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A Weekend at Villa Apate

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Rating: 3.5/5 (52 votes)
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The pixelart point-and-click adventure, A Weekend at Villa Apate by Marco Giorgini, is basically Italian Groundhog Day. The original purpose of Marco's stay at Villa Apate was to promote a new video game he created with Paco...but again and again Marco wakes up alone in the same hotel room on Saturday 9:15, confused, and again and again he gets quickly killed. Marco needs to go to the past to discover who are the men shooting at híim and why, and try to change it to survive. And find his friend Paco, too.

villa3.pngWith examined items in the hotel room are coming flashbacks and found pieces of memory help to fill in gaps in the story. In the lower left corner of the gamescreen shows up a small icon and by clicking it, Marco returns to the past and is able to explore it. He can ask questions he didn't then, collect items and use them and thus change the past...and often find new ways of dying, unfortunately. But it's a progress, too.

Though Marco is able to visit only several locations inside Villa Apate and outside it, we can see that the place isn't vast. Depending on Marco's actions the situation in the locations keeps changing and people he meets are too changing their behaviour. Three prestigious events are simultaneously taking place at the moment in the hotel, one stranger than another, and shows up that participants of all three events can be dangerous for Marco in very unexpected ways. Coincidences are many, and to create a peaceful and successful ending requires a lot of complicated work. Even a small detail can remarkably influence the outcome.

villa4.pngA Weekend at Villa Apate is a solid game created in the best tradition of classic and fun graphic adventures with simple art style, witty dialogues and well intrigued story. The gameplay is linear and if stuck you might want to revisit already explored locations. The game has save option.

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Goodness! This game has been here a week. And no comments.

I finally gave up. Got tired of dying. Uhg.

Patreon Donator operagypsy July 14, 2021 5:31 PM

Stuck; got pretty far (well, about halfway), but a bug is preventing me from interacting & picking up something I know I need to complete the next task (confirmed by watching a play-through), so now I have to give up too. Here's where I got stuck:

can't pick up the naphthalene pills, perhaps because the rohypnol pill jar interaction doesn't get me to the point where I recognize they look similar. Therefore I can't make the substitution & the game won't let me move on to put the disabling potion into the sunglasses guys' champagne.

Too bad, because it's a really intriguing game that I was enjoying.


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