JIG Poker Night recap

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JayTriple JackJIG Poker Night keeps getting bigger and better. Yesterday saw a record number of simultaneous players in our private JIG Triplejack poker lounge, and we even awarded some of the lucky ones with prizes to take away from the event.

Here's how it worked: we held a series of standard, 11-player, Texas Hold'em tournaments, in which each player buys-in for $500 in chips (money at Triplejack is free). The player to win all of the chips from all of the other players at the table was awarded a free JIG Casual Gameplay T-shirt.

Twelve such tournaments were held, and twelve t-shirts were given out to the following winners:

  • Tournament #1 winner: Poker5495
  • Tournament #2 winner: Fredthesecond
  • Tournament #3 winner: Megsuma
  • Tournament #4 winner: GamingFox
  • Tournament #5 winner: Unstoppable
  • Tournament #6 winner: Videogamer
  • Tournament #7 winner: Reddwarf (forfeited to Dumbface)
  • Tournament #8 winner: Kazzean
  • Tournament #9 winner: TBSuperstar
  • Tournament #10 winner: Bettyboo
  • Tournament #11 winner: Fabrixio
  • Tournament #12 winner: BeeSting

But it didn't end there. Each winner then had the option to trade-in the shirt for a spot at the final table for an even bigger prize package:

  • One FREE month Power Player subscription to Triplejack
  • One FREE game of your choice from ArcadeTown
  • One FREE JIG Casual Gameplay T-shirt

And while some opted to take the t-shirt and run, five players decided to go for the grand prize package and be declared the very first JIG Poker Night Champion of Tournaments!

The match at the final table was exciting right up to the very end, with chip leader being traded several times among the players. It all came down to Fabrixio and Bettyboo going heads-up at the end, and either of them could have been victorious. However, it seemed that Lady Luck was rooting for Bettyboo as she managed to thwart Fabrixio's all-in attempt at pot domination to walk away with the championship! =)

Champion of Tournaments #1: Bettyboo!

Congratulations to all the winners, and thank you all for participating and helping to make yet another JIG Poker Night so successful and, most of all, a whole lot of FUN! Please join us next Saturday when there is sure to be something new and exciting to do, and perhaps even more prizes to win, too.

If you were a winner and decided to keep the t-shirt, and if haven't sent in your shipping address and desired shirt size yet (L, XL, or 2XL), then please do so as the shirts will be going out this week. Please use the email address at the bottom of the left-hand sidebar.

My sincere thanks and appreciation to the very kind folks at Triplejack, especially Zen Blender and all of the admins, for the very warm reception that all of us here at JIG have received from them, and for sponsoring their part of the prize package for the tournament.


video_game_freak (videogamer_) January 14, 2007 3:21 PM

bahaha fourth place in the final tourney :p almost got the final prize (not really...)lol. Thanks for the great night jay, and i hope to see you again next week :D


oh man, i lost to the winner of the final table, great.

Great time, Jay. Let's do it again sometime :)



Great night, never thought poker could be that much fun (=

Hope to see all of you again next week (and win all your chips, too!) :P


That was a lot of fun! Next time, I would like to know when the poker night ends officially (for me it ended very late at night.)


I had troubles with their software - on my Mac + Firefox + newest flash, I kept getting disconnected for just long enough to miss my turn and owe a big blind again. Anybody else experience that?


Argh, I was out playing Irish music and missed it!
Oh well, when's the next one?


was a bit early in the morning here for me. 7am I think. I'm just getting up and getting the kiddo up and organised at that time. :(


maXro: for me, it ended at 4 AM ;)

played as Nanageddon, fwiw

Vault1122 January 14, 2007 6:23 PM

Heh, fun times. Lost all my chips though...
I got to pie Jay so it was all worth it. :P


Darn it if I had known there was a prize I wouldn't have gone all in so soon.. Cheers all, good game. I look forward to next week.

fredthesecond January 14, 2007 8:27 PM

Had a great time people - really enjoyable and involved tourney, thanks. See you again next week.

Martin (fredthesecond)


When were the tourneys? The time frame is sorta confusing... there are obviously players from all around the world. Oh well, I got to pie jay... although I have yet to come out with a gain in the JIG lounge... I think we (JIG players) are better than the average triplejack player from the public lounges.


Hey all, was great fun (for the time i was actually there) but i'd better get practicing so i don't again go all in against a revealed flush heh.

Cya all next saturday (what time is the next one at? :S )


Ye that was alot of fun :), the winner, Bettyboo i was in the same tourney as her and i came third, me and redkolnoa were behind her
It Was great fun Jay and ill try and get there next week:)


Ya got me hooked Jay.... darn you! ;-)


here is the 2nd place, was a funny night, and i promise next saturday i'll be there to get 1st place again!



i like throwing pies too much..

p.s. i did make it on time, jay-- won with a straight flush o.O


and then there was....



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