Storm Winds: The Mary Reed Chronicles

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The Mary Reed Chronicles is a quick, fun adventure game that puts you in the shoes of Mary Reed as she tries to rescue Princess Ann from a Demon airship (for non-Storm Winds fans, that's not demon as in monsters, but Demons as in people from Demo). The puzzles aren't extremely tough, but there will be times when you'll have to take some time to think about what to do next and there's not a lot of item combing.

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Walkthrough Guide

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Storm Winds: The Mary Reed Chronicles Walkthrough

The Pond

  1. Click the rock

  2. Click the pond

  3. Click the bush behind the remaining guard

  4. Click the guard

  5. Click the guard

  6. Click the gyrocopter


  1. Click the third lever from the left

  2. Click the fourth lever from the left

  3. Click the yellow lever

  4. Open up the compartment on the left

  5. Grab the red valve and put the valve on the empty space

  6. Click the valve

  7. Open up the compartment on the right

  8. Grab the missing part and attach it to the device that came down after you spun the valve

  9. Click the handles in this order: water, furnace, steam release, steam lock, engine, rotary

Airship Roof

  1. Click the smokestack

  2. Click the chain

  3. Click the red valve on the left

  4. Click the hose twice

  5. Click the hatch

  6. The hatch is still broken so the combination doesn't matter. You can punch in 405 in order to find a letter

Furnace Room

  1. Click the railing on the far left

  2. Open the middle locker

  3. Click the glue

  4. Open the locker on the left

  5. Click the hook

  6. Click the hatch on the left

  7. Click the red lever

  8. Grab the shovel

  9. Use it on the square plate next to the hook

  10. Click the open area

  11. Click the area of the tube that has steam coming out

  12. Grab the shovel, click the furnace grate and click the coal

  13. Go back to the room with the lockers, click the hatch

  14. Click the guard

  15. Go back to the furnace, shovel more coal

  16. Click the open area again

  17. Go back to the room with the lockers and down the hatch

  18. Click Rusty

  19. Click the bar in Rusty's hand, give it to Windchill

The Shootout

  1. Click the first and second soldiers from the left

  2. Grab the gear on the ground in front of you

  3. Put it in the machine in the upper right corner

  4. Pull one of the levers in front of you

  5. Grab the hose on the ground and use it on the closest guard

  6. Very quickly click Rusty

End Game

  1. Quickly shoot the two guards standing behind the captain

  2. Hit the red button beside you

  3. Go into the armory, grab the dynamite. Exit the armory

  4. Grab the rope on the far left

  5. Click the body of the soldier

  6. Pull the lever

  7. Shoot the captain

Alternate Ending

Is accessed during the End Game portion, after you shoot the two soldiers and go below decks

  1. Click the crates in the background

  2. Go into the armory, grab the dynamite, exit the armory

  3. Click Stella

  4. Click the device to the right of the rope nearest you.

  5. Click the Captain

Letter Locations

  1. One drops from the pocket of the guard Rusty takes care of on the first screen

  2. Another can be found in the same compartment you find the valve in on the gyrocopter

  3. Enter 405 as the combination to the hatch on the top of the Demon airship, the letter will be on the left side of the ladder going down

  4. There's a letter in the furnace room. It's to the left of the pink paper, but above the green paper that overlaps the pink paper

  5. After you free Princess Anne and General Windchill, hit one of the red levers beside you to close the prison door. The letter is on the wall to the right of Rusty

  6. When you use the crane to move the crate of explosives there will be a letter left where the crate once was

  7. In the room where you get the dynamite, there's a letter on top of the lockers on the right side.


Review of stormwinds here:

link in this review does not work since there is no 'stormwinds' tag


If you don't click Rusty quickly enough during the shootout, you seem to be stuck and can't move forward in the game. Bug?



Same problem here. Needed to hit menu and go back. Then, it worked.


The tag link in the review still doesn't *quite* work. It says tag/stormwinds/ instead of tag/stormwinds and the extra slash is confusing the server...


Didn't Hero Interactive do a BUNCH of point-and-click for little kids a few years back? I played round after round of "Putt-Putt Saves the Zoo" and "Freddy the Fish" with my kiddo, and I seem to recall it being under the Hero banner.

The Logical Ghost November 3, 2010 5:49 PM

Oh my gosh, memories of wasting time on the library computers playing Putt-Putt and Freddi the Fish instead of doing homework. I think they were the first point-and-clicks I ever played. Honk for Putt-Putt! (And, um, Glug for Freddi?)


Huh, I didn't know that Putt-Putt saves the zoo (Pousse-pousse sauve le zoo in french) was an english game when I used to play.

Btw, I don't have sound in the game, is this normal ?

fuzzyface November 4, 2010 3:14 AM

I like how steampunkt is progressive on the picture of gender. As you notice women are in this genre often brave heroines instead as depicted screaming princesses just sitting there in their pink dresses in some evil castles to be saved.


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