World's End Chapter 1

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The heroes of this turn-based strategy RPG are surly, drunken, rude, violent, and more than a little bit potty-mouthed... but then, so is everyone else in this crumbling society. Though it does take a while to get the ball rolling, however, World's End Chapter 1 eventually reveals itself to be an extremely ambitious piece of storytelling and gaming in general.

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I liked the game at first, but quickly became annoyed with the oddities involved in manuevering and targeting bad guys.

The spear-guy has a heck of a time hitting anyone who doesnt line up perfectly and there are lots of stairs, platforms, etc that make lining up a shot difficult. Even the archer can't hit enemies half the time due to some bizarre cover rule. So you wind up experimenting trying to move her around so you can actually land a shot. Its extremely frustrating.

Then the killer. You hit SAVE: Doubleclick a slot. Ooops. You just RELOADED an existing game!


Dude, I love this game. The language, first of all -- the language is so deft and so daft. Someone who kissed the Blarney stone really worked on this. It may be cheesy... a lot.

I about snorted my tea over the pugilism vs. buggery line.

You'll only hate all that text if you lose a battle and then have to replay it, so just... don't lose battles.

One stumble is that the characters are rather clearly stereotypical, especially in contrast to the layered gunk of the world-building. But they are built up enough over that frame to be distinct, and thus far there aren't any cheap shots or Oh-Too-Soon dips in taste level i.e. if you can't get past the first scene then this one's not for you, etc.

Strategy buffs will like this. Using the environment is key to the game.

Strategy-wise, there's a lot to offer in terms of varying elevations. The world's not in perfect hex's but you're not boxed in either. If it looks like they can reach you, they probably can. And then you figure out how to TOSS BODIES and oh, it's on. Makes for great replay value, too.

Yes, certain things can be moved and used. (One bit I figured out too late was that there needs to be a separate lift operator.) It's just not a game that rewards haste; this grotty glory is made for rumination.

Inventory. I like judging games (and developers, I admit it) by their inventory. Passing grade. Loads of items will turn into a hassle later, but it's mainly built to upgrade your dysfunctional band, and in that it succeeds. I suggest some thin lines to separate the huge text blocks, 'cause it makes something simple look really confusing. Experience points are shared by the party, not hoarded by individuals.

I think this will fall into the valley of Wayward, in that there's no fault in the production -- just a conflict between its perfectly staged simulation and what gamers expect. A Watsonian game, to borrow a term; for instance your guys will have attack ranges highlighted but the enemies won't have that illustrated. Real life is so inconvenient. To the first commenter: the devs thought of that, so they allow you to take back moves right after you make them, in case your shot doesn't line up. They like us.


Great comment and feedback in general, Shudog. :) And I am pretty sure you can skip cutscenes if you don't want to see 'em, or if you've already seen 'em.


Unless I'm missing some kind of replay/grind option, it's pretty easy to shoot yourself in the foot (especially if you suck at these games like me). Some of the battles end upon killing a specific enemy, but if you go straight for him you miss out on lots of exp/cash. Then if you're struggling later with poor equipment and crappy fighters, your only option is to try it over until the AI gods smile upon you.

Maybe I'm just missing something...


I find the game difficult sometimes (I finished most battles with many of my party dead), I did enjoy parts where I can to throw dead enemy bodies at other enemies (I made my party play ball during one boss battle). I guess tactical RPGs are harder than normal RPG genres.

BTW, can I transfer a save file from the version of the game (and therefore other site versions) to here? I've heard when doing this on another game that it's not so simple.


Nice game. There's a lot of strategy involved, especially when you're able to start inflicting status effects. I especially like the last level, where you can

pile up boxes at the beginning to cut off half of the melee fighters.


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