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Flash Cat is the new racing game from Nitrome with twisting tracks in stylish 3-D, angry aliens and roadblocks to trip you up, and a mechanized spider-like creature as your vehicle. Race across eighteen tracks, twisting and turning as you go, while jumping over barriers that block your way. Keep watch for aliens and air ducts, as they aim to thwart your pursuit of victory!

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Not bad. My biggest complaint is the somewhat confusing control for jumping / powerups. You press up to "hop", but you press space to "mega bounce". This caused me problems when I had to decide if I was "hopping" or "bouncing", or firing pellets!

I think with a better control scheme, say space for hopping, jumping, and the turbo boost, and a different button for firing weapons, it would have been easier.

Also, I kept pressing UP thinking it would speed up the spider-bike, and that often caused me to lose control/traction/whatever.

Also, with no checkpoints, and as mentioned, effectively no instructions, I got too tired of replaying the beginning of a level. Like most Nitrome games, it looks great, and I want to enjoy it more, but it gets too frustrating to play more than the first 5-10 levels.

Looks pretty amazing for Flash, though.


So, is this Nitrome's first 3D-esque game? Interesting concept, but right now I'm on level seven and getting a little frustrated starting over again and again and again. It's nearly impossible to dodge bullets which is annoying.

soloiceowl January 21, 2009 5:02 PM

Ok, the game is great. First 3d Nitrome game, I think. I like it. However, on some Nitrome games like this and final ninja, the controls get stuck. Imagine my supprise when I am about to complete a track and my caterpillar keeps going to the right or left. I know all I need to stop this is to click the button again but, it gets me angry. Is it just my laptop or does this happen to everyone?


I love Nitrome!
But, this game could have been greater with better controls and especially with better colors.
Hopefully, I'll get used to the controls, bored of playing over and over the same levels as mentioned.


Hey, this is the first 3D Nitrome game! Good going Nitrome!

fuzzyface January 21, 2009 5:19 PM

Did I just see a 3d flash game? note flash, not shockwave... wow. Thats something seldom.

Other than that, as racing sim... its okay, nothing exceptional in either good or bad. However personally racing never was my thing, don't know why.

Boston Gamer January 21, 2009 5:24 PM

Although the 3D effects are laughable, it's strangely compelling. Reminds me of Super Nintendo or Sega Genesis attempts at racing, like F-Zero!

Also, the learning curve is definitely unforgiving, but at least the continues are limitless.

Danielnator1 January 21, 2009 5:54 PM

Your Welcome.


I tried to spot the similarities between this and Fat Cat. There's quite a few (I could list them, but it might not be very interesting), but the cat is orange this time.
This game is just as good as Fat Cat, even though it is quite a different concept; I'm all for racing games with good visuals and decent programming.

soloiceowl, it happens often on Level 15, as you have to 'veer' quite a lot. I think the bug takes a while to change direction anyway, even more so when it is travelling strongly in one direction.

When I was playing it, I didn't think it was 3D at all until I came here. I knew it seemed different. What I like is that it still looks Nitrome-y, despite the '3D-ness'.

waycooler January 21, 2009 9:22 PM

Wow. Totally made me think Mode-7. As in SNES racers/flyers Super Mario Kart, F-Zero, and Star Fox. Like, If you compare the graphics to F-Zero, there's a bit more on the track than edges and other racers this time, but it's still 2D sprites moving along a pseudo-3D track.

I am also one to whom Nitrome games tend to get hard fast, and I give up after the first few levels, for the most part. My biggest problem with this one was simply that your spider's steering is a bit soft. I try to turn, and it turns, then I try to turn the other way fast, because, i.e. I overshot a landing, and it doesn't turn very fast, and I miss and die, and have to restart. Not a fan of games where you have to completely restart a level just for dying, with exceptions.


I didn't really notice that it was 3-D until I read the review. It still looks like Nitrome's style, so I didn't see the difference.

I like it, I'd say a 8.5 / 10 for me. =)


I'm worried. This game, like fat cat, has a ridiculous difficulty. It just seems like most other Nitrome games haven't been like this, but bomba, fat cat and flash cat have presented a change at the company.

I loved frost bite 2 though.


Somehow Nitrome games begin to lose the artsy way. I mean, they are nicely done and the graphics are great, but they lack the "extra things" that make a game memorable.

Every game is like, "Unique idea executed in a set amount of levels." They lack the funny.

Patreon Crew SonicLover January 22, 2009 8:22 AM

Just out of curiosity, why was this game rated yellow? I don't see any blood or suggestive themes in it...


why are nitrome so good. They have come up with ANOTHER brilliant game. im stuck on level 10.


to all the music writers at nitrome. this is another brilliant musical piece. All the songs should be released on a CD i think


"I'm worried. This game, like fat cat, has a ridiculous difficulty. It just seems like most other Nitrome games haven't been like this, but bomba, fat cat and flash cat have presented a change at the company."

Eh, this game isn't so much difficult as getting the hang of each part of certain levels until you can pull them all off together. Hot Air, Nitrome's first, remains, I believe, the hardest. I passed Flash Cat in a day, Hot Air probably took a week or so of effort.

Anonymous January 22, 2009 1:38 PM

Got a hang of it pretty quickly
The key is to realize your spider does a lot of bouncing every time you jump and land. It's a little tough with the 3D graphics, but after a while knowing when you're still bouncing makes the landings much easier.
As far as Nitrome racing goes, it's nowhere near as frustrating as Flipside can be on occasion.


This game is great. Nitrome does it again. I'm currently on level 13 and it just keeps getting better.

Tripudelops January 23, 2009 10:48 AM

great game nitrome! i beat it the same day i started it. the only problem i had was that on level 15 the controlls stuck every now and then, but it was only every 5th try or so. too bad that there aren't more levels. tha last one was really fun.

luckie starr January 23, 2009 3:55 PM

soloiceowl - i think its just laptops that get thier keys stuck - it happen with my laptop but not my comp... anyway, its a nice game but i find the controls a bit stodgy if you know what i mean...


Just finished the game, easier then other comments and the first few levels made it out to be. I liked it. Go nitrome1


I finally beat it. This game was great but I wish there was more levels.


Flash 10 game count: 2.

Doom 1 and Flash cat are finally utilizing 3D, a feature of Flash 10, to get to higher levels of gaming.


Except this game runs fine on Flash 9...

strayerrrr January 28, 2009 5:41 PM

While I do like this game, I agree that Nitrome's games' difficulties are getting a little aggravating. Regardless, I still LOVE their games.

By the way, I'm stuck on level 3. I guess I should put this under a spoiler.

I can't get past the jump where you're supposed to use the Turbo. No matter when I use it, I always hit the wall! Any suggestions?


I think very good about it. is their next game FlashDog or what?! xD

I'm on lvl 5 now and i have to say: WHOHOOO!


Hey! Just want to say, very cool game. However, I've been trying to beat lvl 4 for the past 3 days!!! The bug keeps randomly veering off the sides of the track.
Strayerrrr, lvl 3:

Try using the Turbo before the blue arrow-thingies! :)

Anyway, very nice game and interesting graphics!

strayerrrr January 30, 2009 5:40 PM

thankss! :]
now i'm on level 15! haha. now that i've gotten the hang of it, it's alot easier.

strayerrrr January 31, 2009 12:52 PM

WOOT! (sorry for double-posting)
i just beat the game! it was totally awesome.
and level 18 was totally stellar. :]]]


Can't beat level 1! (yes, I'm that stupid). But then again, I rarely ever play at Nitrome.

nitromefan February 7, 2009 9:22 PM

Hey luckie starr. It happened on the Mac in my house, so it's harder. Still got to level 11 and I keep dying because of it.


Stuck on level 7... I love this game!


i beat the game and i liked it! I didnt notice it was 3d, though. the last level was very easy. Here is a tip: save your mega-bounces, because you might fall off the track a few times.


It's obviously a caterpillar he is riding not a spider.


Well, I thought it was decent. I'm on Level 10. It gets really hard once you get past the scattered tracks bit.

And for Visitor on Level 1:

Just jump when you have to, and at the right time. Don't give up!


Stuck on level 17, please help


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