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While jetpacks are the futuristic invention people traditionally desire, for me I've always wanted a laser cannon... for entirely peaceful purposes, of course. I mean, they just have so many uses around the house: hedge-trimming, apple-coring, and causing the cartoonish demise of annoying critters. It is the latter that Laser Cannon 2, the new physics puzzler from Max Derevyagin and team, focuses on. A shade sadistic in concept? Perhaps, but if the creatures didn't want to be laser-blasted, then they shouldn't look so much like Furbies.

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Nice one. I guess some of the levels would have been much more trying (and maybe even annoying) if you're trying to get the best score, but for a casual half-an-hour just-beat-the-levels game it's just cool.


Anonymous June 7, 2011 2:03 PM

Pros:Moving the laser.
Power shots to get past annoying breaking wood.

Cons: Inherits annoying wood-breaking physics from the first game.
Video walkthrough.


That was fun. The levels were pretty easy (and I'm not particularly good at this type of game) but the polish - graphics, animation, and controls - were really nice.

like bioLarzen said, a nice way to kill a few minutes.


I just played the first installment. This part #2 is a definite step forward IMHO. The moving cannon is a great addition, as is the turbo shot.

The levels are also better designed.



Getting a three star ranking on each level isn't enough to get the top score. To do this you need to get a score of 350 per level which generally means using one less shot than is needed to get three stars.


Hmm. Looks like a nitrome game.


Is it me, or do all the "enemies" in this game resemble stereotypes of Indians, Africans, etc.?

Combined with the shiny high tech cannon, it seems uncomfortably like a symbolic reenactment of the conquest and genocide of indigenous people.

Sigh. Racism isn't always a conscious choice, you know. Sometimes, people do it without realizing.

ajslama June 9, 2011 1:49 AM

Joey, it's obviously just you. People who see racism in something as ridiculous as blowing up Furby-looking creatures obviously have underlying issues with race of their own that they need to deal with.

On the lighter side, I liked the game. Kind of short, but not bad. I guess I didn't do too well, seeing as I only got one "congratulation" at the end, rather than "congratulations"


2 Joey,

Hi, I'm an author of this game. I'm from Russia, and I don't see Indians and Africans here:) If you see the genocide in the game - it's your idea. I have no racial hatred.


I dunno, the dreadlocks, big hoop earrings, feather headdresses and mohawks don't seem like stereotypical adornments to you guys? I can see where Joey is coming from, though I find it hard to get too upset about this game when there's more brazenly racist stuff like Pocket God out there.

HotChillie June 10, 2011 5:06 PM

I see wondered, why are we slaughtering these creatures? It's okay if it was like Fragger which was taking out terrorists (though they seem idle and friendly).


Interesting. I would suggest that those various adornments are more considered stereotypical of the dominant perspectives of wildness/savages. Certainly the fact that specific races have, in the past, been depicted as savage makes the use of said adornments on non-human creatures not altogether untroubling. However, aren't these entirely appropriate for creatures that are, in fact wild animals? I guess the real question is how do you make a non-human creature look wild/savage without resorting to human stereotypes? Or is that even a fair standard? Open question.


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