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Card games turn deadly with Cardian, the strategy/defense/action hybrid that will keep you on your toes as you scrabble to summon enough soldiers to destroy your opponent's portal before they reach yours. Unlock new cards with unique creatures, abilities, or resources in your quest to defeat the six masters of the game.

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My favorite deck is all Gold Mines and Fresh Skeletons. I call it "Relentless Rats".



Needs a serious rework. Seems HEAVILY slated against the player. NPC's have either LARGE starting resources or unlimited. They can "summon" faster and with more than the player. They are also equipped with annoying monsters that can instantly slay anything you bring out. The first level itself is VERY hard to beat.

Earthworm March 9, 2011 9:36 AM

Anyone know how you are suppose to purchase the Redeemer Packs?


I've gotten to the point where I've beaten 17 of the 18 levels, but the frakking beholders are pretty much leveling anything I throw at them.

Part of the problem is something observed by a lot of commenters at Kongregate: the UI is abysmal, particularly in the deck-building area. The cards don't sort well, they're too small to see, they're spread out in a line you have to scroll through, they're impossible to rearrange within your deck (so that you can't, say, put the Gold Mines together to easily see how many you have). I have a feeling I could build a deck to defeat this last level, if only I could build a deck.


As a quick followup to my previous comment: if anyone's looking for a good way to beat an overpowering enemy, Ben's comment above inspired me:

Build a deck out of as many of your weakest fighters as you can muster, a whole lot of gold-generating cards, a few crystal-generating cards...and the cards "Kamikaze" and "Parting Shot", which cause damage to the opponent's portal every time one of your own soldiers dies.

CaptPoco March 10, 2011 3:35 PM

Redeemer Packs are purchased by tearing up cards in the Card Browser. Actually, I thought the game was pretty easy, the AI is not really all that good, though sometimes they do seem like they have unlimited resources. A good thing to remember is that the AI is constantly producing units, so a "rush" tactic will work extremely well. Simply build up a lot of gold and rush with a lot of really cheap units (with a couple of heavy hitters up in front) and you should win the level. Don't worry about the enemy attacking your portal- they never rush, so it'll take forever for them to knock it down. By the time they do, you'll have stockpiled enough money to summon all of your units at once and wipe the floor with him. This is how I beat every level. (oh, and another hot tip: have as many gold mines in your deck as possible, and always play gold mines first if you have them in your hand)


Elements is an all-around better game, I think...


Here's a deck that beats all levels, every game, without taking a point of damage:

11x Gold Mine
13x Dwarven Boon
5x Crystal Mine
4x Beholder
3x Soul Syphon
14x Mud Golem

Best yields on level 3 are all over 1900...

Have fun!


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