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Sneak Thief 5: Final Five

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The long-nosed thief gets out of high-flying situation and falls, rather glides, into the fifth and final installment of the Sneak Thief series. The man's adventures got him stuck inside a mechanical fish, packed in a horde of his clones, and dodging robot laser attacks on a hot air balloon! As the persistent pilferer finally arrives at Prof. Belamy's doorstep via his handy-dandy glider, he is probably looking forward to getting this job over with. With the final invention waiting inside the compound, you know Pastel Game's cunning and comically ingenious criminal will stop at nothing to finish the figh... I mean job.

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Walkthrough Guide

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Sneak Thief 5: Final Five Walkthrough

Outside the Compound

  • Get the paint roller handle by the paint can.

  • Click on the top red crate and grab the power drill inside it.

  • Click on the red rail cart and take it wheel closest to the right.

  • Click on the coal in the cart and grab the battery sitting in there.

  • Combine the battery and the power drill.

  • Combine the battery powered drill and the paint roller.

  • Combine the power drill w/roller frame and the cart wheel

  • Use your new drill item on the welded door.

First Hallway

  • Click on the duffle bag and take the boxing glove.

  • Head through the door by using the handle on the left side of the door.

Main Atrium
(Do not worry about entering the door located to the room's right side. Needed later.)

  • Get the coffee cup from the statue's hand

  • Click on the glass tubes to the statute's left side.

  • Get the hammer hiding behind the glass tube with the open circular panel. The hammer's handle is visble.

  • Click on the open compartment and get the battery from inside.

  • Click on the upper left hand corner of the screen to find another door.

  • Use the handle and enter the chemistry lab

Chemistry Lab
(You will use the room on the left once you get the blueprints so skip that room for now.)

  • Take the windable mouse sitting in front of the gas tank.

  • Click on the door to chemistry table's right side and use the lever to continue on

Puzzle Door

  • You need to click each button to the side of the door before the lights turn off.

  • The time needed to open the door is indicated by the line forming a circle.

  • You pass if a black dot appears in the center of both circles and the door opens

Right Side Door after Puzzle Door

  • Open the door by clicking the slide lock.

  • Get the coffee bean from the plant's branch.

  • Grab the frog sitting on the puddle of water to the room's right side.

Left Side Door after the Puzzle Door

  • Open the door by clicking the turn wheel on the door.

  • Grab the toy key from above the closed door in the room. (It is sitting on a pipe.)

  • Click on the yellow slide pad to open the next door.

  • Grab the piece of lonely coal sitting in the middle of the room.

  • Also grab the bucket of coal by the shovel.

  • Click on the shelf to the right and grab the jar that is sitting on the orange trash can.

  • Head back to the chemistry lab now to get some new items.

Chemistry Lab (second time)

  • Click on the vice to the left hand side of the table.

  • Use the stone of coal on the vice to squeeze it a bit.

  • Use the hammer on the vice's turn handle and it will produce a diamond.

  • Grab the diamond to be used later.

  • Head back to the atrium where the statue is click on orange security device near the door.

Right Side Door in the Main Atrium

  • Use the punching glove on the security hand checker to open the door.

  • If you click on the glass holding the blueprint, turrets will shoot you and you won't be able to grab it.

  • Combine the windable mouse and toy key together to create a windup mouse. Use the mouse on the glass.

  • Once the turrets are down, use the diamond on the glass of the blueprints.

  • Take the blueprints and head to the room on the left side of the chemistry table.

  • You will build the professor's last invention here.

Invention Room

  • Once your are in the room with a giant pink boiler object, check the blueprints for what you need.

  • Click on the boiler's open yellow side and use the bucket of coal in the open area.

  • Next, make a frog battery.

  • Combine the frog and the battery. Put the electrified frog in the jar.

  • Click on the middle part of the boiler and add the frog battery to the pink area.

  • Click on the left side of the boiler device. Put the coffee cup underneath the lever and spout.

  • Put the coffee bean inside the open door of the device. Pull the lever adn watch the animation.

  • Take the cup of coffee and head back to the main atrium area.

End of the Game

  • Put the cup of coffee back in the statue's hand and watch the final animation.

  • Be proud and give yourself a pat on the back.


I've used the

chunk of coal in the vice, but I cannot use the hammer on the coal, nor can I remove the coal from the vice. I have a boxing glove, coffee cup, hammer, wind-up mouse with key, bucket of coal, coffee bean, and the "battery".

Anyone know what I need to do?


Ah hah! Cue the "Why didn't I think of that?" face-palm. Thanks, Bryan!

nerdypants April 4, 2012 4:38 PM

Well, that's... one way to make a cup of coffee.


*sigh* Even Coolbuddy resorts to cheap preloaders which has a fake download and play button.
Why PastelGames?


One bit of logic failure I had to contend with...

why couldn't we just use the hammer to smash the glass?

Other than that, though, a solid end to the series. Nicely done!

One last question, though:

Sneak Thief, if you would do all that for a cup of coffee, I just have to know...

What would you do for a Klondike bar?


Onyx Mouse,

It might not be glass, which would explain why you'd need something as hard as a diamond to cut through it.

Of course, I tried the more direct approach, too ;)

Carny Asada April 5, 2012 1:21 AM

Puzzle door does not appear to be unlockable if you're using a trackpad. Grrrrrrrrr.....

Patreon Crew SonicLover April 5, 2012 8:22 AM

@Carny: I don't know what you're talking about. I have a trackpad and I got it open just fine.


I'm using a mouse and I can't get the door to open, my PastelGames loving friends are trying this too.


What version of your browser and Flash Player are you using? That might be a Flash Player version issue. Try a different browser (try the latest Chrome to be sure you're getting the latest) or try updating your Flash Player.


Using Google Chrome latest version, still doesn't work. Could it be Coolbuddy just like Aurora 2?


I doubt it, Redmug. Perhaps an extensions conflict.

We have tried it here at JIG studios on both Mac and Windows in all the major browsers (IE, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari) and were unable to reproduce the issue.


Turned off all extensions, no change.


I'm sorry it's not working for you. :(

I don't know what else to suggest other than empty your browser cache and reload the game page. Perhaps your initial download got corrupted somehow. We cannot reproduce the issue. For everyone here who has tested it, we click on the left (or right) button and then on the button on the opposite side, quickly before the first button makes a complete circle, and the door opens each and every time.


Cleared everything, but somehow it still doesn't work :(
But there's one oddity I forgot to mention: on my first play and after clearing the cache when I combine the gun with the battery, the gun auto-assembles itself with the paint-roller.


That happened to me to (re: multi items combining) depending on what I dragged where.

As for not being able to progress beyond the "puzzle door", have you tried playing in other browsers? Have you tried a playing on different computer? Have you tried playing on the sponsor's site?


Sorry to give you guys a hard time but I've tried all the browsers, Coolbuddy doesn't seem safe and any other computer doesn't work.


Ok, when you said "I'm using a mouse and I can't get the door to open", can you describe exactly what you're doing and exactly what is happening in the game? Please be as specific and detailed as possible. I want to be sure I haven't misunderstood the problem you're having.

In fact, if you want to email me at our contact address we can take this conversation offline.


Just stating that the door problem is not limited to trackpads as stated in previous posts.
Just started, grabbed the items, combined them (with the oddity stated previously where all three combine), used the result on the door, nothing happens :(


Are you clicking on the

4-piece drill combo first so it's selected, and then clicking on the door?



The references to the trackpad in earlier comments are for a different door. There is a later door that requires you to quickly press two timed buttons, and players with a trackpad might experience a little more difficulty reaching those buttons in time.

In your case, I would suggest not collecting all of the items at the same time. Rather, pick them up and then combine them one at a time. Try doing it in the following order:

  1. Click the mine cart to the left to zoom in.

    • Take the Battery on top of the coal inside the mine cart.

  2. Go back to the view of the door, then click the crates to the right to zoom in.

    • Open the top crate, then take the Power Drill inside.

  3. Put the Battery inside the Power Drill to make the Power Drill With Battery.

  4. Return to the main view of the door again.

    • Pick up the Roller Frame by the paint can.

  5. Combine the Roller Frame with the Power Drill With Battery to make it a Power Drill With Roller Frame.

  6. Now, turn left again to face the mine cart.

    • Take the Cart Wheel from the bottom of the mine cart.

  7. Combine the Cart Wheel with the Power Drill With Roller Frame to complete the Power Drill With Cutting Extension.

  8. Use the Power Drill With Cutting Extension from your inventory to saw through the front door.

If you're able to complete the drill with all four of the item parts, you should be able to open the door.


Oh, that explains why Jay said "puzzle door".
But thank you so much Trinn, I was missing the fourth part.

[Ah-ha! Glad you got it working. Thanks for being so patient :) - Trinn]


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