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6 Differences

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Rating: 4.6/5 (392 votes)
Comments (83) | Views (17,577)

JaySix DifferencesI've been working long hours the past couple of weeks on a significant new update to the site that I hope to be able to roll out soon, including a fresh new look and larger layout with plenty of room for all the new features we have planned. Thanks for your continued game submissions and suggestions. They help to keep me focused on development projects to move the site forward. We have Nicop to thank for this one today:

The latest from Case, creator of Red and the original 5 Differences previously mentioned here, 6 Differences is another spot the differences game that incorporates gorgeous and surreal, animated graphics and images. Just click on a difference when you spot it, either side will work, to change the difference into a matching set.

Not a very long game, but an enjoyable one from beginning to end. And if you haven't tried the original, 5 Differences, you're in for a double treat today.

Play 6 Differences


Deltageek May 20, 2008 2:04 PM

Some pictures were a little dark, but good overall. The reversed panels were a nice twist on the genre, even though it kept me from doing my usual routine of crossing my eyes to spot the differences.

Excellent game, just like the previous one.

Me no no May 20, 2008 6:07 PM

very nice, agree with Deltageek on the reversed panels and the lighting, everything else was perfect especially how in each level there would be a number that shows up that corresponds with how many more differences you have to find

the game itself: some levels were to hard and some were to easy, as simple as that

(call 555-8474!)


Love it just as I loved the 5-one.

Man, that level with the two hands and the mirrored halves was hard...


I stopped using the crossed-eye technique back in the 5-difference game because I wanted to know what the differences were - with that method I only could tell where the differences were - what exactly they were I never knew :D

Superslash May 20, 2008 6:28 PM

Third person who's eye-crossing got nixed by mirror levels, I made the mistake of trying it on one of them anyway and found out REAL quick that's a bad idea.

What'd be really neat is if they made a version with stereoscopic panels specifically for eye-crossers.


Wow, on the level with the telescoping guy, the image in the telescope reacts to the mouse movement! Fun :)


This game was a darn good sequel of a darn good game. Great new ideas (the mirrored images, the change in the images so some of the differences could only be discovered later, etc...), great pictures, great sound effects...


I too beat the original by crossing my eyes, first time I hit a mirror level it through me for a bit of a loop. Great game, just like the original. Also liked the fact that in this one you were given a freebie once per level cause on a few of the mirror ones, it was the only way I could find out the last one I was missing.


is that level with the two hands what is looks like to be trippy and on drugs?

FlyingHigh May 20, 2008 7:41 PM

Wow, I never thought of crossing my eyes...
I had to do it the hard way; clicking everywhere really fast. However, it did help that i don't cross my eyes when I came to the mirror images because it didn't throw me for a loop.

I think this one was weirder then the last, with some of the panels having me think, wow, I feel drunk. (No offense to the creator, who I am sure is not drunk). There were a lot of images that he took a picture of instead of creating from scratch like the last one. Overall a great game.

OrigamiMarie May 20, 2008 7:51 PM

In a slight way, the mirror ones made the regular ones harder because you get used to seeing things backwards.

It was funny how in the subway car, I didn't see one or two of the differences for a bit because I _expect_ to see differences between a pair of doors.


i'm stupidly stuck...
The sign level.
only one difference left to find and can't find it. :(

Miasere May 20, 2008 8:15 PM

Fantastic game, although some areas are very tough

master_flea May 20, 2008 8:50 PM

OK... First time (I think) that I'm going to do a criticism rather than a full praise:

I loved the original. It was fantastic. One major positive was that there were more than 5 possible differences coded for some levels, so the five that would show up would be different each time. I played through this one a few times, hoping for extra content, but only got the same run each time.

On the other hand, I definitely appreciated that some differences would not be available until after others had been completed.

LeeshaJoy May 20, 2008 8:50 PM

Am I the only one totally stuck on the "looking over the city at sunset" mirrored level? I've used up my hint and I still have three differences left.

shortii May 20, 2008 8:52 PM

i'm stuck on the kaleidoscope one..
i just need one more T_T


Very relaxing - chill, I'd say.

Few problems: some differences were way too sneaky - one difference on a starry level is simply one start on one side there, one not. And while this occurs several times, this particular instance the star wasn't particularly noticeable or bright. The more enjoyable levels tended to be the ones I didn't stare at for 10 minutes looking for that last difference.

Overall though, very well put together, illustrated. and soundscaped.

Particularly loved the Walk sign level, though it was fairly easy.

shortii May 20, 2008 8:59 PM

okay nevermind. i finished the game

this was actually quite fun
although i did get a headache from that moving hand mirrored one..that music @_@


teach me the cross eyed trick!

Grant Thurston May 20, 2008 10:31 PM

I was a bit unnerved by the music in the background for the mirror hand one. -_-"


i liked the subtle (or perhaps not so subtle) inclusion of the 5 differences within the first picture pair in 6 differences.

the artist throwing paint on a canvas in 5 differences to create that eye. same tree in the first pair of pictures for 6 differences, with the paint splatter on it and all, and the artist looks a bit familiar as well.

quite enjoyable.

OrigamiMarie May 21, 2008 12:34 AM

I really like the way they incorporate the "number left to find" indicator in these games, it is much more natural and fun than other find-the-difference games. Oh, and one other thing, has anybody else noticed a streetlight that starts fritzing out weirdly in the highway scene? It's just fine at first, but after you find a few things, it is gone on both sides but makes occasional very short appearances by some pattern that I cannot detect (mouse-related, maybe?).


I loved this game! It was just the right amount of difficulty, and the music and pictures were beautiful.


Very simple gameplay, but oh so beatyful. The images and music were excellent, although I did not care too much for the blurry one.

aine morgan May 21, 2008 4:57 AM

I love these games, i just wish there were loads more levels! :)

Anonymous May 21, 2008 5:58 AM

I'm not one for spot the difference games, i like them but can never do them :P

I'm stuck on like, level 2 so... :)


Wow, never ever realized there were hints available... But without them I was thru in like 20 minutes, so belive me if I could do this that fast it simply cannot be too hard :DDDD


i love his games!
jay, he also made orange, a sequel to red.

alaalas May 21, 2008 9:39 AM

The subway frame has a logical error: the train in the background has to either converge or diverge on the mirror line, it can't go straight through.

Deltageek May 21, 2008 9:54 AM

You may be familiar with the Magic Eye books from the 1990's, it's the same concept. Defocus your vision so that the images overlap. Any differences will show up as a "ghosting" where the images don't match. As a bonus, some of the pictures will go 3-D when you do it.

aquiaqui May 21, 2008 10:26 AM

This one and 5 Differences really brings me back home. LOVE AUSTIN!!! I could swear I've been in that apartment with the hands. Anyways, besides the nostalgia I was really entertained by this one.

chibidani May 21, 2008 10:29 AM

did anyone else notice that the countdown in the Observatory/Kaleidoscope level went 2-3-1?

fun game, i really like the hints for when i can't find the last one. i also really like the cause-and-effect - the train passing the house on the street really shocked me when it first showed up :)


You can in fact use the cross-eye technique on the mirror levels. You have to take a screenshot, flip one side using a graphics program (MS Paint will do) and then use it.

Whoever thought of it in the first place is ingenious, I might add.

Grant Thurston May 21, 2008 4:31 PM

ok, I was really disturbed by the music on the level with the hands ad the eye looking around made me quit the first time.....

the second time I quit was because I was really scared by the deer-head guy and the music made me freak out...... I'm just scared because for some reason I feel like the deer guy is gonna do something scary ((0_0))


Does anyone know where the photos were taken? I hate spot the diff but these were so beautifulja


Personally, I liked the music, particularly the piano music...it was soft and soothing.

My favorite one was the

train crossing at night. I wasn't expecting the giraffe--that was a wonderful treat!

Ezrabbit May 21, 2008 5:59 PM

Awesome stuff!
I couldn't let myself go to bed before I finished this, so I think I placed my own self-imposed layer of blurriness to some of the scenes. :}

As a side note, I'm about 97% sure that the optional looping background music is from Nine Inch Nails' recent, all instrumental album, "Ghosts I-IV".
Yes, no?


Hmmmm.... I'm not seeing a counter or hints. I'm stuck on the second one, and there is a streetlamp to the right of the road that keeps flickering in and out on both picture at the same time. Is this a bug or am I missing something?


Wow! That was maybe the most pleasant and surreal game I've had the pleasure of playing. I found most of the counters as I played, but never did pick up any hints.

All in all it reminded me of a Hendrix song ~ "the Stars That Play with Laughing Sam's Dice"


lizardling May 21, 2008 10:11 PM

This was great. I will say that the eye crossing trick was a bit more difficult for some of the tinier details. My eyes hurt now :D


I love it as much as the first one, if not more. Beautifully surreal and totally captivating. Hoorah!


I love both of these games. They're so moody, and the style of the illustrations is beautiful!


The graffiti which can be seen in some of the levels were (taken from)/(styled after) the work of Banksy http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Banksy


Was it just me or were some of the levels stereoscopic? Even the mirrored deer man one seemed to make the deer 3D.

Overall beautiful and captivating... Each scene was so detailed and complex that it seems it needs a spot the difference element so that the image is explored fully.

I loved the surprising elements like the sunrise at the end, the train through suburban street and the giraffe crossing. Surreal and gorgeous.

Sean xx

Vogonviking May 22, 2008 12:51 PM

Please could someone do a walkthrough for 6 Differences. I can't even get past the second level!!!


minxi - all the photos were taken in Lincoln Nebraska.

Aquiaqui - That means that even this supposed 'Austin' tower I've heard about is not actually the tower in Austin. It's the Lincoln, Nebraska capitol building.

The person laying on the grass, the body of the deer man, and the guy on the sunrise level are all photos of Ivory/Case/The Developer


The craftsmanship of this game is amazing. It's really beautiful, with the music, the flickering lights...I'm terrible at actually finding the differences, but who even cares?!


I also liked 6 Differences, but I think that as before mentioned, darker scenes are more difficult to interpret. I absolutely love the countdown system. The mirror scenes were a nice addition to the whole feel of the game as were the more random animations.

The giraffe was a very fun thing to watch and the little deer headed guy.

I recommend it for a little tease. I say this even though it took me FOREVER to finish the second level.


i can't find the 6 differences in the one with the guy smoking in the back of the building, where are they 6??


I love the sky in the one that the building has a sign that says space available. such brilliant blues and purples.

Again beautiful colors in the one with the factory.


I particularly love the Banksy references, just as in 5 differences. I like how this one varied in form than the first, using photographs mixed with animation. A wonderful diversion from a great artist.


While looking at their site I found the 5 differences game:

You may or may not have played it before. The differences change slightly each time you play.


@ mitch

I was never able to get past the smoking guy either. I found 5 of the 6. I started to just random click but by that time I had a head ache and simply closed the window.

This is a 5 star game. Even if I never finish it - 5 stars for sure.



I went back during todays lunch and tried again. This time I made it past the smoking man ALL THE WAY TO - END.



Im Freakin out at the kalideoscope one.


I found out something cool from replaying... depending on which side you click it will switch to that side...

if its
[ ] and you click ]... it will be ]]
if its
[ ] and you click [... it will be [[

zebrafood May 25, 2008 8:20 PM

Ok, it's probably really easy and I'm just not looking hard enough, but I've been trying to get the last difference on the pic where the couple is looking out over the city at sunrise with the hands counting down the differences for like 20 minutes. I've already used my hint and I have one difference left. HELP!!!


(Sorry Jay, cannot remember Typekey info. and cannot retrieve it). :-(

This is one of those 'games' at which I'm pretty good, but for the life of me I cannot get past the guy smoking, either. Could someone PLEASE advise? Thanks so much in advance. I'm ready to scream.


I am stuck on Observatory/Kaleida thingy
Help plz?


Jay--so excited to see the roll-out of the new design! Exciting stuff!


Yay! I did it!! Very cool game. I think I liked this one better than the first.

And to clarify my other note...I meant to say I'm looking forward to the roll-out! haha...I'm really not losing my mind.

Marianne May 28, 2008 4:21 PM

Very cool game! Thanks...

haichid May 29, 2008 6:45 PM

I came here to help solving this puzzle, I too am stuck at the couple looking over the city.

But here is a quick tip. I have found that if you have a laptop and you tilt the screen in a way that you are looking across it versus right at it, it makes it a little easier to find some of the differences.


I like that says space available because if you look closely you can see someone praying.


Sometimes I start up the game just to listen to the music. There is something captivating about listening to that serene music and looking at the late night photos. I relate to those scenes. I am such a late night person, it's not even funny. The rest of my life is pretty disfunctional, but those few hours after midnight are magic.

Karen K. June 11, 2008 11:17 PM

Wow! This really was a treat to play! I loved the music, the pictures used. Just beautiful! It reminds me of my much younger days when my husband, (then boyfriend) and I would go out super early and have coffee while the sun came up. I really enjoyed this game. Thank you for all your hard work. It shows and is greatly appreciated!


the difference for the smoking level are

1 the box is a different colour
2 a line in the ground is gone
3 a note is longer/shorter
4 an extra note
5 a wheelchair stick person sign is the wrong way
6 a white space is missing on the roller door

hoped this helped



Anonymous July 2, 2008 5:43 PM

YAY!!!! I BEAT IT!!! i kinda cheated though.... but only like once


o i didnt want this to end people should play it with music on. i love this game shame it was short :( well done whoever made it x


wow, nice graphics there!


I like it but i found some were very difficult for me, and gave me headaches!! it is cool, but I can only find 3 on level three. I would enjoy some hints, for the people who:
a) have searched all over
b) gotten a big headache
c) and/or have difficulty with eye-crossing.


@ willow

- The a/o in the word wonder
- position of the birds on the sign
- the fence under the sign,right side
- color of the house left side
- right under the telephone number
- after clicking this, the E in the word of event is diffrent

byebyebaby August 5, 2008 5:25 PM

this is the kind of game that makes me inhale a big, deep breath and let it out slowly.
It's the perfect relaxing game that combines beautiful landscapes and atomospheric music with fun gameplay. Ahhhh, I'm relaxed now :)


Really really beautiful game...For me, the few way-too-sneaky differences were far outweighed by the gorgeous imagery. I played this game one night when I couldn't fall asleep until dawn and it was a lovely experience to see the sun rise in the game as the actual sun came up outside.


You can press H once per level to get a hint (it basically clicks a difference for you), very handy for that last one that you just can't find!


I have a question for anyone . . . what is the beautiful piano music that plays through out the game? It's so lovely and I can't seem to find it anywhere.
Much obliged!!

Patrick M January 3, 2009 1:52 PM

Here is a brief walkthrough for those of you who are stuck.

All 6 differences, all _ levels:

LEVEL 1: Boy In The Park
1 The guy's shirt
2 The spots on the tree
3 The yellow 3
4 The half a missing building on the far right
5 The white lights on the building to the far left
6 The moon

LEVEL 2: Freeway Scene
1 The tall/short tower on the far right
2 The missing building below and to the left of the tower
3 The half a missing building to the left of the building with the red number
4 The missing light to the street lamp below the red number
5 The missing white stripe on the road closest to you
6 The missing street lamp pole on the far left

LEVEL 3: The Billboard
1 The crows' position on top of the wonder sign, above the billboard
2 "Wander" and "Wonder" written in orange
3 The "4" in "8747" on the billboard
4 The missing guard rail to the left of the billboard
5 The red/gray building to the far left
6 (LAST) The dropped "E" in "EVENT" on the billboard

LEVEL 4: Crosswalk Signs
1 "WALK" and "WAIT" sign
2 The colors red and green for the sign not facing us
3 The blue/yellow circle below the crosswalk sign
4 The "DONT WALK" and "-ANT WAIT" sign
5 The black "spiderweb" at the top of the pole
6 The missing two yellow circles at the bottom left

LEVEL 5: Signs
1 "STOP EM" and "STOP ME" sign
2 The direction of the "ONE WAY" sign
3 The shadow of the "ONE WAY" sign on the right side of the back of the "ONE WAY" sign we cannot see
4 "AVE" and "PRTL" on the "LESTER" sign
5 "N" and "S"
6 The missing grayish circle below and to the left of the grayish blue circle, that is under the two red circles

LEVEL 6: The Man At The Storage
1 The smudge on the storage door just above the red "O" in "CORNER"
2 The handicapt sign
3 The extra sign next to the sign abvove the handicapt sign
4 The length of the sign to the left of the storage door
5 The color of the key pad to the left of the man - yellow and red
6 The black stripe on the sidewalk

1 The eye
2 The purple box at the bottom of the picture closest to the middle
3 The purple/red rectangle that the hand covers up on the wall
4 The "bowling pin" on the orange railing on the left
5 The length of the dark gray rectangle to the right of the "bowling pin"
6 The purple dot on the left to the right of the doorway

LEVEL 8: Street
1 The missing tree above and behind the house
2 The missing arm to the light on the powerline pole
3 The missing light coming through the tree to the right of the first house
4 The stripes on the cone
6 (LAST) The left bedroom light on the first house

LEVEL 9: The Deer On The Subway
1 The deer's tie
2 The reflection of a window in the window to the right of the deer on the left
3 The shadow cast by the deer's head
4 The "tree" symbol and the "4" in the red box on the door
5 The black letters below the window the deer is sitting next to
6 The little black sign above the window on the door

LEVEL 10: Train Tracks
1 The missing part of the double yellow lines leading up to the tracks on the road
2 The missing "R" on the road
4 The color of the lit up building, orange and yellow
5 The bright light next to the three white lights on the building
6 (LAST) The missing red light on the string of lights in the distance

LEVEL 11:Space; Available
1 How do you spell AVAILABLE?
2 The cream colored box closest to the middle of the screen on the building
3 The small white sign on the left of the building on the left piture
4 The star above the building to the left on the left picture
5 The bright star closest to the dark blue space in the middle of the picture, on the left picture
6 The moon

LEVEL 12: Scientist Space Watchers
1 The missing black square in the space area in the middle and bottom of the page
2 The shadow of the scientist's legs
3 The length of the part he's holding
4 The type of knob above the part he's holding
5 The missing star in the lower space area closest to the middle of that area, hard to see but just keep clicking if you don't see it
6 The missing gray bar on the dome to the left of the telescope

LEVEL 13: City Warehouse
1 The "4" and "5" on the "SPEED LIMIT" sign
2 The upsidedown face sign on the building
3 The blue/red box to the right of the face sign
4 The "half Eiffel Tower" looking thing on top of the building
5 The missing second white light on the building
6 The missing hills or mountains at the bottom left of the scene

LEVEL 14: Crow Near The Church
1 The Crow's position
2 The missing moon
3 The space between "YOUR AD" and "HERE"
4 The "10" and the "1" after "PROVERBS"
5 The gold flag's length, coming down from the cross on the sign
6 The missing "O" in "FOUND"

LEVEL 15: Overlooking Dawn
1 The black hand in the skyline
2 The sign to the left of the girl
3 The green/yellow light above the girl's shoulder
4 The missing light above the girl's head
5 The missing string of red lights in the distance next to the hand
6 The blue/yellow building below the arm of the black hands

You're Finished! Hope that was fun for you!

-Patrick M of Washinton


love this game, is real trippy


Love the lookin over the sunset one! Beautiful!

Anonymous January 22, 2010 4:55 PM

Zoom into the mcDonalds sign on the first one!


A little late, but this is an exceptional game. The piano music portions are from Nine Inch Nails' album called "Ghosts"... and the game uses the songs brilliantly.


I remember playing this at one in the morning, earphones plugged in and eyes groggy from temporary insomnia. Desperate to calm down, I tried this game because of the praise emanating from it. 6 Differences worked, needless to say, and the game leaves nothing else to be desired - except for, maybe a few more levels. (I also listen to waaaay more Nine Inch Nails than I thought I would in this lifetime. ;P)


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