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Link Dump Friday №65

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This week's Link Dump Friday game theme is... a secret! That's right, all five games plastered on the screen below are related in some way, but it's your job to divine how. Do they all incorporate llamas? Were they made with the use of chopsticks? Dunno. It's a secret.

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First comment! Snake words is too hard.


Second! You're a wuss, cheeseball. :p

Mordecai June 5, 2008 10:21 PM

*sigh* I dislike the whole "First Post" thing; I could have been first many times ;)

Snakewords seems a bit buggy...I made a word with letters left over, but it wouldn't accept it, unless I missed a rule somewhere. And by redoing a previous level, you access another level too.


Yeah, Mordecai, it seems to only accept the answer it was looking for, even if other answers are possible. Also, Nitro Platform 2 seems to be dead.


I believe that the theme of this would be that the games were all made in flash.


Actually, at least 3 of the games deal with orbs and have orbs in the description, the other two... not so much. Still, there's almost a theme going on with orbs.

livejapan June 6, 2008 12:46 AM

Snake words is very difficult but here is a tip for level 8 since it was the one that I was stuck on.

You only need to move right and left never up or down!


The theme is that all the games have been featured in a Link Dump Friday, of course.

OtherBill June 6, 2008 1:10 AM

Unique is much too easy; I made it through all 50 levels without missing one, for a score around 250K.

deflective June 6, 2008 1:57 AM

250k on unique seems pretty standard.
anyone do much better than that?

Tranchera June 6, 2008 2:06 AM


Too easy.



Whoops... I guess I am a little late...


I have spelled a couple of different words on level 4 of SnakeWords and it doesn't seem to be accepting them. Any valid word should count as a solution, methinks... either that or it should be extremely clear which of several words is the "correct" one. I'm irritated enough with this that I'm not playing any farther.


is the theme monotony?

Anonymous June 6, 2008 4:50 AM

Chrys: Yeah, the issue is the game tells you you don't need every letter, but it is a set word on each page and it's normally hinted at in the description

ThemePark June 6, 2008 4:51 AM

Unique is rather easy. I got 283227.


For a much harder (but not-timed) version of Unique, try to crack the Intellilock on one of the earlier levels of MOTAS: http://albartus.com/motas/


The theme is that none of them is a bicycle.


Unique is easy (but fun as a distraction). Nitro platform and Tank defense are not bad. Snakewords is indeed difficult. I'm stuck on level 17 as I can't work out the intended answer. (Level 18 also looks hard, but the answer is easily found via Google.)


For Orbital the Link Dump says "each time you collect one you grow just a bit bigger". I don't think this is true. Your mouse cursor looks bigger, but it's only the central blob that counts.


The theme is of course "basic shapes" seeing how everything is centered around something round or something square (Tank Defence's tanks are basically fancy square who like cosplaying)

chibidani June 6, 2008 2:19 PM

I can't even get Snakewords to let me play. I get to the level list, and even though I click on the "01" it goes nowhere. Playing in Firefox on Windows XP :P


Hmmm...In Snake, I don't really understand the rule about not needing to pick letters up in order. You can't make the snake back up so how do you "read the solution on the screen?"

Yay, Orbital! I am stuck on getting the last achievement on that one.



That bit of Snakewords was badly explained. It means that as long as you can make the snake form the correct sequence of letters for the correct word you will solve the level. For example, suppose your snake is APPXYLE and the correct answer is APPLE. If you make the snake bend so that it looks like this:


You will solve the level, since you can read the letters of APPLE in sequence.


The theme is none of the games are MGS4 which is coming out in 6 days! ^_^


I know the theme, and it is only a secret if you all want it to be.

The theme is video games!

If else that's not it,

Then the theme is optically-based!


I got nothin'.


Unique was fun, but a tad easy.I got 267071, nothing over three seconds.

onalimburger June 6, 2008 8:01 PM

The theme: difficulty.

Some games are mundanely easy while one is super tricky!


Unique seems like an interesting idea, but it's waaay too easy. I didn't even realize when circles started rotating because the "unique" circle was so obvious in the very first second!

Nitro Platform runs too choppy for me to even try to squeeze an ounce of fun out of it.

Orbital is a fun distraction, although a bit more simple than it appears. You don't have to "grab the orbs early", you take all the time you want - the pulsating of the orbs are just eye candy, once you collect them they will always shrink and start orbiting your orb. What is not obvious though is that you can hit the rest of the robs with the small ones no problem - you must only avoid them with your "main" orb, which makes the game a bit easy, and, well, boring.

Snake words is, well, original.


Orbital would be a fun game, only a couple of issues...

- the instructions could be a bit more detailed. You never learn what part of your "orbital" can't touch other color orbs. You have to find it out for yourself that the collected ones can touch other orbs.

- the istructions say nothing about the moon loitering on the screen. Can you touch is or not? You don't know. Since it's moping, you assume you shouldn't - but you don't know unlesss you accidentally stumble upon it.

- One mistake and you have to start it all over again??? Come on?!!


251487 on Unique with a few wrong clicks. Fun game but as people have already commented it's too easy. Perhaps the orbs could start moving around the screen independently, and changing size, and fading in and out... it could get really evil!

riuzaki June 7, 2008 1:20 PM

is the theme that they are all on jayisgames.com or that they were all put on here by john b? if not, then i go with baisic shapes. (said by maftie)



Yes I got 269xxx the xxx being something I can't remember. My point being - it must be too easy if I can get a score like that having had a few glasses of wine and not being able to remember the last three digits of my score !

But I did enjoy playing it. I think. No I am fairly sure I did...... zzzzzzzzz

PS- like the suggestion of moving orbs and fading in and out.


All the thumbnails contain a variation of white!


I FOUND THE THEME! I FOUND THE THEME!!! All the games have at least one vowel in the title!!!!! Haha, just kiddin'. Keep up the great work all you guys at JIG. I've been visiting daily for about 2 years, and everyday, you guys have something great. Thanks a lot for everything you do.


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