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Cat on a Dolphin It's official. D_of_I has gone off the deep end. His cat has gotten bored shooting his bow and poling himself about and wants to travel across the ocean, so he enlists the help of a dolphin to provide the locomotion, while he hangs on for the ride of his life in this excellent one-button game!

Adventure of Cat Just released from Dofi blog, creator of the World of Sand games: Adventure of Cat, a spiritual successor to Cat with Bow Golf. In Adventure of Cat your goal is to guide a hapless gray kitten to the end of the stage. Your only mode of transportation is an extendible stick that you can use to push against the ground, propelling the cat forward.

Cat with Bow Golf Dofi has just released a demo version of a new title for us to play with: Cat with Bow Golf. The name may sound strange, but that's only because the game is strange. You control a cat with a bow and arrows attached to a rope. By pulling back with the mouse, fire the arrows to pull the cat across the screen and try to hit the target on the other side.


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Categories: browser, building, dofi, flash, free, game, japanese, linux, mac, physics, rating-g, tower, unique, windows

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Stick Remover Stick Remover presents you with a tower of sticks wobbling under its own weight. A star is suspended from the top above a red limit line. Your job is to remove as many sticks as you can while keeping the star above the line.

Double Wires Imagine being like Spiderman and able to shoot sticky strands of web out from your hands. Using those elastic strands you just might be able to attach to surfaces and propel yourself forward. Well, that is just what playing Double Wires is like.



Categories: browser, dofi, drawing, flash, free, game, japanese, linux, mac, rating-g, unique, windows

This game is rated :D for content, click through for an explanation
Egg Way Egg Way is another great release from Dofi Blog, creator of the World of Sand games (Hell of Sand, Sand Sand Sand) and the unique New Rolling Omusubi game. The goal is to guide a freshly liberated egg yolk down to a waiting frying pan. Gravity is not your friend in this game, and if the yolk takes too much punishment you'll have to start over. Using a pen that draws temporary platforms you must guide the delicate yolk to the goal as gently as possible. And then... breakfast time!


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