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Pound the Puss

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Rating: 3.6/5 (127 votes)
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Pound the Puss (Disclaimer: This game is rated-r for sexual-references and language, so be cautious and "Pound the Puss at your own risk")

Today is the great day! Today is YOUR great day! Do you know why? Of course you do! Because today is the day you start your epic adventure, as every epic hero should have an epic adventure. At least that's true if your name is Pound, and you're a puss. But don't worry, because even if you are not, you can still help Pound in his epic adventure!

Pound the Puss, by Orange Pylon, tells the story of Pound. Pound is a 9-years-old puss that lives with his sister and mother in a nice house at a nice place. Today Pound got to do his chores. But even the simplest task as doing chores can turn into a quest. In this game you'll point and click your way through various places, talking to many people and using many items to fulfill your goal, which is: *spoilers* (don't expect much from me here).

You can interact with objects by clicking on them. Some objects can be taken, some can be examined, and some, if they are people, can also be talked to. If you're not sure what you can do with an item in your inventory, there's also an "item hint" place, where you can put items for Pound to examine. The rest is explained in the pretty short tutorial at the beginning.

As the game plot unfolds, you'll easily see that this is not a cute, naïve adventure, but one that tends more into the category of cartoons like Family Guy and South Park. It's the kind of game that you should click on everything twice to enjoy the full author's witticism, and every second text panel can make you laugh (or at least chuckle). Each puzzle in this game is pretty simple, but has a twist that makes it funny, usually the NSFW kind of funny. The graphics are pixelated, and all sound effects are retro, which gives the feeling of some cute children arcade game (and that turns out to be wrong pretty quickly). The game also comes with a set of achievements, which fits the game's kind of humor.

In summary, if you want to go on an epic adventure, and want to have a laugh, this game will suit you.

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walkthrough anyone?


Paul, there's a "WALKTHROUGH" option on the game's main menu that links to a complete, written walkthrough guide (not a video) on IndieDB.


That was pretty funny and straightforward. I had to backtrack to find a


but otherwise it was a pretty short but funny adventure.

I like the little touch where

you can hear rhythmic creaking noises in the not NASA spaceship house after

you convince the astronaut duck to seduce mother hen so you can take the egg

Paul, we've discussed in the past many months ago how just asking for a walkthrough on everything isn't exactly adding to the JiG community.
Either play everything new, figuring out things for yourself OR just be patient.
Most games have their own walkthroughs, or walkthroughs that can be found with a quick google of "game title" + "walkthrough".

The ending to the game kind of solidified my initial thought on the quest.

Make your own damn omelette, mother!

I sort of wish that

We were able to open the fridge and see something lacklustre in there like half-drunken booze or something.

Creative, twisted little game.


There's a bit of short dialogue after the credits.


It's sort of like a Leisure suite Larry game ha ha


So is editing completely out the window these days for jayisgames?

Patreon Donator Infant Tyrone October 16, 2016 12:59 PM

This...was not JIG-worthy.

It's not that it had any specific technical issues; basic Flash game with fat pixel art, everything worked and the puzzles followed a simple in-game logic. But the plot, the characters, the dialogue, the general atmosphere-- this is something a kid makes on the sly as an excuse for dumb 'adult' jokes and to code some explicit animated content. Games like this are why I gave up on Newgrounds. There's nothing particularly fun or funny or challenging or entertaining about Pound the Puss.


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