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Egg Way

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Rating: 4/5 (33 votes)
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JohnBEgg Way is another great release from Dofi Blog, creator and popularizer of all the Falling Sand games (Hell of Sand, World of Sand, Sand Sand Sand) and the unique New Rolling Omusubi game. The goal is to guide a freshly liberated egg yolk down to a waiting frying pan. eggway.gifGravity is not your friend in this game, and if the yolk takes too much punishment you'll have to start over. Using a pen that draws temporary platforms you must guide the delicate yolk to the goal as gently as possible. And then... breakfast time!

The levels in Egg Way quickly become challenging. New objects are introduced, such as rotating platforms, walls, spikes, even balloons. All just happen to be deadly to the yolk and can usually destroy it with a single touch. A good strategy is to focus on drawing near-vertical lines to keep the momentum going without beating the yolk around too much. Gently guide it around any objects with a slow, smooth stroke, then slash new platforms to correct the path as it falls. Keep the egg away from moving objects and don't let it take too many spills, otherwise you'll be drinking your breakfast.

Analysis: I'm glad cooking eggs isn't this challenging. On the other hand, I wish it were this fun. Egg Way is a simple idea that I would love to play with the touch screen on a Nintendo DS. The impermanent nature of the lines you draw creates a good balance between strategic stroking and hectic mouse scraping. One moment I'm gently guiding the liquid mass down a platform, the next I'm whipping the cursor around trying to keep it from falling off the pan. A great mix of playing styles and a wholly addicting game. Play.


wow this is quite a difficult game,and it does have a steep learning curve because that egg moves just fast enough to get past your line, making you have to time it just right, you cant really just expect to be good at this game, you gotta play it a bit, if you know what i mean..

BTW, thanks jay for making this site, its simply awesome, i used to hate it for some reason, and now i love it, keep up the good work!!


finished it and it was fun!!!! the controls were a little weird but i got the hang of it quickly.

Hassle Free August 11, 2006 2:31 PM

that was a great game!!! Once you get used to the controls, it is really addicting. A shame that it is so short though.


I found it quite easy and the controls made perfect sense!

but then I am using a graphics tablet...


A few weeks back I was on Dofi-blog mucking around with this game. It was quite fun! Took many tries to get the hang of it, after realizing that you had to not let the egg break!


Wow, that was so easy once i figured out you just have to hold the mouse button down and basically keep the mouse in one spot...


Wow. Simple game, even simpler graphics, but extremely addicting. It did take a couple rounds to get the hang of the mechanics, but now I'm stuck on level 9!


Heh, I was wondering when this would get on here. I'm stuck with level 9 too.



What an amusing and creative game.

I'm also on level 9, but I think I can get past it.


Okay, I finished the game.

As for level 9, a VERY easy way to do it is to go to the right, PAST the white passage that's there and then fall down a bit, and then go left onto the pan. Just skip the white passage thingy altogether.

Here's a screenie of the end


Yattaa!! I finished!
Good game!


TerrorByte : You might want to change that bmp to a jpg. You're serving up a ton of data in that one small image.


Too short, dammit. Fantastic idea and well executed.


I took care of uploading the image to the JIG servers in GIF format, so that should solve that. =)


Wow, am I the only person having the problem where the pencil doesn't follow my mouse? it sits in the middle of the screen and I have no idea where my cursor is in the game until I click and it juts across the screen. Only when I'm holding down the button does the pencil follow. Arg? no one else hated that?


Whoo still finished it though. That last level SUCH a tease. it would get to the pan and then break just from leveling out. After a good ten attempts, I got it.


This is a cute little game i was a little disipointed by the last level tho... it was to easy i got it on my first try. and only 10 levels that was pretty shot.. =/


very nice...
... nice and simple....

an editor would be also quul


fun game, all the dofi blog games are awesome


The last level was the easiest for me. I beet it on the first try. Level 8 was the most difficult for me.


huh. It took me a while to figure it out, but it's a REALLY interesting gameplay mechanic.

here's a tip if it seems tough:

Don't think of it as drawing the lines like you would in, like, the Mario-bouncing games on the DS. Instead, if you hold the mouse button down and sort of "surf" the egg along the line that the pencil draws as the screen pans, you will have better results.

Also whatever procedure he used to make the egg white, that thing had me mesmerized and was the sole inspiration to spend enough time to figure out the controls. (that and all the posts that said the game was easy!!)


Aww! I beat it! This game was cute. Level nine made me want to destroy my computer though.


It's a good thing that I don't have to worry about balloons flying at me while I cook breakfast. I still manage to break the yoke, though.

Elemeno's tip was right on the money. I started out trying to play it like Kirby: Canvas curse, but I eventually learned to let the egg "surf".

After learning it, the game was really fun. It actually a bit of a calming effect, too. I literally grinded my teeth on level 8, though. Those darn balloons drove me crazy.


Short and moderatley difficult game, took me a while to realize that you cant just drop it onto the pan from high up.


cool...a little to easy for my taste but then again who am i to judge? still a great game level 9 took a few tries till i learned a trick for it..

just go around the mess :)

keep up the good work finding these games Jay!!


my eyes so painful!!


why they want to use that kind of blue colour as background? I just can't stare too long..
anyway, it's not an easy game. I'm still in level 4


this seems like a really cool game, but i'm having trouble on even the easiest levels, probably because i'm using only the touch pad on my laptop, and for some reason i have to double click to get it to draw lines. i'm looking forward to stealing a mouse from my desktop and trying it with that though!


Easy win on any level:

Hold the mouse down THE WHOLE TIME. Just move slowly, so the egg keeps up with the line.

And tip for level 10:

Move the egg underneath the arrows, so that you are closer to the pan at the end!

DeathSaintX February 2, 2007 4:48 PM

EXCELLENT game,I loved the whole idea, but it was WAY too easy and WAY too short. I can beat every level in one try.

Level 8 takes me two, f'ing balloons


I absolutely adore this game. Takes only about two minutes to complete, and it's fun. I've kept it in my favorites so I can play it again and again. :)

Anonymous November 4, 2007 4:38 AM

ooh... completed the game in 12 tries. Too bad it was so short though


I beat it easy...

a major tip...

If you notice, the screen follows the egg, so if you put your cursor just to the right or left and below... your egg will follow it on a sturdy slope that stays solid just long enough.
Defentaly a help on lvl 10.

Read it if you want to make it easier...


Hint for lvl 10

If you even tap the egg with the path, no matter how steep it won't splat when it hits the pan
Worked great when I try it, I even put it vertical one second before it hit and it worked

Pandragon November 8, 2009 1:37 AM

very nice!! great game, hard to keep the yolk alive :)

thank you for bringing this game up


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