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A good shoot'em-up is like a symphony. The enemies are the musicians, the bullets the notes. And the player is the soloist at center stage, riffing a melody over the chaos, flirting with death, performing miracles. The Last Canopy is a landmark Flash manic shoot'em-up that feels dramatic and entertaining from beginning to end, which is a testament to the level of detail and professionalism that Easy Only! Games is capable of.

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kuzichan April 8, 2008 10:45 PM

Loved the game, brings back Touhou memories :)


This is an absolutely amazing game, and I knew, the first time I played it, that it would win first place. It feels complete, and even after you've beaten every boss, you still want to go back to play it again. And to think that they finished this in two months! Seriously awesome job, Easy Only!


It doesn't load for me any more! *Panics*


its kind of amazing how much i love this considering how much i suck at it.

Dragoran April 9, 2008 1:22 AM

There's no doubt that this is an amazing game, but I'd like to point out that Arcanacra's been out for a while. I, for one, find both games satisfying. This is the first shmup I've seen to use the absorption mechanic, though, which I thought was really well done.

ThemePark April 9, 2008 2:01 AM

I think Psychotronic had been reading through the dictionary during a boredom period, when he wrote this review, and felt inspired.

But this review sums up why I visit Jayisgames every day. Not just to play awesome games, but learn about them, both in terms of making games myself, and in history terms.

And he really sums it up perfectly in that last sentence. "I anticipate great things from them."

I couldn't agree more wholeheartedly. I haven't played this game, but I played Ballistic Wars, and it is obvious that there is enourmous potential amongst you guys, enough potential, I believe, to actually go out and make commercial games, should it be needed/wanted.

Good job to everybody at Easy Only! Games.


Yes! I always wanted to be a butterfly-dude with powerballs! No, wait...

Umm..anyways.. quite an amusing shoot-em-up, and I dig the "absorb" mechanic. One little complaint, though - quite often it is very hard to discern what is it that you should be avoiding, what with all the trailing balls, different-coloured projectiles flying all over the place and whatnot.

But I DO love the small touches - pauses in boss fights where you can "refill" your powers, story elements (such as they are)...


I was glad that the character's shots were of different colours than the shots aimed at her; meant I never mistook my own shots for the other kind and crashed into something.

The crashing I did do was mainly during boss fights: I'd lose while attempting to absorb it, and would have to start off absorbing it again, which killed me because I couldn't really shoot it until I'd absorbed it.

After losing once on Normal, I'll probably play it again; just not now. It looks hard, but not too hard, so even when I lose, I'll come back later after I'm ready again. Its challenge works with its ability to hold my interest, instead of against it.


This game is great. Like baba44713 said above, it's got a lot of little touches that make it clear the developers were thinking about playability, especially the fact that if you die during a boss fight, the boss will stop shooting for a few seconds, allowing you to get at least most of the way through a powerup.

I played through on Easy because I just wanted to enjoy the game without the frustration of dying, and I still had somewhat of a tough time. The final boss's second stage was the hardest; it was a struggle to avoid the bullets long enough to absorb enough power to make a dent. Regardless, that made it all the more satisfying to finally beat it.


wow this is so cool...congrats...can we get some more celebration guys rule

missedTheBoat April 12, 2008 4:30 AM

did not like the game. thought it was over-rated. character design was lackluster at best. space on screen was tight and uncomfortable to move in. graphics were dull. proportioning of the enemy and butterfly designs held little substance for me.

not sure what all the hype is about.


Sorry for the late reply, been busy with work lately :P

Wow... me, a conductor? Now that's what I call an awesome write-up! XD My team just read review and we just can't tell you how happy we felt after reading it. Thank you so much, Psychotronic and team!

As if that wasn't enough, the comments added more praise, so to all the fans, thanks so much! Again, I'm glad that you enjoyed the game, and I hope you would play our future games which will be coming out in the following months.

I'm going to treat Aidi and Dzaid to some Japanese buffet, so we're gonna take a celebration picture tomorrow. So treser, look forward to it ;)


well,it didnt load but the pictures look COOL!


Wow, just yesterday I tried this game and I was hooked on the first time I tried it! P.S. I got to the 3rd boss.


Now I finished the game! I beat every enemy!


I wanna know how many lvl's does it has? I got to lvl 4.. I hope it's not like 10 freaking lvl's or more.. -_-


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