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Cat in Japan

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Where is Cat this time? In this charming little puzzle game from Bart Bonte, Cat has a craving for authentic Japanese sushi that simply can't be satiated through a trip to his local Sushi Train. He needs the real deal!...

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walkthrough ready?


Aww, I really love Bart Bonte's games, their style and music, they always make me giggle... :D
I came across this one some time ago, so when I saw the request for a walkthrough, I just decided to replay it and give it a try, sooo:

Ok, very first time trying to scribble a walkthrough really quickly (Wow, this takes longer than I thought, so big thanks to all those walkthrough writers and reviewers for doing this stuff! :D) .
Please pardon me if anything sounds awkward (I'm not a native English speaker ^^), but feel free to add stuff if I missed something *blush* :)


On the sofa screen:

Sushi openly lying around:

- sushi under the sofa
- sushi in the window
- sushi under the pillow on the right

Finding items:

Pick up the gong next to the sofa on the right.
-sushi behind it

On the screen with the bath tub (left from sofa screen):

Sushi lying around:

- sushi under the stool on the left
- sushi in the picture with the cat
- second sushi in the picture with the cat
- sushi under a towel on the stool on the left

Finding items:

Turn on the water for the tub.
You can pick up a mallet(?) for the gong from the water.

Get a doll's head from under the rug.

On the screen with the paper door (left from bath tub screen):

Sushi lying around:

- sushi under the right pillow on the floor
- sushi under the tea pot

On the wardrobe screen (left from paper door screen):

Sushi lying around:

- sushi in the wardrobe
- sushi under the umbrella

Finding items:

Get the yellow key from the lowest drawer.

On to the puzzles:

On the screen with the paper door,

use the yellow key to open it (slide open both sides).

Note the carp streamers, especially their colours and their eyes.

This is the code for the cupboard under the flowers.

-sushi in the cupboard
Take out the cheese and another doll's head from the cupboard as well.

Put the gong on the strings hanging from the arc outside.
Use the mallet(?) to hit the gong.
Take the green clover from under the gong.

Move back to the sofa screen.

Put the cheese in front of the mouse hole.

Go back to the wardrobe screen.

Note the patterns on each of the three kimonos.

On the one on the right, there's a sequence of dice

(3, 5, 1, 2, 4, 6).

On the upper drawer on the left of the wardrobe, there are six squares that turn orange when you click them.

Click them according to the dice sequence

(the third from the left, the fifth, the first, the second, the fourth, the sixth).

Take the third doll's head from the open drawer.

Now click the umbrella to see a symbol behind it. Those three kimonos are covering symbols as well, so click them to move them a little in order to see three more symbols

(the whole sequence should finally result in 4 circles with openings on different sides: open on the left, upper left, lower right and right).

Use this code for the upper panel of the left side of the wardrobe

(left, upper left, lower right, right).

Take out a fourth doll's head and
- sushi

On the kimono in the middle, there's a sequence of lefts and rights

( L R LL RR L R ).

Move over to the bath tub screen and click on the white maneki neko cat on the right.

Use the buttons to put in the sequence from the kimono

( L R LL RR L R ).

Its pendant opens and reveals a clover-shaped mould.

Put your green clover into the mould and a panel on the lower part of the socket slides open.

Return to the sofa screen.

-sushi in front of the mousehole

(in exchange for the cheese ^_^ you needed to put the cheese and leave the screen, then return)

Note the round window with the three cat figurines

(blue = upper right corner, orange = on the left/middle row, green = bottom/in the middle).

On the bathtub screen,

use the code for the panel below the white maneki neko

(blue = upper right corner, orange = on the left/middle row, green = bottom/in the middle).

The pedestal with the white cat opens

and reveals a red key (that you cannot take yet) and

-two pieces
-of sushi

Now, on the wardrobe screen,

take a look at the first kimono on the left and note the symbols on its belt

( ( *) (**) ( ) (**) (* ) ).

Return to the sofa screen

and reassemble the dolls

(click the doll heads and click on the mostly headless dolls on right).

Click their heads in order to arrange them according to the kimono code

(looks to the right, looks at you, back of it's head, looks at you, looks to the left).

Take out a light bulb and


Still on the sofa screen,

use the light bulb in the red lantern hanging from the ceiling and note the pattern.

Move over to the bathtub screen

and use this pattern for the box hanging under the shelf with the towels

| - /
\ / \
/ \ -

Take out a pair of pliers and


Use the pliers to get the red key dangling under the white maneki neko cat.

Go to the big door screen

(with the carp streamers and the gong).

Use the red key to open the pink fish with the keyhole on the left and take out

- sushi

Watch the cat enjoy 20 pieces of sushi! \(^_^)/


A lovely little diversion with almost no psychic puzzles (where you have to read the setter's mind to solve them.)


oh!!!! love bart bonte


love 100% :)


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