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April 2019 Archives

Weekday Escape RetroHello! This week we are going retro again, it's Retro Weekday Escape time!

The first game by Karabina-7 takes you on a journey around strange poetic world with the best postal services ever. Then you stay locked in typical tomoLaSiDo's room for a while, and then you set out for exciting adventure with Nifty - to the ancient temple consecrated to old forgotten gods. One more ancient temple hiding mysteries awaits you at the end of this WE!

Have a good time and enjoy!

Weekday EscapeThe new Weekday Escape is out! Don't miss! We've got something for everyone!

I'm not exaggerating - this week we have four excellent games in very different styles. Cute Nicolet's room with a lot of funny and clever puzzles. After a pause, Maroya returns with another chapter from the serie 'kittens settling in their new home'. After much longer pause (which took several years) a new Petithima's game arrived and it does take quite a lot of thinking and trying to escape! Rinnogogo's created anothed dreamy and overall lovely story. Very relaxing.

Have a good time and enjoy!

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Hoshi Saga MonochromaticHoshi Saga is back! After a multi-year hiatus on the series, Yoshi Ishii blesses us with Hoshi Saga - Monochromatic. Following in the game's typical mode of operation, this episode has but one request: find the star.

Despite its black and white nature, Monochromatic is not without contrast. This time, with color out of the picture, remaining game elements like texture, shapes, sound, and motion are magnified, producing exciting and renewed gameplay through another lens.

Weekday EscapeWelcome back! Since it's Wednesday today, the new Weekday Escape is out!

About elegant Amajeto's living room is safe to say that you get what you expect - and that's quite a lot. Dassyutu leaves you alone in a basement and no need to remark that the door is locked. It's a code what you're looking for, not a key. Neat Escape lets you feel holidayish for a while, and gives you a chance to decide how to leave their dreamy island - quickly, slowly, or otherwise?

Have a good time and enjoy!

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