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Weekday Escape RetroA short trip to the past is here, it's Retro Weekday Escape time!

You start in Tototo Room's room with simple task - find eleven blobs and turn them into orange smiley faces. In Esklavos' poetic world you need to find four eyeballs instead, which don't turn into anything, they are your pass to the freedom, and after you leave it, Suzunari locks you in very classical escape room, obviously traditional Japanese one. Usawanhouse's room is a classic too, though well known fairy tale it plays with has an unexpected twist.

Have a good time and enjoy!

Weekday EscapeThe midweek pause for playing is here, the new WE arrived!

You start in Amajeto's bar; and if you decide to leave instead of chilling here, tomoLaSiDo offers you alternative night activity - hunting (mutant) fireflies. After you leave, doesn't matter whether you've collected them or not, Dassyutu wants you to escape their miscellaneous room, where are hidden ten golden coins. And Nicolet, in their lovely game, takes you to a strange factory where everything is operated by codes - and you need to solve many good intuitive puzzles to discover them!

Have a good time and enjoy!

Weekday EscapeLet's play! The new Weekday Escape has arrived!

The main themes of this week's featured games are two, boxes and islands. Both Amajeto and Dasyutu have added containers to their living rooms, and seems that they've started new series. Nicolet's escape takes place on beautiful island without any inhabitans (human) and with many carefully constructed puzzles. With Yonashi, you find yourself in the dark alley at night, and only door which leads out of here is locked. And the island? Well you wouldn't believe it, but you can get from here to an island too!

Have a good time and enjoy!

Weekday EscapeHi, the half of the week is behind us and relaxing Weekday Escape here!

In the first and the second game, Amajeto wants you to escape from two colorful rooms. After you get out from the later, the blue one, another blue room is ahead, tomoLaSiDo's, and this time are retro office supplies hidden there. Flash512 wants you to escape stylish traditional room and did their best to make the game as enjoyable as possible for us, players.

Have a good time and enjoy!

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