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Decision is a polished zombie action-defense hybrid from Fly Anvil, and it's a bloody good time. A cool, if slightly repetitive, mixture of serious horror, logistical strategy, frenetic action, and low-key parody, Decision shows that the undead can still pack serious punch.

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Hmmm... the game isn't working for me. After I click "Play", I see the guy shoot the zombie, and then it fades to black. Nothing shows up after that. The mouse is visible, and I can hear some things if I move it around and click, but I can't tell if anything is happening.

I'm using Chrome in Windows 7.


Hi Rob, I just tested on a Windows 7 system with Chrome (17.0.963.79) and I didn't experience the same thing you did. Here are a couple things to check:

  • Make sure your Chrome is up-to-date.

  • Make sure you don't have 2 enabled Flash plug-in files:

    1. Type "about:plugins" in the address bar

    2. Click on "+Details" in the top right portion of the Plug-ins screen

    3. Scroll down to the Flash listing

    4. If you see "(2 files)" next to Flash, then try disabling the older version of the plug-in, the one without "Google\Chrome\Application" as part of its location path. The 2 plug-ins may be causing a conflict for some reason.

    5. Restart Chrome and reload the game.


I haven't played Decision yet, but I thought I should just mention that while there's been a recent spate of zombie games, we ought not to forget some of the most famous classics of zombie games, Half Life and Resident Evil. If it hadn't been for those, I wonder if there would be any zombie Flash games nowadays. But I've definitely noticed that in the past couple years there have been tons of Flash zombie games. At this point I'm hoping to someday see a new one that takes the best elements of these games and expands on them. From what I've personally played I think that Rebuild, The Last Stand and Shattered Colony: The Survivors are the best of them (I played Sonny but I'm not much of a fan). In particular I'd love to see the strategy elements much improved.

Now to see where Decision stands.


I [decided] to play. :D


They really got the mood right in this zombie game, I like it. Just beat it yesterday; it was a satisfying experience and I'm looking forward to playing the sequel (which I heard is already in the works).

It's not without bugs though. In Firefox, restarting a level immediately after death kills the sound for the rest of the game. To get around this, one needs to choose to go back to the map instead of restarting the level straight away. When the level is loaded from the main map, everything is fine.

If anyone'd like to see the final level and bossfight, I've made a video here:


I played for two evenings in a row: 85% progress and no more places to go. Now what?

I cleared all areas (six in total), I've got all the weapons and upgrades, achievements 13 out of 24 (but I checked if an achievement is adding something to the progress, but that didn't count), upgraded all towers and factories (brings me 15.000 coins a day, already have 133.180 coins (nothing more to buy), so all good I'd say.

But what about the 85% progress? What do I have to do to get 100%?

On the map two more area seem visible, but nothing happens, nothing even when all the other areas are checked the green 'tick'.


Okay, missed an assault position. Apparantly you have to do at least one time this level...

New level available!


This is an entertaining game but the grammar and making sense in general of a lot of the text leaves so much to be desired. Some might argue it's not important in a game, but I bet it's not just me who finds it grating.


Zombie games are right up my alley. I am a big fan of The Last Stand series.

Hawken89 March 28, 2012 7:09 PM

This game is pretty fun until the end.. they couldve made the boss fight way more intense and atleast show some credits or ultimate prize after defeating him. Instead they bring you back to the map page. I didn't know it was the end untill only after I watched Decision youtubevids to see that region 7 was actually the last region. It was so unclear and moreover unfulfilling.

Hawken89 March 28, 2012 7:13 PM

Ow wait I take that back I see that you can completely cure the regions! I havn't done that yet.. lets see if theres credits shown afterwards or something :D

Hawken89 March 28, 2012 8:44 PM

Alright finally finished the game completely. And I was pleasantly surprised by the ending. Not a lot of thoughts about what he said though. So taking all into consideration.. I had a fun time. Couple downsides were that the game was too intense and lacks resting moments. Therefore killing zombies becomes numbing and less enjoyable. A little too much action for my taste.


can any one tell me watt thay thank the best tower setup is cus i vana test it and see watt is realy tha best and then i will tell you watt i thank is the best and then you can give me your openion please and sorry for bad spelling im iclandik and not realy good at englis speling so sorry :)


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