Gnome Infestation
Envelops City

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Miniature white gnomes have been spotted all over the city for half a year now, and their number only appears to grow. Their presence seems permanent, and there is no apparent end to them. Join us in trying to find them all, please.

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you just made my day with this description o_0



I know Jay Is Games is primarily concerned with games and game-related stories, but I think it's really great when the blog can take time out to inform us about important issues such as these. Peskiness is a growing threat to productivity and productivity-related pursuits, so raising awareness about possible sources of peskiness is a valuable public service. Thank you, SonicLover, for bringing this matter to our attention.


Even though I didn't finish, I really liked this game. It was fun to explore what I assume to be a real location.


Love the humor articles! This one came out of nowhere in an awesome direction!

btw, any chance of Nitrome's new game getting a review?

Denita TwoDragons August 27, 2008 4:53 PM

Hello from Texas, Mr. Skutnik! :-)

SonicLover does it again! Thank goodness I wasn't drinking anything when this loaded up, or I'd be using up a lot of towels right now...



Got in early!

Unfortunately I'm little help to anyone, because I'm so turned around from the interior. Hint:

Find the one from outlying views first, in case you're turned around inside (from center view.)

I liked last month's Solitude setting better, but this month's game is plenty more fun.



Of course they will. They review every Nitrome game without fail, no matter how boring, repetitive, and slow paced it is.

*stares pointedly at Small Fry*

Anyway, putting my dislike of some recent Nitrome games aside, good article, Soniclover, very entertaining. Keep it up! =D


Gah I only found six. This is definitely one of the tougher ones. I did find a blackened troll though. The article doesn't mention any trolls. Could this perhaps be the new scourge of our black-and-white neighborhoods?


Hue...I've only found three before time ran out.

I wonder if the scenery is based on reality or clever design?(smile)


Great article! I've never played the games *dodges thrown items*, but I could still appreciate the humor :)


I like the ten gnomes series, I think foggy flat was my favorite though. I hope they come up with another series soon though.


I hope they never go away. Can't wait to try #8.


I found all ten and the troll on the second time through, but I'll agree that it's easy to get turned around.

It's my first walkthrough, so please be nice :) Plus, I've never worked on a water forge....


There are three main entrances from the main screen

Left House

No Gnomes

Right House


Click to the right of the fence where the grass and fence meet

Center Bridge

Gnome seeker beware - it's easy to get lost! Click twice to get in. Then click bottom to go back, right or left.

From Center Bridge, click right and click down the hall/bridge

Click to the right of the anvil screen to see the bridge and lots of machinery

Click box by handrail of bridge to see engine with chains

Click long metal tube (like polio machine)

By foot of machine, where the pile of something is

See the tip of his hat?


Go back to scene with machinery and chains. Click to the right

Dive in to the water to look at the bridge

See that area where there is bridge, grass, and stones all meeting? Click it


Click back to where you can see the bridge, go down the bridge to go back to main bridge

Click to the right twice

Scan to right and click pliers twice


Click back out twice and scroll to right to click the canisters

Click canister handle

And then click the connecting hole/hanging thing


Click back out twice and to the right twice to see the water wheel

Click the little roof twice


Click back out twice and then click bottom right of wheel

Venture forth into that dark area between the wall and the wood


Click to the right of the wheel and go down that bridge

Click on the tools hanging from the wall

Look at the ones on the left


Click back out twice

click square metal pan/pot thing in the middle of the room twice


Between the metal pan and the shelf with tools is a tall, dark box thing. Click that

Click the gears


Go back to the scene which is to the right of the anvil scene where you'll see machinery, the bridge, and the handrail

Just to the left of the handrail are two long stick-like things. Click to the left of the top of those

On the rod above the chain is the little black troll

He giggles


I really liked this one. It was a little bit harder than a couple of the previous ones, I had to come back a few times to be able to finish.
The scenes look great, too, makes one want to go out and explore abandoned places.


The first one I didn't find all, only 7 (and a troll). It is nice there is more challenge =)


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