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Cyptograma has to be the most appealing interface to a cryptographic puzzle that I have ever seen. The game features quotes and phrases to decrypt from famous people, and are available in either English or Español. Each puzzle is in the form of a simple substitution cipher in which each letter of the phrase is substituted with a symbol. It is up to you to figure out the letter that each symbol corresponds to.

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O dear... somethin else to make me feel ridiculous when i cant do it hehe


*Rubs hands together in glee*


oo oo oo i lied... was simpler than i expected... well that first one was :/ lol


Apostrophes make for dead giveaways most times. Small words are a bit trickier, but they're still good starting points.


Definitely a great interface. The bright colors and the symbols definitely make the puzzle seem very friendly. I really like the fact that the background colors change when you input a letter - it provides a subtle difference between those which you have entered and those which you have not.

Overall, in my 'ideal' cryptogram-solving tool, it would have a couple of additional tools, such as 'lock this letter', 'reveal this letter', and a choice to toggle skipping over filled letters. However, I really enjoy the clean interface this provides, and I know that adding any of these would make it significantly more cluttered.
Kudos to Alicia Ramirez!


Smart, clear, simple to use. Certainly makes you think about word structure.
Absolutely love it!

And it's very nice to see some thoughtful phrases have been used, not popular soundbites from alleged celebrities.


Heh, first quote I got is my all time favorite one by Albert Einstein:
"There are two things that are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not so sure about the former"


An excellent game, but I must admit that it's very tricky and you will probably have to try the hint button quite a lot. Attempt to pick out the vowels!


you feel pretty good when you get one without using hints or anything.


Nifty game! I found that getting one or two hints at the very beginning makes it go well -- still challenging but I'm not just making semi-blind guesses.


This is awesome!


I'd like it better if, when you click on a symbol, all the same symbols light up. That makes it a bit easier to find patterns.

schteeeven October 1, 2006 10:53 PM

it'd be a bit more interesting if the author of the quote was included as a part of the puzzle. knowing the author sometimes serves as a hint as to what kind of words may be used, so it may be more challenging to the puzzle as a whole. but then again, if you can guess the author first then you got a few letters to start with.


I know it's an old game, but I only just found it.

The quotations by Ambrose Bierce are hard! But other than that I love it. Very simple and lots of fun.

Sylocat July 11, 2008 4:58 AM

This game is one of the greatest and most addicting on the sites, but there is just one major annoyance: The game does not keep track of which quotes it has already given you, so you wind up playing the same one several times while waiting for a new one to show up. Yes, you can just hit "New Game," but it's still something annoying.

If she could just fix that problem, this game would be pretty much perfect.


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