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Don't let the man or your burgeoning psychosis keep you down! In this quirky, bouncy 3D platform-puzzler, you play as a hapless worker in a cardboard box assembly plant finally driven to the drink of insanity by his endless, repetitive work and finds himself transported to a weird and puzzling realm where the very world flips and rotates as you move. Will you ever get home? Do you even want to? A fun, silly game with one heck of an intro.

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Yeah, the concept does looks like BOXGAME, though it is 3D and no ads :D

Chad T. Lower March 18, 2011 2:03 PM

I liked the concept of the game, but could not get it to work well with my computer. When I would stop pressing the arrow keys, the player would kep moving. When I tried to tap the arrow keys, the player jumped farther than I wanted them to. Fix that, and I would play it until completion.

Anonymous March 18, 2011 3:09 PM

Gah!!! This blasted level with all of the false doors is driving me insane... Help a buddy out with a walkthrough maybe?


...but the camera ISN'T fixed!


damnit, gotta find my 3D glasses now


That "brown" game-in-game is awful...


I played long enough to unlock the 3D mode.

I had to put it away at that point, though, because I realize that if I didn't, suddenly it would be six hours later. (We all know that feeling, right?)


For the level with all the doors, this path worked for me (I am assuming it isn't randomized like some other elements):

Go in the doors in the following order: Left, Left, Top Left, Right, Left, Right, Right.

To get the gems, though... you're on your own (though one of them is impossible to get until after you've gotten every other gem, so don't get too frustrated).

Does anybody know what the second unlockable item does? Does it have any effect besides a different appearance?


Seconding Vogo's comment - the game within a game is awful.

The rest is fantastic. The mid-level cutscenes are short and cute, and the worlds as short enough that they never outlive their stay. The level gimmicks are varied and fun.

Some of the later levels are awfully complicated, though, to the point that I solved them mostly by trial and error. The best levels are the ones that featured a single trick that makes the level easy once you figure it out (for example, when you have to use the same turner-tile twice in a row to reach the middle).

The bonus levels are all fun and introduce goofy new tricks, except the third bonus level which is really dull and time consuming.

I played through in one sitting and enjoyed every minute. Good game!


How do you play the game-within-a-game?


Anyone figured out the final bonus room yet?


For the final bonus room, I found it helped to use the Flat Mode unlockable so you could more easily keep track of where you were in relation to the exit. I finished it eventually, but it was all trial-and-error, jumping off ladders and holding various directions to see where I could land.


Won't load, just won't load in FF, GChrome or IE, with latest flash.
do I miss a plugin?

nerdypants March 19, 2011 2:32 AM

I'm in one of the bonus rooms, trying to play that game-within-a-game:

How in the heck do I win it?! I keep getting poo!

zbeeblebrox March 19, 2011 2:54 AM

I LOVED that cowboy bebop style intro. And the graphics move incredibly smooth considering it's in 3D. Very impressive


This game rocks. I'm amazed that it doesn't use Unity. That's impressive.


To get the first two gems in the teleporty level:

Top Gem: L, L, Middle Right

Bottom Gem: L, L, Bottom Left, Top Right

mr1black March 19, 2011 4:14 PM

Interesting, but not for me... Perhaps its a sleep-deprived thing, but I just can't wrap my head around to understand the levels... Loved the intro animations, though!


For the box-folding game-within-a-game:

Press the spacebar when a box is in front of you to fold it, don't press the spacebar when a non-box item is in front of you. The game ends if you fail to fold a box before it moves on, or if you try to fold a non-box item. Once you beat the "previous best score" you can let the game end and you will get your reward.

Anyone know how to get the code for the second bonus world (the one with the counter), or the last gem for the 4th world in Trip VIII (the one with all the doors)?


The code in the second bonus world

Is random each time. Run to the other side of the world and push the button and you will be informed if the code (represented by ???) is higher or lower than the number you input. Start with 500 and you can cut the number of possibilities in half right at the start.

You have infinite time to solve it so just keep trying until you get it.

Patreon VIP Chiktionary March 20, 2011 3:07 AM

Wow, this game embodies coolness and the whole rollercoaster ride feel is fun, once I got past the motion sickness.
There was almost a moment of eye-candy in the opening credits, but I'm not big on hairy chests... :)


For anyone still stuck, I just finished a video walkthrough. It gets all of the gems and completes all but one of the levels in under par time.

You can find the first part (of 3) here:


What button do you press to active Flat and Prophet modes?


Game still doesn't load, did I do something wrong?

[The game is loading just fine. You might want to try updating your Flash Player. Also try disabling any browser extensions (ad blockers) you may have installed. They tend to interfere with free, ad-supported, Flash games. -Jay]


to JIguest. there's a pattern on the doors. you just have to figure it out. if frustrated me as well.

Anonymous April 25, 2011 3:46 PM

Just discovered this game. I have an easy little trick to beat the 3rd bonus level mini-game.

Just put your hand over the screen so that only the farthest right portion of the box is visible (and the poo is invisible). Now your eyes don't need to differentiate between the shape of the poo and the box. Just press space bar every time you see anything there and you'll get past the game easily. It actually makes it easiest to play when everything's moving fastest.

Now does anyone know what prophet mode actually does?


That would be "brink" of insanity, Freudian slip me thinks?


For anyone who may have Chad T. Lower's problem with character control, try clicking in the game window (click several times if you must).

That's how I solved the problem on my computer.


slick; fairly well done; wonkier controls than anything made by this large a company should ever have; nowhere near as good as sequester, &, obviously, not as innovative as the original, BOXGAME.


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