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Bob the Robber

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Alright, let's make sure we've got everything: Black and white stripped shirt? Check! Domino mask? Check! Lock picks? Check! Green toque? Check! Anti-heroic sense of morality that makes you more than happy to lift some cash from the unfriendly neighborhood mob boss? Oh, you'd better bet that's a check! It's Bob the Robber, new puzzle platformer from Flazm. All you footpads out should be prepared to burgle until the whole burg is burgled. Robble robble!

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Nice difficulty curve. Although, the first time I had to move sideways onto another screen, I was a little thrown.


Good game in general. There were a few times when I couldn't figure out where Bob went after entering an elevator. Would be nice if it highlighted the door you would be going to so you could tell what room you would be entering.


Other problems that could stand to be fixed: 1. the icons on the top of the screen sometimes obscure security cameras on the ceiling. I know I've been accidentally set off the alarm thanks to a camera I couldn't see, & I bet I'm not the only one.

2. I unlocked a door that served as a shortcut between the second room in level 5 & a room further in the level, but when I went through it the door acted like it was still locked when I tried to go back, so I was left with no option but to get back to where I was the hard way.


Apparently 288 seconds, $559, and no alarms isn't enough for 5 stars on level 4? I don't see how I could have moved much faster, and I don't think I missed searching anything...

(Am still very much enjoying, though. Thanks, Flazm!)


Parmeisan, as far as I can tell the amount of starts only depends on the amount of money, so I'd wager that you have missed searching a place. Have you checked the toilet?


A note by the second locked code door in level 4 (basement, right above the dog) says to check "those computers" for the code, but I'm not seeing any computers in this level besides the one in the far upper left that supplied the code to the earlier door. Is this a bug or am I just being daft?


I'm not sure it does - at least, my attempts to get full stars on all the rest always finally succeeded when I got no alarms, so either that's at least a part of it, or I always just happened to find everything those times.

And yes, I got the toilet. :)

I'll try again tomorrow. Playing around and trying to figure out what's necessary to get full stars should be kinda fun, actually.


@nobody - "those" computers look different. There's four little blue monitors in a room with a guard and a circuit box. (The room directly to the right of the one with the note you're reading).

@ThemePark - you may be right, as I did realize that after a couple of failed attempts at 5 stars, I started resetting as soon as I got an alarm. But I just tried again, concentrating way more on finding money than anything else, I turned every stone - I even thought I discovered that guards sometimes have money (I had checked the item behind him before, but maybe I just wasn't standing in the exact right spot?). I had $5 less than my other attempt! I think maybe my problem is that some items that really seem like they ought to have money, but no matter where I stand I can't find any. I really don't think there's anything I haven't tried looking in.

Unless there's a way in the upper-left corner of the house to get into that attic-like room with no doors?


Ok, I give up. Level 5 is full of parts where you step into an elevator, the screen changes, and you literally cannot see where the heck you ended up. That plus the hidden cameras just made it too annoying to try to finish.

Note that you can pick the pockets of anyone you thwack. (Well, ok, not the dogs.)


It has its set of flaws.. but it kept me playing until the end! Then again, I'm a sucker for stealth/robbery games, so I may not be a good parameter.


An enjoyable little puzzle game. In a few places, security cameras were covered by the alarm lights at the top of the page, and it does seem unusual for elevators to travel diagonally through a building. I'm not sure if these things were thrown in for the extra challenge or if they were just overlooked in planning the layout, but they definitely made the game a little more difficult.

Zoroua that loves cheeseburgers October 3, 2011 5:57 PM

I cannot get past level 2. I need the door code! Good game though.... it would be complete if you gave me your cheeseburger!!!

The Phenomenon April 9, 2014 8:47 AM

What a poor mentality. So these games are robbing each other, but all the other games in the world aren't? Every single game would be based off the very original one in each category.

Drop that poor thinking and accept something called GENRES once and for all, in every single type of game, no matter what.

The Phenomenon April 11, 2021 12:50 PM

Also, I hear the main character saying "oh shit" whenever they get caught, which makes your Green game rating inadequate.


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