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August 2020 Archives

Weekday EscapeHi, another week's over and the new Weekday Escape here!

Amajeto's escape is a little bit different than usual and it's always good not to fall into stereotype and try new ways. Ninjadoodle's short game is a point'n'click one with an interesting setup, and tomoLaSiDo this time didn't prepare a side quest for you - picking up an aquarium can be hardly called a quest - it's all about the capsules. And then - huzzah! - we get a gift from our favourite Nicolet after three months - nice clever story starring a bunch of cute animals!

Have a good time and enjoy!

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Zombie TrappingAfter overcoming heart surgery, creator On of EYEZMAZE is finally back! Zombie Trapping is his first release upon recovery.

As evidenced by the name of the game, players of Zombie Trapping will seek to use an assorted set of traps to catch zombies. But where, when, and how is up to you. Once your items are placed on set, press Start to witness the zombie moving forwards, routing obstacles, and hopefully falling for your successful ploy (instead of getting you...).

Weekday Escape RetroHi escapers, it's retro time!

Colorful Primera prepared simple task for you, just crack a few codes and out, right into the No1game's house where are hidden little green men. They won't stay hidden for long, being exposed to your searching skills! Escape from Jan's Room's cafe probably makes you a bit hungry, be prepared, their hamburgers seem tasty indeed, and the last comes exciting adventure in space by Dassyutu.

Have a good time and enjoy!

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Room with a Canary - Hotel AlivioIchima Coffeedo is back with an awesome holiday game!

This time the devlopers cleverly combined two of their older games, Room 8 and Room16: Alivio, and the result is perfect escape game which is a joy to play. Real treat! Good looking graphics, relaxing tune (in the second part) and intuitive and well ballanced puzzles.

Weekday EscapeHello escapers, welcome to the new Weekday Escape!

TomoLaSiDo locked you in their apartment and after you escape it, you need to find some gas in Selfdefiant's morgue which is not just abandoned but also contaminated with evil forces. Actually it's one ghost only and it's quite weak - one would expect more from a maorgue, rIght? Neat Escape wants you to test a new security system and Rinnogogo tests your combination skills and an attentiveness.

Have a good time and enjoy!

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