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Flagstaff: Chapter Two

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4.4/5 (69 votes)

Flagstaff remains more about the silly story and casual pace than about seriously challenging veteran RPG players, but the design is cute and distinctive, the heroes all have interesting and balanced powers, and the pace is perfect for a light bit of dungeon crawling. Chapter Two builds on the promise of Chapter One, and tantalizes for the next installment of the Flagstaff series.

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Flagstaff Chapter 2: Tips and Tricks


  • In my opinion, the most useful character. A well-built ranger can kill a sauceror in one turn, before enemies get a chance to attack.

  • Upgrade to two actions a round soon. You'll be able to take advantage of extra attacks more often since you can attack at range.

  • Increasing speed and line of sight will also help you get more attacks.

  • Sometimes you can get away with moving the Ranger to within shooting range, firing, and retreating, without the bad guys ever following you.

  • Point Blank Shot doesn't seem particularly useful, since the melee oriented classes can protect you from having to fight in melee.


  • The wizard is sort of like the ranger, with several utility powers in place of higher damage. Many of the tips for the Ranger apply to the wizard as well.

  • Of the unique powers, I found Sleep was most useful, especially when facing multiple saucerors.


  • Does the most damage, but only at melee range.

  • Upgrading hit points and the Block power will make the knight more durable. It is often a good idea to put the knight on the front lines, where he will attract the most attacks.

  • Taunt doesn't seem like a particularly useful power, as proper positioning means that enemies will most likely attack the knight anyway.

  • The spin attack power is pretty useful. Remember to move the knight to where he can take advantage of it.


  • The new character. The king is mostly melee based, and can be used as a backup knight.

  • Royal Command is excellent. I often used it with the Ranger, to gain up to three ranged attacks in a round.


  • The healer. After the ranger, she is the most important character to give extra actions a round to, so she can heal multiple characters in a round, or heal a particularly wounded character twice.

  • Righteous is a nice power to get a little extra healing.

  • Smite is useful to give the Priestess something to do in case no healing is necessary, though its damage and range are limited.

General tips

  • Enemies won't attack you or move towards you unless they see you, and won't seek you out.

  • Saucerors are more important to kill than guards, as they can attack at range, and can attack multiple targets at once.

  • Saucerors can also teleport, so you can't count on your melee characters to have more than one round to kill them.

  • You can end a level once you find the exit, or once you get the message that you have killed all enemies. When you start a new leve, your party is at full health.

Boss fight

  • Get rid of the saucerors first. It won't take too long, and you can focus on Attila without worrying about extra magical damage.

  • Attila can only attack in melee, so get the ranged characters out of his way.

  • Attila deals a lot of damage, but it's nothing the priestess can't heal in one round.

  • Attila has a spin attack like the knight, but the priestess's Heal All power should take care of any damage dealt.

  • Put the king and knight in melee with Attila, have the wizard and ranger attack at range, and keep the priestess on healing detail.


It's 'sauceror', not 'saucier', by the way. ;)

It looks like your best bet, early on, is to get the +1 action add-on for most of your group, and emphasize the cleric's healing powers (especially now that she has a resurrection power). Every turn you can heal away the damage done to your party is one turn the enemy just wasted.

Love the cut-scene dialogue, by the way.

Anonymous May 3, 2011 9:04 PM

If you want it to be slightly challenging, try it without buying the 2x action for any of them. Otherwise, it becomes way too easy to win even splitting the team into two or three. The wizard especially is powerful enough to win the game by herself (with knight and king giving some bonus actions). That said, it has improved from the last chapter, and it's cute and silly dialogue and artwork allow it to be enjoyable for all ages.


I agree with opinions I've seen here and there that the game is quite fun but too easy and a little short. Well worth a look though, especially if you like puns. :)

chibidani May 7, 2011 2:27 PM

I really hate that I can't toggle "move all" off like I could in the first chapter. This is making me VERY frustrated.

Otherwise I'm enjoying it a lot. It's cute and fun and a good diversion :)

Angelade May 8, 2011 1:09 AM

I feel like this episode was a lot shorter than the first (only 6 floors?)... but I'm definitely looking forward to the release of the subsequent episodes! :D


I found the knight a very usefull character in the first game as 2x 8 damage would destroy anything in the game. Now, however, he is only really usefull as a tank (with the shield ability). The kings attack starts at only 5 damage, but it is a very strong investment to upgrade it, as it becomes 10 and then a whopping 15 damage(paired with 2x moves, he can kill anything except the boss in one turn). The Mage has more support abilities like confuse but I still find the least useful character. In the first game,smite was a worthy investment, but in this chapter, there may be enough healing to keep the priestess ocupied the whole time, and smite would be pretty much useless unless you upgraded to level 2 or 3. The ranger is also not as usefull as in the first game. Point blank sucks, as it does 8 damage, when the normal shot can be upgraded to do 10, so there really isnt a point to it. I felt they should have kept skeletons, and make huge groups of them, like 10 or so. That may just be me.

LuckyDee May 17, 2011 2:04 PM

Wow, it delivers: the changes since chapter 1 are very subtle, but close to greatness. I did stop using the move-all altogether, which could do with a quick peek at Baldur's Gate (sorry, I've been out of the loop for a bit), the wizard indeed needs improvement though, and I wouldn't be averse to a bit more of a challenge either. Besides this, the characters are generally balanced better, I like the sense of humour, and the graphics work really well to combine this with the true dungeon-crawling experience.

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