss, hold up and spam attack.

Once you see the girl warning you, duck.

When minions come, just keep holding up and spam attack. They won't be able to come close since every swipe will knock them back.

When Beholder boss is low, it will start shooting its beam downwards (in front of it). This is the only time you should retreat back to the girl. Then move back into position and keep spamming.

Rinse and repeat until everything's dead on screen.

Cheers and good luck. :]


Another tactic for the beholder:

Choose a wizardy outfit, stay close to the beholder, and hit it with your stick.
It's easy to heal yourself using the mana you get from hitting with the staff, I basically just ignored the beams and critters.
Of course this takes quite a long time, but is less stressful.

KosteonLink December 30, 2011 9:49 PM

I used a similar tactic to manveru's, except I

used my magic staff to attack the critters as well, used a bolt whenever the critters got too thick, and in fact took advantage of the beam killing the critters to drop extra MP. I took a shot at the eye with my bolt whenever I had MP "left over" - that is, when my health looked ok and I had at least 2 MP.


I'm not sure what happened, but somehow the .sol files saved for the game got corrupted, so it happened regardless of the game version, and it also happened when I tried out Internet Explorer. It seems to be working now that I deleted those files though...


Hrmmm... that didn't fix it either...

So for whatever reason I can't play past the first level. Deleting the .sol files allows me to play the first level again, but it always crashes right there. I've tried clearing the cache (I am seeing 1.4.2) in combination with deleting the .sol files, but nothing is working.

If it would help, I could provide the bad .sol file.

[No, that won't help. Have you tried deleting your progress in the game options? Try resetting your Equip and Experience, too, along with your progress. -Jay]

TheYellowFlash December 31, 2011 4:52 PM

Having trouble on the oblivion boss any tips


@TheYellowFlash yah, ive had trouble with him to. it took me a couple tries to beat him

a good stratgey is to use the mage hat and the mage robe for long range attacks. and using the umbrella would help when trying to jump over him when he tries to run you over. max heal and max lighting magic are recommended. max heal because you can constantly heal and max lightning for max damage. just try that strategy and youll get it


I do have a little technical problem. The game doesn't run slow-and the quality settings make no difference-but it stops for half a second every twenty seconds or so. The jerky results make it very difficult to play platformers- unfortunately my favorite genre.
It's happened with other games but it appears especially problematic here. Since I'm not tech savvy, I'd appreciate any kind of advice.
Happy gaming year!

[Flash can cause herky-jerky movement like you describe. It's best when Flash doesn't have anything else to contend with open in other browsers and tabs, so you can help by having only the tab in which the game is running open while you're playing. Also, some browsers are better than others. I found Chrome works better than Firefox or IE, so if you're not using Chrome, you might want to give that a try as well. I hope that helps. :) -Jay]


i loved the game but when i got to lvl 7 i had to quit & the next day i cant play the game just gets stuck just after it loads. Please Help!

[First try emptying your browser cache and reload the page. If that doesn't work, you may have to delete your progress in the game (use the in-game Options menu). I believe the recent update may have rendered previous saved games incompatible. :( -Jay]


AAAAGH target jumping is like HELL *sigh* well... back to trying 17-A for the hundredth time... x_X


Wow, the Internet ate half my comment o.o

[You can't use angle brackets for faces unless you use the HTML entity equivalents < and > for less than and greater than, respectively (the semi-colon is necessary!). Angle brackets designate the begin or end of an HTML tag, so when you use them it confuses your browser and what you wind up with isn't what you might expect. I fixed your previous comment by removing the stray angle brackets. -Jay]


Coolness, thanks for the help! Now I just have to get through the boss rush. BTW, I don't know if anyone noticed, but the opening animation will show your guy wearing the outfit you had on last.


Argh! Verily I doth loathe the Beholder! The fell beast doth fight without honor, constantly swarming me with its monstrous kin so that never shall I receive an opportunity to cease repelling them to face it directly!

Or, for those who don't speak Ye Olde English, I hate the Beholder. It keeps me so busy fighting the monsters it summons for backup that I'm too busy playing defense to take the fight to it instead. Eventually, they always overwhelm me, or they keep me too distracted to dodge the Beholder's attacks.

anonymous January 7, 2012 10:06 AM

Plz help!
How the heck do you do the jumping target thingy on Bombs Away which is level 17?
I keep trying and eventually get up but then fall back down again... and have to do it AGAIN!!!!!!! So frustrating but
I really enjoy this game otherwise :)
Adventure Story totally recommended...


Where do you find the ninja outfit?


Where are the last ten coins and the last treasure chest in level 19?


hi again :D

So how do you jump on the targets? Is there a particular timing for it?

anon you've already passed it so plz help!


So... has anyone found a list of all the medals somewhere? I've beaten the game (including the boss rush) on normal, but have only gotten 22 out of 30. I'm missing boxes 7 and 8 on the bottom level, 1 and 2 in the middle, and 5 through 9 on the top! Does replaying on hard get you anything? Any ideas would really help a completist out.

[Jeff, why don't you post your list of 22 for others to benefit from in the meantime. We'll update the list when others contribute the missing medals descriptions. Thanks! :) -Jay]


Some hints for level 17-A:

You'll have to do a lot of target jumping here and I found it dead hard. Honestly, I don't see how it's possible without the full ninja outfit.

I found the ninja cloak somewhere in level 16. I think it was in one of the side levels, somewhere high-up.
The cloak lets you jump that crucial bit higher!

As for timing:

When making the first crossing in 17-A, across the two targets, I found it worked best if I timed it to hit each target once. Do a little run-up, jump as high as possible to the right and try hitting both targets. Keep the JUMP-button pressed or you will fall down right away.



The ninja cloak is actually in level 18-C.

anonymous January 26, 2012 7:19 AM

THX Quim :)

Really helpful!

Probably my last time on walkthrough...


Really nice game. I was having trouble getting the jumping exact and just assumed it was the game mechanics but trying it on another website (without video ads on the same page) it is working beautifully! My pathetic netbook obviously can't handle too much going on!

awesomeness February 7, 2012 5:24 PM

cast spells like crazy on any boss until you have 2 mana left then swing until you have more. heal when needed
P.S. temper-seiken works awesome

blayandhowlie September 1, 2014 7:14 PM

Just duck. It will let you dodge the beam.


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