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Designed to be played whenever you have a spare minute, this casual simulation tasks you with building and expanding your own kingdom from the ground up in real time. Though it does have optional microtransactions, piles of bonuses, special events, things to create, and more, it offers a ton of things to do without spending a dime and boasts a gorgeous design to boot.

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If you value your sanity and your wallet, do not play this game. Money wise, you're fine up until you hit level 50 or so, that's when every starts to go wrong. Most people above lvl 50 are either ruby buyers or those under the protection of ruby buyers. But that is not the worst of it.

The absolutely most despicable thing about this game are the people that play it. EVERY. SINGLE. BIG ALLIANCE is full of nothing but bullies who make you set up your stuff their way if you want to be a part of their alliance. I switched to a big alliance yesterday and when it was moving toward them telling me how to play my game, I firmly, but politely explained that I do not take kindly to dictatorship and that I had no problems leaving. The leader called me mouthy and "nicely" said "play my way or gtfo". You can't swear or even call someone an idiot in a message.

Not only that, but most of them follow a set of imaginary rules that new players couldn't possibly know about, such not attacking outposts. (Long story, short, I was harassed and had to move my castle halfway across the map.) Many of them do not follows their own rules. One of my outposts was attacked yesterday by a player 20 lvls ahead of me. It had 160ish, attacking, not defending, ATTACKING soldiers in it and he sent over 1,200. I messaged him a couple of times and told him to "grow up" after he respond like a child. He then attacked BOTH of my other two outposts. At this point, I'm done with this ridiculous game.

There is absolutely no honor, dignity, or sportsmanship in this game. If you do anything, ANYTHING, that a strong player doesn't like, they will have no problem making sure you know about it... by burning your castles to the ground.

Obviously, those who spend real money on the game should have a slight advantage, but the way this game is set up, you will absolutely NOT get much passed lvl 50 if you don't spend money on it. There are constant pop-ups trying to get you to buy rubies for rewards and they don't have ANYWAY for free users to earn some stronger stuff like most games do.

I give this game 2 years before it ends up shutting down. My little area of the map has lost a lot of players and I know it's happening in the rest of it too. This is because of all that I mentioned above and in my original comment. At some point in the near future, there will pretty much only be lvl 70 players who sit around doing nothing because they can't win any battles against players their own strength. That will lead to a sharp decline in goodgame's income because no one will need to buy many rubies since they won't be doing much. I've seen it happen before and it's happening here. More proof, I've noticed in the last couple of months that they're pushing players even harder to buy rubies than they did when I started. If that's not evidence that Empire is already swirling the drain, I don't know what is.

I'm posting this on every review site for Empire I can find.


Absolutely terrible! This game is full of bugs, has severe lags disrupting game play several times every day, and drops your connection out of nowhere.
Customer service is extremely poor. Their staff is rude to the customers accusing them of lying and attempting to cheat the system when they ask for things lost due to lags and bugs. There is no support on weekends, there have been several people who haven't gotten responses at all to tickets, and it averages a week to get a response. Even then, most often the expect proof they know we can not come up with. We do not screenshot our every move!

There is a HUGE gab between the paying customers and the average player. Paying customers can buy advantages that are impossible for the average person to defend against.

Players are leaving in droves. Do not waste your time on this one. You will be sorry and wanting your time back.

0/10 for GGE Empire


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