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Record Shop Tycoon is a browser-based business simulation in which you own and operate a record shop. At its core it's a very simple game that is easy to dive right into. Each day is divided into two parts: preparing your store(s) for business, and then sitting back and watching while you rack up the sales. It's not perfect, but it is good and worthwhile of your time if you enjoy business simulation games like the classic Lemonade Stand.

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Fun little game - although I found I lost interest once I got the best location.

The game got really easy once I bought the

DJ booth which is worth the extra money as your karma (which determines your ability to charge high prices) stays high all the time. This is critical since you may run out of stock and lose Karma if you are too popular!


The fact that you can go into negative money when ordering CDs means that, on a day with an event that will mean lots of customers or lots of one genre selling, it can be a good idea to buy a new rack/upgrade, and then fill it with CDs. You'll get back into positive, and won't miss lucrative sales.


I find it annoying how:

Customers can get annoyed in the later levels for waiting, even with hi-fi and fully upgraded cash register. There are just too many customers and theres nothing you can do...


The automatic price changer sometimes doesnt change it when you lose karma... and so you lose all your customers because the prices are too high


So, is it just me, or does the DJ booth crash the Mozilla Flash Plugin? Once I bought it and started the level the game froze and it crashed.


this game is way too short

loversrequiem September 21, 2010 10:33 AM

I started it, I played it for a while, then I accidentally clicked on one of those stupid advertisements, wanted to start again and now it doesn't load anymore. Heeeeelp x(


I got immediately addicted to this game! After I

upgraded my cash register

my cash flow and karma shot through the roof. No wonder it's so expensive!


Anyone else witness the extremely hilarious glitch in which people sidestepped all over everything and walked through the walls? I know it's a problem but... It was pretty funny.


I played this for a few hours the other day, and I pretty much enjoyed it. However, in the later levels, even with the cash register upgraded completed, sometimes it just stopped working completely. Which, as you can guess, is INCREDIBLY annoying. Especially when it's early on and the day and then your karma plummets even though there's only one person at a time at the register.

It'd also be nice if for every store you could preset how many of each genre of CD you wanted to buy every time once you figured out what they like. It got pretty annoying to have to keep going back and restocking after every level, especially when you sell 100+ CDs a day.

And another possible solution to the whole too many customers at the cash register even when it's fully upgraded that the maker could have thought of was the ability to buy a 2nd cash register. It felt a little ridiculous that once I was in the biggest building with hundreds of CDs to have only 1 cash register.


I too had problems with Flash crashing and with prices not changing. Also, the required "logout" click in the office computer is just annoying even if it does add to the realism concept. Finally, I ought to be able to move the cash register where I want to and there should be an option to buy a second register after some point. Good game but needs some fixes and some refinements.


I found a cheat in the game that allow people to get money without starting a day!!!

first you need two stores wherever they are you buy some CDs on one of your shops, than dont start day just "move property" to the other shop, so you come back to the shop that you have bought CDs go to your stock and look at your money, its gonna be more than you had before you get the CDs!!!


this game is the only game in the tycoon tag thats not download. T.T


It is as hard as heck. I do well until I get second building :?O! I do well with

Cash Register upgrade 1 time and 2 fully upgraded cd racks.


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