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Clash of Clans: Attacking Strategies

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You need some help to attack well armed bases on Clash of Clans? This article resumes most of the attacking strategies used for Clan Wars or just for attacking powerful bases. Here you'll find strategies from Town Hall 6 to Town Hall 10.

Town Hall 6 Attacking Strategies

Train 12 Giants,1 Healer and other units.

Deploy the Giants close to the Air Defense, you may use Wall breakers to destroy walls, once they've taken down the Air Defense drop the Healer who will follow the Giants. After that you can deploy the remaining troops : Barbarians/Archers/Goblins.

Create a max of Balloons.

In a match you can deploy them on one spot or spread them out around defenses. It is efficient on villages with weak Air Defenses. To this build you can add Giants and a Healer to take out the first Air defense. You can also deploy your Balloons in groups near to each Wizard Tower and Air Defense.

Town Hall 7 Attacking Strategies

Train 2 Dragons and 80 Minions.

First take out one Air Defense with Lightning Spells. Deploy your Dragons close to the destroyed Air Defense. Wait for the Dragons to destroy the buildings close to the area you want drop the Minions. If the dragons do not do this job, use Clan Castle troops. Deploy slowly the Minions in order to find the Air Bombs and then spam all your Minions.

Train 36 Wizards and 4 Healers.

Start by deploying 20 Wizards to take out the outside buildings from the side you want to attack (with one Air Defense). Once the buildings are down drop 10 Wizards and a Healer, they must go for the Air Defense. After that deploy the remaining Wizards and a Healer. Use the last Healers if needed.

Hog Riders-Wizards
Train 15 Hog Riders, 8 Wizards, Barbarians and Archers.

Lure Clan Castle troops and Barbarian King with the Barbarians. Take them out with Archers and 3-4 Wizards. Deploy the Hog Riders, use Healing Spells on them frequently. When all defenses are destroyed deploy the remaining troops.

Town Hall 8 Attacking Strategies

Giant-Wizard-P.E.K.K.A or GiWiPe
Train 3 PEKKAs, 5 Giants, 14 Wizards, Archers and a pair of Wall breakers.

Use your Archers and a few Wizards to take out the Clan Castle troops. Deploy your Giants near a corner, drop the Wall breakers, and use some Wizards to destroy the first outside buildings. After that deploy your PEKKAs and the remaining troops. Drop a Rage Spell when the PEKKAs are close to a Hidden Tesla.

Another GiWiPe
Train 2 PEKKAS, 12 Giants, 17 Wizards, Wall breakers.

You must attack from two different spots, they must not be too close. Drop 6 Giants in front of each spot then the Wall breakers. Deploy some wizards to destroy the "junk" buildings around the two spots. Drop a PEKKA in front of each opening. At last deploy the remaining Wizards. Use Rage Spells when your troops are in the base.

Train 2 Golems, 3 PEKKAs, 12 Wizards, 8 Wall breakers, 1 Archer. Craft 2 Rage Spells and 1 Healing Spell.

Deploy the Golems on a side of the base, space out them of 10-15 tiles. Send Wall breakers to create breaches in the walls in order to access to the core of the base. Drop Wizards behind the Golems to destroy the outside buildings. Once these buildings are down, deploy the PEKKAs and your Barbarian King. When all these units are in the base use Rage Spells.

Train 32 Balloons, 20 Minions. Craft 2 Rage Spells and 1 Lightning Spell.

Look for bases with Air Defenses in the center or with those Air Defenses out of reach of 50% of the buildings. Deploy by groups of 4-5 your Balloons, on 2-3 sides of the base, close to Archer Towers and/or Tesla which are not covered by Air Defenses. You may have to take out the Clan Castle troops, use the Lightning Spell for that and mainly on the Wizards and Witches, use a Minion if there are remaining Clan Castle troops. To destroy Archer Towers Protected by Air Defense use the Rage Spell on the Balloons. Deploy your last Minions when you are sure they are out of range of any Anti-Air Defense.

Town Hall 9 Attacking Strategies

Train 2 Golems (ask for one more in your Clan Castle), 4 Witches, 20 Wizards, 10 Wall breakers some Archers and Barbarians. Craft 1 Jump Spell, 2 Rage Spells and 1 Lightning Spell.

Locate the side of the base which provides the easiest way to the Town Hall. If there is not any easy way, go to side where it is easiest to lure Clan Castle troops. Deploy your Golems, space out them by 10 tiles, in front of the Defenses in order they target your Golems. Drop some Wizards on the side of your Golems to take out the outside buildings. The Witches and the remaining Wizards must go for the Town Hall. Deploy Wall breakers 2 to by 2 to create a breach to the Tonw Hall. When the outside middle side buildings are the only remaining buildings, drop the Witches ant Wizards, they must target those buildings and make their way to the Town Hall. Use Rage Spell when Witches, Wizards and Golems are close. Use the Lightning Spell on the Clan Castle troops. Use Jump Spell if needed.

Train 2 Golems, 12 Wizards, 4 PEKKAs, 6 Wall breakers. Craft 1 Jump Spell, 2 Rage Spells, 1 Lightning Spell. Ask for Wizards for you Clan Castle and complete it with Archers.

Drop the Golems, spaced out by 10 tiles, then use the Wall breakers to destroy the first wall. Deploy some Wizards to take out the "junk" buildings thus the PEKKAs won't target them. Once the path is clear deploy the PEKKAs. Use the Lightning Spell on your enemy Clan Castle troops. Use Rage and Jump Spells when needed.

Town Hall 10 Attacking Strategies

Train 4 Golems, 5 Witches, 2 Healers. Craft 5 Healing Spells.

Deploy your Golems as tank, just behind deploy the Witches and heal the Golems. Drop the Healers when the first Air Defense is down. Heal the Golems.

Train 1 Lava Hound, 4 Valkyries, 21 Minions, 2 Dragons, 4 Wizards and 16 Balloons. Craft 2 Rage Spells, 2 Healing Spells and 1 Lightning Spell.

Use the Lightning Spell on a Air Defense. Lure Clan Castle troops with a Minion, then use 10% of your Minion, 2 Wizards and a Rage spell to take them out. Deploy the Lava Hound and the Dragons to destroy 1 or 2 Air Defense, don't forget to heal them and to use another Rage spell, next deploy 8 Balloons behind. Drop your Heroes and a pair of Valkyries to destroy the other Defenses in outer sections. Deploy the 2/3rd of your Minions to take out Single-target Inferno Towers. Drop the remaining Minions, Valkyries and Wizards to destroy X-Bows and Multi-target Inferno Towers for that enrage all of them, use the ability of your Hero. Deploy the last Balloons and take care of the dying ones. You may need to use your Clan Castle troops.

Train 3 Golems, 2 PEKKAs, 17 Wizards, 14 Wall breakers, 4 Archers. Craft 1 Jump Spell, 1 Rage Spell, 1 Lightning Spell.

Drop the Golems, space out them by nearly 8 tiles, deploy Wall breakers just behind them. Drop Wizards behind the Golems too to clear the outside buildings. Drop PEKKAs in a way that they go to the center. Use the Lightning Spell to take out the Clan Castle troops. Deploy your Heroes after the PEKKAs, use Jump Spell to get them to the Town Hall. At this time use the Freeze Spell on the Inferno Towers and Rage all your troops to destroy the Town Hall. Use archers to get the second star.

Train 2 Lava Hounds, 16 Balloons, 18 Minions, 2 Dragons, 4 Wizards, 3 Valkyries. Craft 2 Rage Spells, 2 Healing Spells and 1 Lightning Spell. Ask for reinforcement troops : 1 Lava Hound and 15 Archers.

Use the Lightning Spell to weaken one Air Defense. Lure Clan Castle troops with a Minion, then use your Clan Castle reinforcements to take out your opponent's Clan Castle units. Drop your Lava Hounds close to the first one. Deploy the Dragons, Balloons and Minions near to the Lava Hounds. After that drop your Wizards and Heroes close to the Air troops. Use the Healing Spell. Enrage your troops once they reach an Inferno Tower or the 3rd Air Defense.

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