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Phantom Mansion 2:
The North Sea

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4.4/5 (79 votes)

Aaaarrrrr you ready to push some crates and unlock millions of doors, matey? The next installment in the pirate-themed Phantom Mansion II series is here to satisfy your need to steal from the dead. This one has lots of ice, because it's about the North Sea. In the North. Where they keep the ice. That means you often get to sit back and watch Hector skate around helplessly, in between avoiding ghosts.

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Yay! What a nice holiday goodie. If only I weren't too sleepy-headed to play much of it. I'll have to tackle this again in the morning.


Can anyone explain to me how Level 5 (Sticky Boxes) isn't impossible? I'm hoping that by posting this I'll go back to the game and figure it out, but for now it has me stumped. I can only see one box I can get to (in round key room) but I can't for the life of me figure out how to get it out of the room without falling into the abyss.


Okay, it worked. I went back to the game and entered the next room where I was reminded what a

raft looked like. Now that room is a whole lot easier.


won't load for me. keep getting a bluish gray screen. Hope it works soon...


Yeah, unfortunately, Gimme5games has decided to use an overlay, so we can't link directly to a game page.

And the overlay doesn't work with every browser configuration. In Camino (Mac), I get a bizarre flashing blue rectangle over top of the game window making the game virtually unplayable. But I don't get that in Firefox.

So, my best advice is try a different browser, maybe you'll have better luck.


Thanks, Jay. I think my problem had something to do with the ads, though, cause I could see the gimme 5 hand for a sec, then the ad would load and when the game was ready the screen went blue. Anyways, I don't have that problem and am now waiting to "youtube it" :)

Thanks for trying to help, though.


Any tips on Ice Dance?


I can't get it to work on Safari, Firefox or Opera. Shame really. I've liked the rest of the series and was looking forward to playing this one.

Shuffledog December 23, 2008 1:05 PM

Grr. Stuck on Straight Forward. Help?

Shuffledog December 23, 2008 1:12 PM

Never mind. Got it. If anyone needs help on Straight Forward you:

Ignore the key, locked door and raft. All three skulls on the ice can be got without them. There's a flat fall in the middle of the ice. Push each crate to it, go to the path on the left, and then push the block over to the right into the water. Do this three times and you can use the third crate to push the switch.


"There's a flat fall in the middle of the ice."

shuffledog, can you elaborate on what you mean by flat fall? Also how do you get the skull next to the locked door on ice? thanks

Shuffledog December 23, 2008 3:48 PM

Flat fall. I fail at typing. I mean there is a flat WALL. Something you can push a block against and it will stay.


duh, sorry i didnt think of that. Now I get it. I fail at interpreting typos!!


Hmmm, having problems with The Box Stops Here and Tricky. Any suggestions on either of those?


I never really understood why people find this glorified Sokoban so fun and engaging.


I am stuck on:

I am stuck on Ghosts Gone Wild
And on tricky I can get everything except the box to go where it needs to be, I can get it across the island and to the middle and to the other side, which I am not sure if it is supposed to be there and that is it.

Straight forward:

  1. first off you need to get the skulls.

  2. On the right side of the ice (space 1) go up retrieve skull, go back down.

  3. On the right 2 spaces in on the ice go up. Yes there is a bounce at the end, you will not go off the edge. this gets you the skull that is not so obvious to get to. once done go back, this is where you will send two boxes.

  4. Now to get the last one, 4 spaces in from the left side of the ice, go up, retrieve skull go back down.

  5. Now to get the key and get across.

  6. On the right of the ice two spaces in, send two of the boxes.

  7. Go back to where you got the last skull on the ice 4 spaces in from the left. Go right, pushing the box into the water. go right again, retrieve key. Go left and down back to where you will be next to the last box.

  8. on the ice 4 spaces from the right go up through the door and onto the raft.

  9. Move two spaces to the right go down so that the box returns to where the other one is that hasn't been moved. go back to the raft.

  10. Move you raft to the right side. One block below the space on the ice, 3 from the bottom of the ice. go left.

  11. 5 spaces in for the right or left, it is the center, send a box up. Now go back to the left side and while standing across from the box send it to the raft. Go right again, putting the box in the water.

  12. Do the same for the other box, but this box will end up on the land on the right where it is supposed to be, on top of the switch.

  13. getting the skulls.

  14. It is easiest to go the same direction as the ghost, follow him for the top and bottom skulls. When he is not in the way you can get the ones in the middle on the right and left. If you went up to get those he would more likely be there to run into on your way back after bouncing off the wall.

  15. the exit is at the bottom.

The box stops here:
First off read the sign, that is how I figured it out.

  1. First off get on the raft and go get the skulls and key on the bottom left.

  2. For the boxes. You can only get one.

  3. Push one set all flat against the wall.

  4. On the other push one up, then the one at the bottom push towards the middle of the room, now you can get it out the door.

  5. Now moving the box from here out has to be done quickly.

  6. Four over from the right of the ice push the box down, While the box is still moving move your self on the ice 2 from the left and down, the box will stop where you want it to be. If you are too slow you can always push the box back and start it again.

  7. Go to the right raft, do not move it, go left moving the box to the space a the bottom. Go left again, wait there until the box runs into you. now you don't have to move so quickly.

  8. Go left again, takes you back to the right raft. Bring the right raft to the bottom. You will be one left of the box, go up stop on the block, go up again.

  9. go get the other raft and bring it next to the other one. Now move them both all the way to the left. Once they are side by side you should be able to go on the land on the left and then back on the top raft and move it in front of where the box will go. go left off the raft.

  10. take the bottom raft back to the right. Two up from the bottom of the ice on the right. go left moving the box, go left again and place the box on the switch.

  11. Arrow time.

  12. At the top on the left is where the switch opened a wall. The bottom row shoots arrows from the top. The switch in the middle on the second from the bottom row also shoots it from the top. The ones int he middle on the second from the top row shoot from the sides. The top row shoots from the sides.

  13. Be careful!

  14. Starting from the second from the right side. Up, Up, left, left, up, up, right, down, right, up. Now run down and to the right to get out quick. Exit.

Ice dance:

  1. The first goal is to get a box to the switch and grab all the skulls.

  2. Go onto the raft go up one and to the right to push your first box.

  3. Go down, on the bottom of the ice four in from the left go up and push the box.

  4. Go back to the left, two from the bottom push that box again.

  5. On the bottom two in from the right push the box up.

  6. On the left side two from the top, go right and push the box.

  7. On the op, 3 in from the right go down and push the box.

  8. On the left three from the top go right and push the box.

  9. The second goal is to make it so you can get across. Face it you can't go down the middle to push boxes.

  10. Starting form the top, push the middle box down, then move the left one to the left and then the right one to the left.

  11. Now go down an first take the left one and move it to the top against the wall and then to the left and do the same with the rightmost one, do not move it through the door way.

  12. go back to the two boxes that are left. Move the bottom most one to the right, then the top one up one, it will be just above the ice strip, move it to the left and into the water. Do the same with the other box until it is on top of the previous one, then go right one, up one and left 2 and you will be above it and push it down into the ice. Grab the skulls and key and exit to the top.


Can anyone help me out with The Race please? This ones a lot harder than the previous PM games!



lol, baba. it is kinda weird, isn't it? Kinda like "why are people still playing and making escape the room games?", but thats probably just me.

Patreon Crew SonicLover December 24, 2008 7:52 AM

Let me know if anyone figures out how to beat the next-to-last level.

How, for the life of me, do I get a box out of the west wing?!

Patreon Crew SonicLover December 24, 2008 8:14 AM

Never mind! Figured it out.

Once I realized you didn't need to sacrifice one box to get the others to the island with the tree, it was a breeze.


Hi there, can anyone help out, I'm stuck on The Race, and was wondering on the box stops here if

there is a way to get two boxes so you can use one as a sheild for the bit with all the arrows!!



Marie, read the last part of my walkthrough on the box stops here. There are many spots that you can stop without getting hit by an arrow. Then you just run for it. No need for a box.


For some reason, I can't figure out how to get the ghost to the switch in Creepy Carry, despite having read the signs.

I can't see how to get it in the water, when I can't go in the water myself, and the boxes only go so far.


Yeah, I can't seem to solve creepy carry either.

I have to use both boxes to set off the switch and then have nothing to get the key with.


Okay, Tricky is killing me. I can get a single crate out of the island area, but then where do I put it? I can't figure out how/where to put it on some hidden switch like the hint suggests.


I swear to god the easiest way to get help on a puzzle is to ask for help on these forums. I'd been working on Tricky off and on for a couple hours tonight before I posted at 1:08amPST, just a few minutes later I solved the puzzle.


Username, since you seemed to have solved Tricky, it would be great if you could tell us how to solve Tricky


For creep carry

look at what direction the ghost is walking. Move the boxes next to the wall with the red switch, so you don't have to push the boxes in the water, but the ghost walks circles around the boxes (and the wall is you put them close enough).


SHA, as much as I would love to post a walkthrough for Tricky, I think it would be a lot easier if I could just do a vid capture. There's a LOT of moves required, I'll see if I can type it out but first I wanna finish the game.


Yaay! I finally did it! Man, Ghosts Gone Wild seemed like an impossibility! Great game, can't wait for the next one!


just still trying to figure out tricky...any tips where to put the box?


Can anyone help me with crash (North Sea)


Nevermind on crash. I figured it out. Thanks


Would you be so kind to share how you got through Crash? It seems like it should be simple, but I'm stuck.

mario fan8 January 4, 2009 8:19 PM

Stuck on "the race" and "the box stops here".
Please help!

mario fan8 January 5, 2009 12:38 AM

Nevermind I figured it out.


Tricky walkthrough:

Basically the box is to get the ghosts to go into the left room so they can trigger the switch that is through that opening at the bottom that can only be reached by water. You see this area when you first activate the switch. The switch is in the upper right room.
The best spot for the box is against the wall one spot below the entrance, then if you do not get to the switch fast enough you can wait for a ghost to go there again.
QUICKLY: when you are in the room with the switch you will see the wall to your left open, Quick move off the switch, the ghost is now trapped. Now you can leave.

anonymous January 11, 2009 7:45 AM

Hey!! can anyone help me with doorjamb? I'm stuck..

Anonymous January 13, 2009 9:55 PM

any hints on crash?


I'm going to doubt the power of posting is going to help me, so anyone want to give me a hint on The Race? I can't get past that first ice pond


AUUGGHH!! On Leftovers and I can't beat it. Looked at walkthrough on youtube and noticed that I have 2 trees in triangle and square rooms right in front of the door, preventing me from getting the box I need. Those trees are not in the walkthrough. Has anyone else had this problem?


Mars - if you still need it on the new Leftovers:

As the note on the wall says, you don't need all of the skulls. Get the


key. From there you can get all the skulls you need and leave some behind.


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