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Nanaca † Crash

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A remake of 2004's Penguin tossing games, Nanaca Crash adds depth to the original by featuring nine (9) different characters that affect game play in unique ways. There is a lot of fun packed into this deceptively simple looking game, including summoning, combos, special abilities, and some very nice graphic effects.

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This is crazy. It's fun though.


lol this game is so awesome. I haven't got to 6000 meters yet, but its great fun.
2809 meters so far!


Glad you're back!


God this game is addictive lol!

seth hatch February 27, 2005 5:55 PM

I've gotten 8405.99 but this game is ta bomb :>


Glad you're back, this game is amazing, and sorry I have to do this, but I'm a physicist and I can't just let it go. "Hitting Sakuraba Hiroshi simply changes Taichi's angle. There is no change in velocity." <nerd> If there is a change in angle ie direction then there is a change in velocity, as velocity is a vector. You meant to use the word speed, as this is a scalar quantity. Sorry. </nerd>



Thanks for the correction. I thought twice when I wrote that, then dismissed my second thoughts about it. You're right, of course. And I've changed the description for the next nerd that comes along. =p


And to add insult to injury: I just got 8319.63m


Also: I think I have worked out when the specials appear.
If you want to work this out for yourself: don't read on.

This is when the special square lights up in the box on the right. To activate the specials you have to click right after you hit the corresponding girl.

Kiri: Special appears when Kiri is followed directly by Miki, and dissapears when Kiri goes off screen.

Miki: Special appears when Miki is followed directly by Kiri, and dissapears when Miki goes off screen.

Toukou: Special appears when you hit Toukou, and dissapears when you hit any of the other 3 girls who have specials.

Misato: Special appears when you hit any of the other 3 girls with specials. And dissapears when you hit the ground.


Nice work, Capuchin. There is also a Cosmic Force Field that can occur when Youko would normally block a girl who has her special lit, and you click to activate it. There are 4 of them, one for each girl with a SPECIAL. I'm not sure (besides Nanaca) which one is which:

Type A: Double Impact
Type B: Charge Blast
Type C: Parachute Death Sentence (Ver. Nanaca)
Type D: Bound Boost

Double Impact doubles the boost power of each hit Taichi takes while this special is active.

Parachute Death Sentence makes Taichi travel at a high speed horizontally above all the characters for a good long while. This is one of the best specials (for maximum distance) that I have seen.

Bound Boost gives Taichi a boost every time he bounces on the ground for a good while after activating this special.

I'm not quite sure yet what effect Charge Blast has. The Cosmic Force Fields are rare.


I'm not entirely clear about how to get these C.F.Fs. I see the "block VS C.F.F" when i have Youko activated, and i have managed to do it once, but i have no idea how i did it


11000 or something. Yes I've been up all night playing it. Blah. Would have been up all night anyways. Fun game. Yeah.


oh man, this game is FUN. i kept on playing it all day non-stop. i'm gonna fail my classes now hahaah.


Amazing Game! Ridiculously addictive. I've only gotten 3 of the cosmic force fields so far; just got C last game for a total of 8655.62. How do I take a snapshot, as you did, to save the image? ;o)


Pieces - if you're using windows, just press [shift][Print Scrn] on your keyboard to make a copy of what's on your screen. Then just paste it into an image editing program and save it, like Photoshop or Fireworks. If you're using a Mac, I believe the default keyboard shortcut is [apple][shift][3], which will save the current screen image to a file on your desktop.


How actually do you activate the special skills of those girls, I always seem to be late to press.


Gossssh [Napoleon Dynamite], the 2nd tried I got almost 2,000 and I thot I was the schitt... Guess not! Terrible score, but at least now I know I'm not that big of a nerd! heehee! kidding!



Aaron - you have to be quick. Try always clicking whenever Taichi hits one of the girls. It won't do anything if there's no reason to click -- but don't click too early.



Jeff_from_MD March 1, 2005 3:30 AM

wow, I was totally lucky this time! 11,385.62m was my total.

at first I was struggling, but after like 1800m, then I ran into the black haired girl who lets you go through but blocks the next girl who gives you the boost. But if the girl she wants to block has a special, it gives you that red cosmic force field thing.
THen I ran into misato's special about 5 times in a row out of pure luck. (she tried to stop me on the 3rd hit, but the red cosmic force field saved me from losing) Anyway, hitting misato so many times made me go at 378mph hehe crazy.

THe black haired girl did me in though. Got blocked and slowed by her a few times in a row.


Wow, nice scores. I can't seem to get past 8,000, though I've had a fair number around 6K+. It's a very addictive game. lol =p

HellHammer March 1, 2005 6:19 PM

Awsome game. My record is 4181.16 and 174.34 height. :)


Man, I can't get beyond 2500. Awesome game though.

I can confirm that Youko + Misato's special gives Double Impact. I know because at the time I thought it wasn't as good as Misato's special by itself. It doesn't last forever, wore off after 3 or 4 hits. I got Bound Boost once (which was pretty awesome) but don't recall which girl gave it. I think it might have been Youko + Touko's special.

Arangua March 2, 2005 6:11 PM



Darkwing, version 2 seems too easy; that is the only one I played to completion. My high score on the original version is around 10,000, and my max height 660m. Yet on my first try on version 2 I scored 90,000 and reached a max height of 3400m without trying. Indeed, there was very little gameplay (not that this game normally offers much opportunity for skill)--mostly just like watching a very boring anime. Version 3 seems more like the original, on brief inspection. I am using Firefox, FWIW.

Thank you, Jay, for your diverting site. Always an excuse to take a break: from what, I've forgotten.



Yeah, I am playing the 2nd version and it is still going ^_^. So far I went 49917.52m and my height was 5804.63. The highest I got was 9443.40m and the distance was 24998.41. I got Misato's special twice and hit Sakuraba Hiroshi I guess with a very high angle. I have to pause it for now, and I hope my mom doesn't exit out of it lol.


Good g-d. I played this waaaaaaay too much. 17769.59m. Um, yeah. And my max height was something over 400. I kid you not. If I could post the screen image of the end, I would. yeah, that was luck. and procrastination.


"Charge Blast" has the effect of giving you a "power boost" and powering you up when you hit a really slow, low moving, rate of movement. In other words it avoids "out of gas" as the second way of ending the game.


My record is 14489.99m

This game is addicting!


You can say that again, Andy. And nice score - I can't seem to get past 8,000. =(


As far as I can tell, the CFF's are not connected to the other girls specials, but come up randomly. The special bar can change, even for the guys, but hitting a guy will not trigger the CFF.


Beacon - the CFFs are indeed connected to the other girls' specials, here's how I believe it works:

After hitting Youko, she will block the next female character hit (if you should hit a male next, her block is used up, but she does nothing). If the next female character hit has her special lit, the special overrides the block and a Cosmic Force Field is activated.

The only thing I believe is random about this game is the sequence of characters along the play field; everything else follows specific rules of play.

Animana March 5, 2005 6:27 PM

I just had an amazing run of luck. I got two CFFs (Type A and C), landed on the girls a lot wihout bouncing on the ground, got lots and lots of specials, and used my aerials very strategically. I ended up getting a max height of 1253.84m, and my max distance wound up at 32049.70m. Check out these images. I'm quite amazed at my luck.



I just want to point out that the screen actually reads "Comic Force Field" (not "Cosmic") when that special feature is activated--though it's pretty clear that "cosmic" is intended. Just another way in which this bizarre game charms.


This is addicting. I didn't realize that I could use the Aerial buttons. The furthest I went without doing anything was 1240m. Now, I'll have to try out those extra buttons. hee hee hee!

Aaron Theos March 7, 2005 12:58 PM

this game kicks serious arse! My high score is 7029.50 m....damn you, Taichi, stop glomping Misato!!! >>

cypherpunk March 8, 2005 2:02 AM

"Charge Blast" will also give you second life if you hit Misato and she forces you to stop.


One more addition to the "Charge Blast" lore.

I figured out through an amazing combination of luck and some deft application of the downward aerial, that if you really charge up the "charge blast" and then get the "Parachute Death" special, the counter will be increased by 100 for every "charge" you previously had stored. I wound up with the counter keeping me floating above everyone for 300 ticks. Very nice for distance, indeed.

Charge blast also appears to add longevity to the "double" and "off the ground" G.F.F. effects.


Do you guys think there is a strategy at all in this game? Like most of the time I am moving soo fast that I cant strategize to use the arial down to hit a special or something


>>>>>"Do you guys think there
>>>>>is a strategy at all in this
>>>>>game? Like most of the time I am
>>>>>moving soo fast that I cant strategize
>>>>>to use the arial down to hit a
>>>>>special or something"

Here are some pointers.

1. First, realize that although the placment of the people is random, the specials themselves follow strict rules. The two "two-girl combo" specials always occur when those two girls are in sequence, and those two specials disappear the moment both girls are no longer on the screen at the same time. The "stop girl" special lights up WHENEVER you've hit any other girl (except for "block girl"), and goes away if you hit the ground or block-girl (its relit if you hit one of the other girls with specials, and is not extinguished if you hit the guys). The "sword girl" special lights up whenever you hit HER, and it stays lit even if you hit the ground or one of the guys, but disappears if you hit one of the girls.

2. Knowing the above rules, and knowing that the easiest way to "lose" the game is to hit "stop girl" without being able to activate her special, you must develop a strategy that limits the number of times you fall toward the ground "naked" -- i.e., in a situation where hitting stop girl will end the game. You are NOT naked if stop girl's special is lit, as its actually ideal to hit her when this happens as you can activate her special and get a hell of a boost. You are NOT naked if block girl has been hit and you haven't hit another girl (or guy) yet, since hitting "stop girl" at this point will either activate the C.F.F. (rare), or simply skip stop girl and let you keep playing. Finally, you are not naked if you've activated C.F.F. "charge boost" as hitting stop girl with that enabled will not end the game.

3. So, how do you avoid being "naked"? Through use of the downward aerial, that's how. And how do you know when to use it since everything moves so fast? Well, you use it in COMBINATION with hitting any of the characters. Why? Well because the lateral movement stops for a split second whenever you "hit" any character, special or not, and it stops for a long time if you hit and activate a special!

4. Here's what I mean: You're up in the air, so watch the altitude meter to know when you're about to "bounce" or "hit" -- when you do, if you hit a person, immediately look at the part of the screen that shows which characters are on the screen and which are "coming." Suppose you just hit "slowdown" guy, but you see during the split second of stop action that one of the three "good" girls is two characters away. If your "down" aerial is charged, you can learn to time its activation just right to catch her as you're rebounding from hitting slowdown guy. Result: You've hit a girl that activates "stop girl's" special, you've gotten a "boost", you won't be "naked" on the next fall downward, which maybe -- if you're lucky -- WILL drop you onto "stop girl" but with an opportunity to activate her special to great results.

5. Landing on and activating a "special" presents an even longer opportunity to check out the "who is coming" meter and engage in the skillful activation of the downward aerial. One great combo is to go for a "stop girl" special right as you're coming out of one of the "two girl" combos. They give you lots of time, and there's a "slowdown" right before you're launched upward that really lets you time your downward aerial. Moreover, since you just took a hell of a boost, and have also activated the "stop girl" special by hitting the combo, you can activate the "stop girl" special and get some SERIOUS forward momentum AND altitude.

6. Save your "upward aerials" for the situation where you've been able to "combo" into a stop girl special and she's propelled you to 200 meters up or more. Then activate ALL THREE upward aerials in a row by repeatedly clicking the moust button on your way down so that you are sure to activate Nanaca right as you get to the "zone" where this works. Each of the three upward aerials will seriously boost both forward momentum and altitude so that, eventually, you'll be flying at the fastest speed forward and over 300m high -- and all this with the "stop girl" special lit, since you will have gotten so high from her combo in the first place (which conveniently lights her special). Once in a blue moon, you'll come down from over 300 meters while doing this, and luck of luck, you'll hit "stop girl" and have a chance to activate her special, boosting you to well about 500 meters. This can result in some serious lateral progress.

7. Don't "play" for the Block Girl CFF specials. They're so rare and hard to activate that its not worth it. Moreover, although hitting "block girl" does keep you from being naked if your next hit happens to be "stop girl", the problem is that Block Girl lets everything else bad happen (i.e., guys can screw with your speed or angle), and almost nothing good happen. You will find that many "oh crap, I'm out of inertia" game endings result from hitting the "block girl" in combination with the guys.

8. Couple more hints. Use "low" quality graphics all the time. Even on the fastest computes, the lower quality graphics allow better refresh rates for the game and this lets your brain "see" what's going on a bit better.

9. Start the game with 90+ boost and less than 10 degrees of angle. It will generate some early "combo" opportunities in many cases.


this game is sick!!!
this is my record: http://img115.exs.cx/img115/2329/megarecord0ej.jpg


I just figured out that the "block girl" CFF specials are activated during the last 10 meters of every lateral 100 meters.

In other words if you hit "block girl" then watch your progress meter, you'll see that the "CFF" lights up and goes of exactly as the lateral progress goes through this range. I.e., from 790 to 800 meters it will be lit. From 890 to 900 it will be lit. From 5490 to 5500 it will be lit. So not only do you have to keep track of that, but you have to hit another girl right during this narrow frame.

No wonder they're so rare.

But strategically, this means you would want to pay close attention when you're going SLOW laterally (say, after an up angle guy) and possibly use your down aerial to crash a girl if it looks like you can do so within that last ten meters of a 100 meter block.


I just got a high score by getting a CFF special called boost bounce. Hitting this special makes it so that if you hit the ground it boosts you. I happened to hit an "Angle Up" right after getting this bonus and ended up getting to a height of 1700 meters. Crazy.

My score ended up around 27500. My best score before that was 11000.



Charge boost (type b) gives you a boost when you come to a stop .. not by the girl but lack of motion..


If you observe carfully, Misato doesn't force Taichi to stop. It is actually Taichi who is grabbing tightly onto her. hahaha

so what's the lowest you guys can get? mine is 2.84m


I just got CFF Type C, followed by two "Red Boost Girl" Triple Slash Specials in a row, followed by a "Blue Boost Girl" Combo Kick Special (the one seen on the top of the page)! I got 9869.91m, my new record! And my lowest score is 0.14m!


Been playing this a whole lot, top score 17789.96m. Really an incredible game. So much to keep track of, and while luck is a big factor, there's much one can do to manipulate it. A few things:

Is there really a maximum speed(mentioned by Gonzo)? I'm not sure there is.
This has probably become apparent to many, but it seems that the angle changing guy changes your angle to the opposite of how you are moving. If you have great horizontal movement, he will angle you up, and if you have great vertical movement he will angle down. He also seems to send you at a complimentary angle to your current trajectory. Thus, if you are REALLY going horizontally, then upon hitting him you will REALLY go vertically. However, if you are closer to a 45 degree angle, I believe he will affect you less.
I think Parachute Death Sentence sucks compared to the other CFFs. I haven't yet gotten A, but it seems that its fixed thousands of feet is nothing compared to what a bound boost or an "extra life" can do for you.
I wonder if the sequence is completely random. It seems that the combo girls happen very often, and it seems that the guys occur one after another often as well. Statistically, this should only happen 1/6th of the time. It seems like it's more like 1/3rd.

Personal tips:
Gonzo has a point about initially starting at less than 10 degrees. In fact, I always start at less than 5. I'll hit the first person, and if it's stopping girl or slowing guy, I'll start over(it's also pretty funny to get catapulted right into the girl's arms).
On that note, this may be personal preference, but try and stick with primarily horizontal movement. You will gain blue specials more often, thus gaining you more control, something you need to maximize in this game.
When using the blue boost in order to Special stopping girl, always use it a moment later than you want to. If you do it too early, you may bounce RIGHT before hitting her, eliminating the special.
If there's a time where you're questioning whether or not you should use a red special, don't use it. You'll know when you're going fast enough to warrant using it- I usually don't until the queue is moving so quickly that I can't accurately count it.


I always go for 0 degrees so I can get quick boosts. Although it is usually slowdown guy or angle up guy...


5520.2 after hitting Special Buttons. Need more practice.


Well the sequence of characters is actually *quite* random. I guessed it's randomised so that if you just got one character you can't have it after (you never see two of the same type in a row, do you?), and that its probability of apearing next is decreased. eg if red girl appears, she then has 1/100 chance of being the second next, 1/50 of being the second next and so on, while the others roughly have 1/10 (so that the total of probabilities make 1, of course) depending of their last appearance. OR it could be that if a char appears, it can't appear for the next 5 times or something.

Well, this is my guess. Randomised but with some rules. But in no way made to have blue/yellow combo appear on purpose.

PS : my best is roughly 9900 (I made two 9900+'s), I guess the 10 000 mark is a real threshold for me :'(


Got 34749.98 and a max altitude 1200m. I got the bound boost special, and I believe that the block girl is the difference between a 5k-round and a 30k-round. Its all about receiving a little blessing from mrs. fortuna.


wow yall are good my highest score is a measly 1820

Jerry Hunt March 28, 2005 6:51 PM

I got a score mainly by skill ... but with a good share of good fortune.... check it.


The score in final after getting two slow downs and an angle up and rolling to a stop was 29686.44 meters.

The scren shots started because I got this wierd power up and i hit the screen shot command... which in Mac, allows you to make a PDF of the shot instantly... and when it kept getting better and better highlights, I took more shots. That's why this is not a fake... I have the original PDF's if anyone wants to verify.


Wow 3839 i turned gold and weird stuff but i stopped on a girl.... still going fast


Nice luck there, Jerry Hunt. I couldn't get all that stuff if I tried :(


I came a little late to the party, but I just checked out version 3 of the hacked versions of nanaca crash, and it's a Misato hack. Simply put, her special and Miki's special are always on. If you pay attention, you will never be stopped by Misato and get boosted in the process.

I'm not terribly fond of the other two versions, because while they ramp up the power of kicks tremendously, they also make the game rather dull, especially when you have Taichi some 3000m in the air waiting for him to come down. It can take forever.

But if you want a somewhat easier game that's just as engaging, get nanaca-special3.swf above.


Traveller - it's never too late to play this excellent game. I keep coming back to it myself. And I don't really prefer the hacked versions, call me a purist, but I like the game as originally designed. =)

Shagrath April 6, 2005 1:01 AM

dang, some of you guys that are getting way higher than that are hella good at this game. it is addicting... and thats putting it very mildly. good thing im on break right now...

Bruce Lee April 12, 2005 6:07 PM

This game is too addictive. I got 11779.57 on it. i know ppl hav got higher, but im still happy :):):)

Conor Arkins April 13, 2005 4:38 AM

14809.87 :D Hows that :) I got that cosmic forcefield thing that gives ya a 'boost' everytime ya hit the ground, so i was doing like 450m high bounces. was crazy!

leraikha April 19, 2005 8:34 AM



9,324.60... got no work done today.. but had a blast, i would LOVE to know what those cute little girls are screaming as they hit you, they are hilarious...


I believe at least one of them says: "Gambatte!"

Gambatte is an all-purpose slogan used to express sympathy for someone in difficult circumstances.


Hmmmm, my best is 27,500, I am going to make a Picture diary on my website. Also a godd strategy is to get a good start (40-50 Degrees, 90-100% power) use 1 upwards Arial, then as you come back down start clicking rapidly, you should use 1up, 1 down then 1 more up, and you will go flying.


Josh - scores like that are hard to believe. I have played this game *a lot*, and I know that scores of over 10,000 are very rare. Over 20,000 and I'd highly suspect cheating. Close to 30,000 - no friggin way.

There are lots of hacked versions floating around so a picture really isn't worth much.


Back when the game was relatively new, I saw some people getting scores that high. I saw one that was around 30,000 and a few that were around 20,000, but it seems like it was too early for cheating. Oh well. My favorite picture was when the game totally freaked out on someone and just threw the game's images everywhere.

Given Josh's opening strategy, which is to waste all the game's goodwill without depending on specials, I think he's using a hack, although he might not know it.


I beat "Parachute of Death Sentance Rocks'" record. Here is a record for you 0.00! you can do it with 90-89 degrees and a power of 1% good luck. I have the picture to prove it. My distance record is only 14549.56! haven't joined the 15000 club yet! I am researching what i call "Color Grouping" I want to know if there is any validity to characters coming out in "groups" like: what I have seen before (red, then blue, yellow) ( Brown, Lblue, and Purple) If anyone else has research on this please post it. Everyones help has been on point and usefull so far. Thx. This game kicks Arse!


Does anyone have the ability or know how on how to obtain a game editor for this game. Personaly I would like to manipulate certain atributes and see there outcome. any information is helpful.


This game is great 5/5! It is a great way to ease frustration. I've gotten nine thousand so far. My friends and I are hooked!

milladux May 6, 2005 6:14 PM

ive gotten 11889.60 meters!!! this game is so much fun


Its actually not all that hard to get to the 20s and 30s, one night mid exams we got bored and manage to get the bounce effect around 12000 or so, then got bored of the game and went back to studying and just left it running. We came back a short while later out of curiosity and found it up around 22000 or so, all that without even trying!!!

SoloShinigami May 16, 2005 6:55 PM

GAH! I wanna know what Miki's speacial looks like!! I've seen all of them but her's!! >


can someone make a hacked game that plays the same as nanaca-crash but every time the guy gets hit, blood spews (like penguin extreme)? that would be awesome...


Ok played this game for days on end... My FINAL score is 4259.76. I give up, although I have to say nice game Jay!

Anthony May 18, 2005 12:16 PM

I got the best score ever 1507.56m. I got the bounce thing and just worked it. I colud have kept going if i wasnt so shocked.

Ive got the screen photo if you want to see the proof


This game is a great way to pass the time at work during slow periods. My high score thus far is 8460.38m and a maximum height of 250.3m.




I just got an unbeatable score of 26 017.72m...


I found out about this game over four months ago and I keep coming back to it. It's just so awesome.


In case anyone hasn't figured it out, here's the trick to getting the Comic Force Fields....they activate on every 10th person you zoom by from the start of the game. So if you hit Youka, and she's the 417th person you've sent Taichi sailing past (nice shot!), you'll get a C.F.F. opportunity 3 people later, then every 10 after that.


Now I just got 3733.35


I had a score of 41249.45 meters about a week ago and I can guarantee these kinds of scores are truly possible.

I have a job which allows me to use at least half of my workhours just browsing the Internet or playing neat flash games. Over the last couple of months a great deal of that time has been wasted playing Nanaca-crash (v106). So, I have a lot of experience of this game.

Until this score, my high scores were about 18K and 21K. One of my colleagues had gotten a score of 28K so I had to beat him, right? ;-)

An influential part of this score was having "Charge blast", charging (hitting the girls) it about ten times and then getting a "Bound boost" while STILL HAVING the "Charge blast".
Usually the "Bound boost" lasts about 6-7 hits to the ground but using this stunt it was at least doubled (sorry, I didn't start counting early enough)...

Someone mentioned earlier that "Charge blast" boosted the "Parachute Death Sentence" but it seems that the "Charge blast" really boosts up every other CFF.

Of course, success in this game depends mostly of luck and a few well placed "blue aerials". I doubt that I will have this kind of score again in months even if I wasted all my waking hours trying. That thought has seriously reduced my time playing Nanaca-crash. Thank god. =)

I could have uploaded the screenshot of my score and posted a link to it but... I could always have fabricated the picture or I could have played a hacked version of the game.
The picture proves nothing so what's the use?
I tried a hacked version once but as someone mentioned earlier, it's far too easy and the challenge is just not there anymore.

Last notes and good starting tip: In the last weeks I used a 25-27 degree angle and 96-100% speed at the start.
Using those values "Taichi" mostly hits the person at 70 meters and if it is "Youko" (the Block girl), wait till "Taichi" is at 83-84 meters and press "blue aerial". "Taichi" then lands straight onto the person at 100 meters and IF it happens to be a girl, generates a CFF.
That's a lot of if's and it's not easy to get those starting values even 50% of the time but it's surprising how good you get with the timing with practise...

That's it. Good luck and have a life outside Nanaca too... ;-)


my record is 11319.78

pluBBen June 30, 2005 1:21 PM

got 43729.8m =D, height 2918.08m=D=D..
there u go... pwnd

Preston July 4, 2005 10:58 PM

I must be a complete moron, but I have absolutely no clue what is going on in this game. I know how to send my guy initially flying. I know that if I click and hold or click enough times she will fly in and boost me 3 times or crash into me until that little percentage replenishes assumingly random choice on which she does. I know that one girl stops me unless I click, that that evil, evil little man slows me, and one of them changes my angle, and if you hit and click at random 4 or 5 girls, they gang up on you and send you really flying, and I know that Wednesday's child is full of woe, but could someone explain to me, an apparent idiot, what exactly it is I am supposed to be doing in this thing?



Preston - you're supposed to see how far you can make Taichi fly. It's all about the final distance, so attempts to maximize elements that will make him travel farther is in your best interest with this game.

For example, suppose you start off and get lucky by hitting a couple of the girls' specials right off. Now let's say you're traveling at quite a clip and reaching, oh, say 250m high. Now would be a good time to teleport Nanaca in by clicking when the "Aerial" light turns red (just when Taichi is nearing the ground

Preston July 6, 2005 3:24 PM

Thanks Jay. I made it to around 8,000 but can get no further.

For a game where I am pretty much watching random characters fly by the screen while I wait on some poor schmuck to come plummeting back to earth, it is strangely addictive.

I feel sort of sorry for the kid. He's just standing there, minding his own business, then Nanaca slams into him on her bike, sending him flying.

On top of that, every time he tries to land on someone for help, they beat the crap out of him before sending him right back into the air. Unless of course he ends up trapped by Misato (who, in my opinion, desperately needs a restraining order filed against her).

I guess I can't feel too sorry for him. He is wearing a flubber dowsed suit afterall.

Thanks again for the help Jay and the site.


lol, Preston - that's a funny way of looking at it. =)


This game is really pretty. I'm Italian I like Nanaca Crash. Why the characters crashed off Taichi. Crash!!


this game is sooo cool, shame i suck at it my highest score so far is 1632.10m, im not very good but the music is cool and i think taichi looks kinda strange when he is sent off flying


my best is 7839.59!!! i beat the top score on this page. weird but unusally good game.


hi just wanted to say i got to 6479.77 meters ^_^ its fun !!


I just got the comic force field type b : charge blast (i think i hit the red girl) and i turned red, and then the next girl i hit was the green girl (the one that makes you stop) without being "clothed" and it said stop, but then the stop disappeared and there was a big boom and i was flying again... O.o i wasnt red nemore but it said comic force field right before i got launched back up so cool lol i got to 13,286 on that run O.o my best score yet


you know what? this is an awsome game, but I can't help but to think, Poor Taichi lol


Marquee K August 12, 2005 10:11 AM

I haven't played this game in a while but I mangaed to just get over 20,000 once. I landed some (very) lucky combos and at one point I was more than 1000m in the air :) Took me a while to come back down! Some records I found elsewhere were ridiculous (as with most Flash games)

BluesKirby August 23, 2005 10:05 PM

Waii~This is fun!
My highest score is about 8000 or something.
Try making the angle as low as possible,since the only trouble is contact with Misako instantly.


w00t~! Finally broke 4000~! XD Still, I couldn't have made my newest record of 4139.99m without Misato-san's special. XD This game RAWKS~!


oh wow, memories. I remember discovering this site in 2004 and spamming it anonymously.

This game brings back memories of days wasted away trying to get a high score, and trying to find another game to play to make me feel better about not getting said high score. It eventually got to the point that its now 2010, and I still suck :P

Nekofire May 30, 2011 3:08 AM

I got 419.49 I love this game


i'm not syaing i'm the best, but my high score is now 17230.31m. first time i'd ever gotten two green specials in a row by luck


There's an app for Android and iOS now!!


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