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Can You Escape Love?

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3.2/5 (162 votes)

Also free for Android, in this twisted escape game, a demented version of the Zodiac isn't ready to give you up for the year, and to get out of its clutches, you'll need to solve some puzzles, plus take part in some Undertale-inspired boss battles!

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romanticize February 25, 2016 8:49 PM

Don't get me wrong, I love Undertale, but when all you have to say is "UNDERTALE", maybe you should just make a fangame? Or at least understand why certain elements in Undertale worked in the first place?

The character you're obviously referencing had a certain backstory that made his behavior make more sense, and the way he was presented over the course of the game went a long way toward making him lovable. It wasn't just the surface traits. Referencing something so closely just invites an awkward unflattering comparison.


I agree with Romanticize. This game would pass off better as a "Spot the Meme" if Undertale was less heavily referenced. The FNAF sheep jumpscare and "The Dress" poster would help contribute to that. Not only is an obviously less than great referenced game, but the battle sequences are a little obnoxious. I'm too busy dodging flying hearts and objects that I can't read the 5 second changing text at the top. The game feels very rushed, both in play, visual and story.


I'm with the two above people. I actually had a problem and couldn't even start it on Firefox and had to switch to Chrome. So there's also that if you happen to get the same problem I did.


Hmmm. This game reminds me a little of those demented fan-made games that end up as some kind of internet urban legend. Like the weird Sonic murder type ones I accidentally watched a Youtuber play.

I got the Bad End when

I got the door key from the monkey doll then opened the door before getting rid of the camera

Can't be bothered to replay to see if there's a "good" ending.


I get the feeling that it is supposed to be a "Spot The Meme" game. There's the dress, "JUST DO IT", FNAF, 50 shades of a color, a bald superhero (One Punch Man?), killer students, a Beaver CD, a One Direction CD, a present that I'm sure references something (Windows 10? poor battery life?), and Undertale.
The Undertale references are

the comfortable trashcan, the phone wallpaper, the bullet dodging, the knife and the toy monkey stabbing, and


Defeating the animatronic

shows that Yang has been watching you from behind it


Yang defeated me, but I got enough satisfaction out of beating the animatronic.


There is, but it's more of the same.

Instead of clicking on the 'Leave' button, wait around until you go into another of those stupid boss fights


If the developer had taken the time to make the boss fights more fun (add good music, make the attacks more meaningful) this would have been a lot more interesting. As it is, the 'combat' was too easy because your pool of Health is huge to balance out the clumsy and random attacks.

The simple point and click interface isn't much fun because the puzzles are so easy.

The horror elements come so quickly and are so plain that they didn't affect me. Good horror needs some build up and a sense of threat, which this game didn't have.

The whole thing just feels rushed and cobbled together from bits of FNAF and Undertale without reflecting on why those games are enjoyable.


So, I just went and played the game three times just to see the different endings. They weren't really worth getting, unless you want to play Arcade Mode.

Ending 1 / 3

After receiving the key, open the door after covering the camera. Click Leave.

Ending 2 / 3

Same as ending 1, except don't click Leave.

Ending 3 / 3

Same as ending 1, except don't cover the camera.

Arcade Mode is just like the boss battles in this game, except it goes on until you die.

All in all, I wouldn't recommend anyone to play this game.

Annie Ansible March 6, 2016 5:40 PM

This game NEEDS a mute function.


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