JIG Poker Night #3 recap

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JayTriple JackAnother successful Poker Night saw lots of people here on hand for our weekly tournament of tournaments. There were just a couple minor hiccups in the very beginning with the initial mad rush to enter the first couple of tourneys, but after that it was smooth sailing through to the final table.

Similar to last week, we held a series of standard, 11-player, Texas Hold'em tournaments, in which each player buys-in for $500 in chips (money at Triplejack is free). The player to win all of the chips from all of the other players at the table qualified and earned a seat at the final table.

  • Tournament #1 winner: Satyn
  • Tournament #2 winner: JDHopeFB
  • Tournament #3 winner: Melman2002
  • Tournament #4 winner: Gadzooker
  • Tournament #5 winner: Ejg930
  • Tournament #6 winner: Totalconfuzion
  • Tournament #7 winner: Spun00
  • Tournament #8 winner: JacksonS
  • Tournament #9 winner: ShadowKnight18
  • Tournament #10 winner: Supersasha
  • Tournament #11 winner: Jennifer216

Once all the tournaments were held, these players all took their seats at the final table for a fight to the finish in one grandaddy elimination tournament. The prizes up for grabs this week to be split among the top 3 finishers:

  • (3) FREE Eets games—our pick for Best of 2006 in the Downloadable (Other) category
  • (1) FREE month Power Player subscription to Triplejack
  • (1) FREE deck of Triplejack playing cards
  • (1) FREE JIG Casual Gameplay T-shirt

Final table matches are always exciting with prizes at stake, and this week's match was no exception. Lots of spectators were in the room to watch the final event unfold (even Jamosup was there). Eventually, as players were eliminated one-by-one, it all came down to just three players: Melman2002, Jennifer216, and Totalconfuzion, which also happens to be the order in which they finished.

Champion of Tournaments #2: Melman2002!

Melman2002 joins Bettyboo, last week's champion, as those who have been entered into a JIG Poker Night Grand Prize drawing to be held on an as of yet undisclosed future date. We're not announcing the prize yet because we're still trying to get our hands on one. But when we do, we'll announce what it is. =)

Congratulations to all the winners—even if you didn't win a prize at the final table you still walked away with more Triplejack chips than you started with—and thank you all for participating and helping to make this week's event run smoothly and efficiently.

A BIG shout-out and thank you(!) to the Triplejack admins (Pezzer, 5treeter, Mel2, Dee2, 1RiverKid, and Reddwarf) for lending a hand, it is very much appreciated! Next week we'll assign one person in each tournament to be "table captain" and who's job it will be to report the winner to me when finished.

And again my sincere thanks and appreciation to the very kind folks at Triplejack for again sponsoring their part of the prize package for the tournament.

Please join us next Saturday in our private Triplejack poker lounge for more poker fun, prizes, and, of course, pies! Lots and lots of pies!


jennifer216 January 21, 2007 5:20 PM

thanks jay for holding this tourney. it was really fun and I hope to make the next one. :)


That was quite a bit of fun.

I was crowned KING OF THE LOSERS. :)


/pie Jayisgames

Curse you, jay! Why must you hold these Saturday nights! I am always away from my computer on Saturdays... :(

Ah, well. I'd probably just lose all my money anyways.

/pie Harukio

That's just because I know you're mocking me, Harukio.

Supersasha January 21, 2007 8:36 PM

Thanks for hosting, definetly a fun tourney, love the poker site and playing with fellow gamers.


This is random and has nothing to do with the subject manner, LoL but is that figure in the image at the top the Diva from the movie the Fifth Element? ...just wondering cause if so, it seems like quite the random place to put her LoL


lol. UnknownGuy, I'm very sorry to say that the crown actually belongs to me. I lost all my chips in the very first hand of the first qualifying tournament ... beat that!

Great fun nonetheless. And I actually know how to play now. So next Saturday, you're all going down.


teri - that would be her, yes. The dealers in the game are awesome; besides the Diva shown above, there's also Bruce Lee, the Predator, the Alien, Marilyn Monroe, Moses, Santa, Wonder Woman, and probably a few more that I can't recall right now...


And then there's Gene Simmons, Napoleon Dynomite, Godzilla, El Rey (Mucha Lucha), James Dean, and Jimi Hendrix.

There's another one, a woman with red hair that I don't have a clue about who it is.

Riibbiitt January 22, 2007 6:39 AM


Not sure if I should thank you or curse you.

I never would have known about this site if it wasn't for you. *dirty look*

It really is addictive.

REALLY addictive.

If only I could throw pies at people in real life.

That would be awesome.

So...thanks. Kinda. *s*


and probably a few more that I can't recall right now...

I pity the foo who forgot about Mr T!


lol@Riibiit - that's almost exactly how I feel.

More dealers: Yoda, the Terminator


Hey, Jay. Clever way of mentioning me. Hope to see ya JiG Poker Night 4! ;)


Sorry valauraka, there was a losers tournament near the end of the real, and I got last in that too.

My crown. :)


Hehehe. Ok, in that case, I cede it to you, Your Highness.


Add to the dealer list: Sammy Davis Jr.


So that's who that guy is - I saw him, but I had no idea who it was...
One more: the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man


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