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Link Dump Fridays

DoraLink Dump Friday isn't the only day we celebrate here at Jay Is Games. Along with your standard "Hawaiian Mondays" at the office, we also have "Air Guitar Tuesdays" followed by "Airwolf Wednesdays", which nobody enjoys. We're always looking for any excuse to celebrate, but that doesn't mean we'll celebrate anything. Rejected concepts include "Typo Thursdays" and "Speedo Sundays". (The latter enjoyed brief popularity until the office building across the way filed a complaint. Maybe we should have closed the windows?) While we party it up today, enjoy this rag-tag group of games that have little in common aside from an inherent awesomeness.

  • HatsHats - I have a special niche in my heart for ridiculousness (it's right above the nook I reserve for fluorescent yellow pants), and the sort of joyful silliness present throughout this little platformer fits right in. You play a wizard with a limited but truly wondrous selection of hats at his disposal, each of which has a unique ability. It's unfortunately a little slow-paced and clunky, but the sound effects and presentation as a whole should woo all but the most hardened of gamers.
  • Rabbit RustlerRabbit Rustler - It is a documented fact from real scientists with clipboards and everything that a thing's cuteness is in direct proportion to its deliciousness. Maybe that's why I sympathise with the farmer in this little physics puzzler where you pilot some sort of renegade UFO to stop him from cooking the wascally wittle things. The levels get increasingly complex (and bizarre) as you go along, and the rabbit's eyes stay just as hauntingly round and dewy throughout. Never trust anything whose eyes make up more than half its face, I say.
  • Colour My LifeColour My Life - Not, in fact, a game at all, but rather a flash movie that brings a close to the popular Colour series of games for those of you of a completionist nature. It's all very warm and fuzzy and adorable and I had to go blow something up right after I watched it to show everyone how hardcore I was despite the way my lip was trembling. I'M A TOUGH BROAD, DARN IT. I DON'T GET MUSHY!... sniff!
  • Streets of Gotham Full ThrottleStreets of Gotham Full Throttle - [Warning: Requires Unity plugin, which may crash some browsers.] I actually had a chance to ride in the Batcopter recently, and while this little racing game isn't quite as awesome as putting your butt in the same place Adam West's once was, it's still pretty fun. Based on the Batman cartoon, it features multiple tracks and racers to unlock. The physics are, um, barely present, but launching the Batmobile end-over-end after a ramp is pretty entertaining. In fact, I wish more people solved their differences by racing brightly coloured, silly looking cars. It would make the world a brighter place.
  • Let's CurrrlLet's Currrl - Holy Topical Link Dump Friday Entry, Batman! That's right, the 2010 Winter Olympics are currently being held back in my home and native land, and curling is just as ridiculous as I remember it. And now, in this weird advergame, you too can be baffled by the sport that has somehow entranced millions of people worldwide. That's right. You can sweep right in your browser. Still not convinced? Well then let me entice you; you can play as a curling reverend. Awwwww, yeah. You're feeling it. I can tell.


How could you not like Airwolf?!?!


I got two levels out of Hats and a victory screen?


Yeah, that bug happened to me to first time. Tried it with the blue hat instead and it was fine.


Curling rocks! Great little time waster--thanks for including it.


Level 2 of Hats is a bit bugged, but it works fine if you use the blue hat or the yellow hat facing right instead of left (as the arrow tells you to do anyway, but I didn't notice that on my first playthrough).


The "Colour My Life" video was lovely!

I was completely convinced that it was going to be a marriage proposal, that we would find out that the entire series of games was leading up to the creator proposing via the Colour finale video. I was honestly surprised when it didn't say, "(Name), will you marry me?" at the very end.

I'd have definitely been left bawling at work if if had. :-)


I'm experiencing a bug in Rabbit Rustler, I'm using FireFox and this has happened twice now.

I play the first two levels, I get an ad and a link to go back to the game, and when I get back level three is showing as orange (next level to be played) but level one is the only one unlocked.


I can't get curling to work :(

Some Weird Girl February 19, 2010 8:00 PM

I loved the "Colour My Life" video! I'm like 13 and I almost started crying! The music in this video was better than all the games combined, and really enhanced the whole experience. I couldn't find any of the black sparkles that the creater promised are in the video, though. Would someone please tell me how to find them/where they are?


for Colour my life

it's on the top branch of the first tree on the right when the guy opens the curtains

:) have to be a bit quick though


I'm so confused by "Hats". I can't figure out how to get past the guard in the first level. I've tried out all the different hats, and he just ends up catching me.


For Let's Currl, how do you get them to sweep?

I tried shouting "Sweeeeeep! Sweeeeeep!" in the approved manner, but nothing happened. I also tried clicking and waving my mouse over the sweepers and the brooms and still nothing happened.

It probably knows I hate curling.


Oops ... I guess I should have read the instructions. The arrows control the sweepers.

OrigamiMarie February 21, 2010 4:19 AM

Hats was a short bit of fun. A bit of help for @JIGuest

Wait for the guard to go left, then get down on the same level with him near the blue signs. When he's coming at you, hit C and *don't move* until he goes completely through you. Then walk quickly to the door before he catches you.


Was stuck on the last level of Hats last time - beat the whole thing easily this time.


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