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What do you get when you cross a stegosaurus with a bear? You get the lovable creatures in Tamus and Mitta, a new sidescrolling platformer produced by Lartar Games. The sun has had all its toys stolen by evil bats, and it's your job to get all 120 of them back. Find the tools and collect the toys, jumping on enemies to stun them, but don't let your candlelight run out! If you're looking for a well made, challenging platformer, try out Tamus and Mitta. It's kid-friendly and adult-approved!

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Oh my gosh, this is so cute!

A platformer that's adorable, challenging but not frustrating, and still creative enough to maintain interest.

Kyh, you've made my morning. Favorited! =)


Playing through a bit more, this seems to be a relatively new game without online walkthroughs available for it.

There may also be some gameplay bugs which prevent playthrough once you get to Mine 4 and beyond. I may just be missing something, though.

In Mine 4, you seem to be only able to get 4/5 Toys. There's an area blocked off for which you don't have the proper equipment. After trying a few times, I went on to the next couple of mines and got a Master Key in Mine 5 or 6. Still that Master Key didn't seem to open the blocked-off area in Mine 4.

I'm not great with platformers, so it could just be me. But the game seems to have gaps in playthrough at the moment. No further advice was available for this online yet, so far as I could tell. Has anyone here found out anything on this?


Is there any way to light the torches in the mine that are unlit?


Thanky Kyh! =)

LeatherJackets September 15, 2011 3:31 PM

Is it only me who knows that the bats from this game and "Sea of Gloomp" (correct me if I'm wrong) are references to Atari's "Adventure" involving a bat that moves/steals items to mess with the player?


Finished! Very addictive and nice level construction. To anyone who's confused, when in doubt, press [Z].


And: you find out later that time-bonuses are

rank capitalism at work! My cheery view of the world is shattered.

If the shopkeeper and his daughter have all these toys, why don't they donate them to keep the sun shining? Instead it's a little scam to net them some candy. Tsk tsk.


I loved this game! Challenging but not rage-quit inducing, and a solid length without feeling too long. As for backtracking:

Once I realized there were items in future levels I would need to full finish past levels, I went and skipped ahead to all the levels that had the items I needed so I could play straight through. The only thing standing in your way of this is needing to spend candy to unlock things here and there, but I never found it to be much of a problem at all. This made the game a lot less frustrating, since I rather hate backtracking. Also, if you really want to give yourself an edge, save up your candy to buy the lantern from the shopkeeper's daughter. It will still go out if you hit too many enemies, but it doesn't dim as you progress through the levels and makes it MUCH easier!


hmm. More dark areas. Light running out. Got to find something, but can't remember.

What was that noise? Oh gods, it's Mr. Face!

Run, Mitta! Run run run! Okay, hide.

Need light need light. Phew, safe.

More dark areas.


Oh I forgot to ask this before: Am I the only one who thought the skeletons looked like Xenomorphs?!


Is there a way to save? I first thought it auto-saved because is asked to store stuff on my computer and I didn't see a save button anywhere. Just super annoyed cause got to level 12 had to leave, exited the game, and came back to find my progress was entirely lost. :(


I'm having a problem breaking some rocks in the 14th mine. Any idea what's going on with that?


I should have clarified - yes I do have that. I still can't break those rocks.


It blinks blue for a very brief instant when I jump, but otherwise nope.


gotta say, I love the music for this game, it's awesome and completely nonstandard


No, I'm talking about

the vertical rock wall on the bottom level of the 14th cave with a small slope leading up to it and a possessed rock directly above it. I'm sorry, I really should have been clearer about what the issue was. I might just restart it, I guess. I tried the other character but nope no dice. There IS a reaction when I fall off the platform to the left of the rock but the wall still doesn't break. And, again, I want to be clear on this, I have all the equipment. I've even tried restarting Firefox just now, but nope.

In any case, this is a neat game, aside from that one strange and nagging glitch that I'm not really certain what's going on there.


A pleasant little platformer with Metroidvania leanings. I like it.

Two downsides mean it gets 4/5 rather than 5/5:

1) An irritating glitch with several of the people you can talk to and torches which means it can take 4 or 5 tries to get their dialogue to appear for more than a fraction of a second, or get the candle to light up blue for more than a fraction of a second. It's usually workroundable by just wiggling around a bit until the thing lights up properly, but it's irritating.

2) The oil lamp. Once you get it, it takes all the challenge out of the game! Before you get the oil lamp, every second away from a torch refill is tension-laden, and the game feels really effectively challenging and atmospheric. Once you have the oil lamp, there's virtually no difficulty left in the game; it's quite hard to hit enough baddies/spikes to actually die. I had expected the lamp to just double the length of time your candle lasts for, and I think that would have been better for preserving gameplay involvement and tension.

Nonetheless, it was a pleasant hour-and-a-bit.


I got the same problem as guv

with the vertical wall next to the small slope. The proper tool doesn't turn blue when standing next to the wall (though it briefly flashes blue when jumping or falling next to the wall). It seems as if the slope next to the wall is messing with the object detection (how the character is lining up with the wall), but hardly anyone else seems to have this problem. Too bad because I'm up to 118/120!


Where's the bedratted master key? I've been all through 5 and 6 with no luck.


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