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Sapphire Room Escape

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4.2/5 (201 votes)

TeraLumina makes a reappearance in Weekday Escape with this gem-tastic selection. Once again you're locked inside an upscale, decorously furnished apartment. Besides searching for clues to exit, you'll also be on the lookout for eighteen sapphires furtively lurking in every nook and cranny. The changing cursor and well-organized inventory helps with that as you put your deductive reasoning skills to the test. While perhaps not enough to make us forget our favorite room escape designers, Sapphire Room Escape still manages to sparkle with escaping fun.

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Walkthrough Guide

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Sapphire Room Escaper's Guide


  • Move about by clicking the grey bars on the bottom and sides of the screen.

  • Instead of turning around the first scene, you can view the area behind you by clicking the grey bar on the bottom to go backwards.

  • The cursor changes over interactive areas. Click there for a closer view, to work a puzzle or to pick up an item.

  • Usable items you pick up will be added to your inventory under the main game screen. To use an item, click it to highlight it, then click where you would like to use it. To view an item, highlight it then select "About Item" button in the lower right corner of the game window.

  • Visual clues for what you should do in each area or puzzle can be found around the room.

  • Clicking on an object provides a textual hint as to what is needed to be done there.

  • When you collect a gemstone, it will be added to a separate list in your inventory. You do not need all eightteen sapphires to escape.


Starting Out to Opening Venus' Drawer

  1. You begin with a wide view of the livingroom/fireplace; click the sofa on the left to face it.

    • Lift up the left sofa cushion to find a BATTERY (1/2) underneath. Pick it up.

    • Under the yellow pillow on the far right is a BLUE GEM. Grab it.

    • Back up (click the grey bar at the bottom of the screen)

  2. Again from wide view of the room, click the arm of the David statue seen on the left.

    • Take the NECKLACE from David's neck.

    • Then, grab the BLUE GEM near his right foot.

  3. The shelves near the David statue are full of books; three can be opened:

    • On the second shelf, click the middle white to pick a book. Click the book again to open it. From inside, take the BLUE GEM.

    • Go down one shelf, the white book on the far right can be picked up. Open it to find a SHAPE PIECE.

    • Lastly, the shelf one up from the bottom...the pale blue book left of center has a GOLD GEM. Get it.

  4. Back to the starting point then click on the edge of the Venus statue in the shelves on the right.

    • Facing the Venus statue, take the GOLD GEM in the left corner near its base.

    • Take the long object laying across the books on the middle shelf: a HOOK ON A POLE.

    • Open the big white book in the middle of the top shelf to get a PURPLE GEM.

    • Select the NECKLACE in your inventory then click on the Venus statue's "Nice neck" to put the necklace on it.

    • The necklace opens a drawer in the base of the statue. Take out the HAMMER.

Opening the Frog's Tank Cabinet

  1. If you back up from the starting view, you'll face the exit door flanked by two aquatic tanks. In the middle of the floor is a PURPLE GEM. Pick it up.

  2. There's also a STEP LADDER. Take that, too.

  3. Zoom in on the tank on the left by clicking it twice:

    • You see happy frogs in the tank. Also, a GOLD GEM. Take it.

    • Click on the lock on the cabinet's doors...You need a four digit code. Each number is designated by color in this order (from left to right): green--yellow--red--blue.

  4. Back up twice from the aquarium to face the fireplace area again. Then, click on the coffee table for a closer view of the board game:

    • Take another PURPLE GEM from a colorfully-striped bowl on the far end of the coffee table.

    • Clicking on the board, you're told "It's red's turn to move," so click on the red pieces in the lower left corner of the game board. This moves another red piece into the playing area.

      • Now you can study the board game for a clue, paying close attention to only the pieces that are in play:

      • 6 green -- 3 yellow -- 5 red -- 4 blue

  5. Return to the cabinet under the frog's tank to input the code:

  6. 6-3-5-4

    • When you've entered the correct code, open the cabinet and take out the green SPRAY BOTTLE.

      • With the SPRAY BOTTLE highlighted in your inventory, click on the White Jug of Cleaner under the cabinet to fill the spray bottle.

Using the Hammer and Opening the Fish Tank Cabinet

  1. While still facing the frog's tank, zoom in on the orange decorative ball.

    • Use the HAMMER to break open the ball and get another SHAPE PIECE from inside.

    • Pick up the GOLD GEM on the left corner of that little table.

    • When you try to open the drawer, you discover it's locked. You'll need a key.

  2. Back up and take one step closer to the fish tank on the right side of the door...

  3. Click on the cabinet door to view the puzzle lock. You'll need to change each fish on the lock to match the fish inside the tank. Colorblind Solution:

    Top Left = 5 clicks.
    Top Right = 4 clicks.
    Lower Left = 3 clicks.
    Lower Right = 5 clicks.

    • The correct fish patterns will open the cabinet's doors. Open them to get a JAR OF FISH FOOD and a PURPLE GEM.

    • Zoom in for a closer look at the fish. They look hungry. Highlight the FISH FOOD in your inventory then click on the tank to feed the fish.

      • They'll move to the top of the tank so you can get a BLUE GEM....

      • ...and A KEY! But you can't reach it. Use the HOOK ON THE POLE to take the KEY from the fish tank.

Moving Around Books, Opening Tiny Tables

  1. Turn back to face the sofa/fireplace area. Looking carefully, you can see a pale "X" on the floor by the left and right bookshelves.

    • Let's start on the right. Place the STEP LADDER on the x by the rightside bookshelves. Then, click on the high shelves to see what's up there.

      • There's a box. Click it to see inside--a PURPLE GEM and four compasses. Note the direction of each compass arrow.

      • Back out of the box. On the far left side is another PURPLE GEM.

      • Before climbing down, take a careful look at how the books are arranged. They look rather familiar afterall.

  2. Back down and move the STEP LADDER to the left side of the room now. Climb up to view the shelf above the David statue:

    • Grab up a GOLD GEM.

    • There's another box here, but this one is locked. There's also those same books so neatly organized. Hmm. Maybe they need to be reordered...

    • The books should mirror the other side, so whatever was on the right should now be on the left....as if there was a string going from like books across the room and you don't want the strings to cross.

      Numbering 5 for the largest book and 1 for the smallest book, put the books in this order:
      4 - 2 - 1 - 3 - 5

  3. When the books are arranged correctly, you'll be able to open the box and get...

    • ...another SHAPE PIECE and the second BATTERY (2/2).

  4. Go back to face the aquariums and zoom in on the earth globe next to the fish tank.

    • First grab the BLUE GEM near the edge of the fish tank.

    • Click on the Earth Globe to open its battery compartment. Put the TWO BATTERIES inside. The globe will rise and you can take out A KEY. This isn't the key to this tiny table though...

  5. From your inventory, select the KEY on the right (it says "KALE" on it). Use it to open the tiny drawer in the tiny table under the earth globe...

    • ...take out the fourth SHAPE PIECE.

  6. Now back up and go over to the tiny table next to the Frog's Tank...

    • Use the left key (the one you got from under the globe) to open the tiny drawer under the orange ball...

      • Get a BOX OF MATCHES.

Lighting a Fire and Getting Out

  1. Move closer to face the fireplace:

    • Take the sixth BLUE GEM from a black vase on the right side.

    • Pick up the SHOVEL from the tool set on the left side.

  2. Use your MATCHES to light up the logs in the fireplace.They'll burn quickly.

    • Use the SHOVEL to remove the ash then pull the red lever in the back of the fireplace. This will cause the photos on the mantel to get out of sorts...

      • Click each square piece of the pictures to rotate it back into its proper place. This is best done methodically, from left to right or right to left, so you have a clear line to follow and to line up with adjoining pieces

  3. When the pictures are fixed, a box will lower out of the fireplace. Zoom in on it.

    • In the far left corner is a GOLD GEM. Grab it.

    • Click the box to open it...

      • Place the four SHAPE PIECES inside the box.

      • Turn the arrows to match the compasses on the high shelf above the Venus statue.

      • From left to right:
        Northwest -- East -- Southwest --West

    • When the pieces are arranged properly, the fireplace will lower.

      • Those windows look dirty. Use the SPRAY BOTTLE of CLEANING FLUID on each window panel.

      • They're still dirty! Go back to the cabinet under the frog's tank, refill the spray bottle, then spray the windows again.

      • Now you have a six-digit exit door code:

      • 8 7 3 4 2 5

    • Go to the exit door and enter the 6-digit code found on the cleaned windows....

    • Oh crap!

      Well, good thing you have your HAMMER back....




  1. Under pillow on the sofa.

  2. By the David statue's leg.

  3. Inside a book on the left side of the room.

  4. Fish tank (inside with the fish).

  5. On the left edge of the fish tank (outside, when you're looking at the earth globe.)

  6. Black vase on fireplace.

NOTE: you have to pick up the last blue gem from the fireplace (black vase) before you solve the arrows directional puzzle...Once you solve that, the fireplace lowers and you can't reach the gem anymore.


  1. Inside a book on the left side of the room.

  2. By the armless, headless Venus statue.

  3. Frog's tank.

  4. On the table with the orange ball.

  5. On the high shelf above the David statue.

  6. Inside the fireplace (after you burn the logs, before you solve the arrows puzzle).

NOTE: you have to pick up the last gold gem inside the fireplace before you solve the arrows directional puzzle...Once you solve that, the fireplace lowers and you can't reach the gem anymore.


  1. In a book on the right side of the room.

  2. Lying in the middle of the floor near the exit door.

  3. A colorfully-striped bowl by the board game.

  4. Inside the cabinet under the fish tank.

  5. Inside the compass box (the one above Venus).

  6. Next to the books on the high shelf, right side of room.


I lol'ed at

Oh crap!


That wasn't difficult, but it took me a bit of time.

nerdypants March 7, 2012 12:51 AM

Heh, there's a replica of the Statue of David in a city near me. There was a huge kerfuffle over his... kerfuffle... being shown in public.

Anyway, about the game. I liked it. It's strangely satisfying hearing that clink when you find a jewel. One complaint, though: the About Item button is too small, and too close to the Facebook/Twitter buttons. Miss the About Item button by a few pixels and suddenly you're on Facebook.


Got 1 orange gem to find, and I can't find a use for

the shovel or the spray bottle full of window cleaner.


Also need to find

a 2nd battery and the key to the drawer left of the door.


P.O.P. goes the weasel! Found

the other battery under the couch cushion.


Out, but I missed the last orange gem. :[

Apparently it was on the box that drops out of the fireplace towards the end, and is the only one that you can screw yourself out of getting.

lavamuffin March 7, 2012 6:15 AM

This was a fun, short game. I especially liked

using the spray bottle -- neat idea!


the "oh crap!" moment -- good olʻ Mjolnir to the rescue!

and the music -- "Leyenda" is such an intricate, meditative piece.


Short little game and not very difficult. But hey, I love a room escape game any day.


Wasn't this one reviewed here before?? It seems very familiar...


@Gabe: Maybe you did what I did before and played through all of TerraLumina's games the last time one was posted. While this one hasn't been reviewed before, it's not new.


Walkthrough in the works?


For the last orange gem, you have to ...

pick it up before setting the arrows in the box


Won't load for me...I get an ad, but then it just goes to a black square. Using Chrome 17.0.963.66 m and the latest Flash update. Same in IE9 and FF 10.0.2. :(


I was frustrated by two things.

One, I spent a huge amount of time not realizing I could turn around, because I kept going to the side walls and not seeing gray. Partly my fault, but also partly convention? I think?


The gameboard puzzle (go?) seemed unfair. I kept clicking on the board itself, clicking existing pieces on the board, and nothing happened so I figured it was the wrong track.

Ended up going to a video walkthrough for that one.

I second the comment about the pretty music though. :)



Re your 2nd comment

One of the pieces from the edge of the gameboard moves onto the board when you click it - giving you the correct numbers for the code. You may even have just missed it moving - but it was necessary for the correct code

Luishifto March 7, 2012 12:42 PM

The games from TeraLumina are easy but fun. Anyway took me a bit of time like Tenzhi. My score was 20910 =)

nerdypants March 7, 2012 2:16 PM

cendare, I have to agree about the turning around. I had trouble with that too.


Fun, quick little game. Word of note to the author: I don't care about it, but a decent amount of people might be concerned about the total of the gems coming out to be 666. :P

MattersMost March 9, 2012 7:37 AM

Cool game - I got through it without any help (and that is saying something!). Very visually appealing and logical. I like!

also enjoyed the "oh crap!" moment. Made me lol. I was very happy for the sledge hammer! oh yeah!


Soundtrack is "Asturias", by Isaac Alb�niz, a very popular solo guitar classical piece, it would have been nice to mention it somewhere in the credits.

Correct game, puzzles flow logically, if a bit too much on the easy side.

The bit about

being able to pick the sapphire that appears to be inside the fish tank and not the key

made me shake my head.


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