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Way Too Casual

JohnBCasual games have invaded our lives! They steal our time when we're supposed to be doing homework. They distract us from our jobs. They fill our mobile phones with delicious diversions ready to entertain us at any point during the day. And now, they're ready to invade... your ears!

The JayIsGames staff along with FlashGameLicense have finally gone mad and decided to start a podcast! We call it Way Too Casual because, well, that's what we are. The bi-weekly episodes will focus on casual gaming news, events, reviews, and lots more. We have some great surprises planned for future episodes! It's a great way to keep up on the biggest browser game releases and current events in the world of casual gaming. All while you go on your morning jog!

But wait! There's more! We're not content to just talk amongst ourselves, we want to hear from you! Now you can interact with the JIG staff in an entirely new dimension. Got a question you're dying to toss our way? Want to know our thoughts on the latest casual gaming revolution? Need that recipe for brussels sprout soup? We're here to help. Leave a voice mail on Skype or drop us an e-mail. You never know, we might just use your question for the next episode!

Leave me voicemail
E-mail: [email protected]

That's it! Grab the podcast below, listen away, and be sure to check out the handy links after the break. Keep up with the latest podcast happenings on the official Way Too Casual website!

Way Too Casual podcastDownload Way Too Casual #001
"I Can Say Armadillo"
(MP3, 38.5MB, 44:07)
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Featured games:

Topic of discussion:
Adobe announces Flash Professional CS5 to have "export to iPhone app" feature


Glad to see another podcast to add to my lengthy list which I listen to at work. Keep at it until you have enough to get them on iTunes :)


Awesome! I have some new listening material!


Awww, JohnB, you make me want my DSL service to come now, so I could actually listen to this! Darned download caps.

Chiktionary November 18, 2009 9:23 PM

Casual games have invaded our lives! They steal our time when we're supposed to be doing homework

Well that would have to be the first couple of sentences... in my usual faffing about way, I've allowed myself to be distracted from my essay and just meander aimlessly into the world of JiG.
A podcast you say... An Excellent Idea!


There's a "Way Too Casual" in the iTunes store with one episode. Is that this?


It appears to be just that, joye; I just downloaded it, and the description mentions FlashGamesLicense and jayisgames by name. Names. I look forward to listening to it. At work.


Genius. Everyone needs more casual games in their life.


For those curious, the iTunes link is here:


Oh, nice on the iTunes link. I thought I'd heard on the HAWPcast that you had to have 5 entries to get a listing on iTunes. Guess they were wrong.


Woot! My brain just exploded with the awesome. I now have a very big mess to clean up, but I don't even have a brain to help me coordinate my efforts.

Luckily my spinal column seems to be helping me type.


You guys should include the iTunes link in the post in the future. :P

Listened to part of it, but now I'm off to do other things, like play more games. :P



I can happily confirm that that is indeed the correct way to pronounce my surname. :)

David Shute


Pretty cool! Finally, a podcast I can really get behind. Thanks for taking the time to do this, guys!


Excellent first podcast.. A little louder on the mics would be cool, but most excellent for a first show.


J, J and J,

Excellent work on this. I think you've managed to add a voice to this community and it was very refreshing.

The music 'leads' into the segments were brilliant.



This is pretty awesome. Now I can listen to my game reviews and get my homework done! Yay multitasking.

P.S. Late congrats to Small Worlds, that was a particularly amazing and touching game.


Cool Beans!

A few items you might want to mention in your podcast are the JIG RSS feed and the JIG Google Gadget. More cool stuff to stay connected!


You Have to Burn The Rope will be a good conversation XD


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