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Elfyourself.jpgJohn BeaverEver wondered how you'd look in an elf hat, green tunic, and striped pants doing a crazy dance? No?? For some extreme holiday silliness, I recommend Elf Yourself. It's not a game, but it's festive and has great potential for amusement (and embarrassment). The principle is simple: find a photo of yourself (or you partner, boss, enemy, etc); select the facial area in the photo (there is a neat web-based tool to help you scale and rotate your chosen shot) and submit the result. You even get an option to record a voice message to go with it (although disappointingly, this is through a phone line rather than via your PC).

Once completed, you can preview the result or email it to a friend. Personally, I am a little wary of the potential for spam as the site's Privacy Policy allows the hosting site (Office Max) to use the submitted email address for promotional purposes. However, (at least using my Windows XP/Outlook combination) you can enter a dummy address which will automatically generate an Outlook message with a direct URL to your creation which you can then save and send to anybody you like.

Release your inner elf!

Play Elf Yourself


Cool! Thanks for this! Good replacement for e-cards this holiday!^_^
Merry christmas everyone!


is that you in the picture?


hahahah this is hilarious


I had fun with this earlier, I used a bit goffier face, though. Quite fun, I got a kick out of it the first time I saw it.


so this is pretty much amazing.


Hehe, this is actually amazing. I used Skype to call them and record my message, which appears to be a free service, and here is the result...



How do you elf a group of people together? Do you have anything for a group of people? For example, 3 or 5 people doing the Elf dnacing?

Delphia Clements December 31, 2006 10:22 PM

See the trees for a second, flash of the green loading bar, then nothing-has it been withdrawn so soon??


Great. Had great fun over the Christmas period with this. Would be even better if you could load three or four together.
Thanks anyway.


Anyone know what agency produced this? I'm looking to do something similar and would appreciate the referral!


When I clicked it it didn't work....Maybe it's just my computer?


Looks like the server is offline. That happens from time to time on the Web. Try again later.

Now if a 404 comes up, or a search engine domain page of some sort, then we know the site was taken down. Under those circumstances I would remove the game from the recommended section. Perhaps I'll do that anyway.

OrangeKitty May 14, 2007 10:13 PM

Elf Yourself was created by the San Francisco-based digital content marketing firm called EVB. They do some really cool work for a variety of big name clients. Check it out, www.EVB.com


You can now do 3 or 4 people on this site. It is some deriously fun stuff. I just cant figure out how to put this on my MYSPACE.


I am technically challenged...is there a way to insert the dancing elves in a Powerpoint presentation?


this would be a great thing to have as HTML's
more would do it i think
e mails can be deleted
animation like that is a keeper

Anonymous December 5, 2007 1:51 PM

I'm trying to load my pictures on the site and its been about 25 minutes and the site STILL says its loading my first pic! Is that normal?!?

tina kinzer December 7, 2007 6:18 PM

i created my elfs and call in my voice message but i can not get it apear on my space

Marty the Elf December 8, 2007 1:01 AM

I placed an Elf yourself group of 4, some of the other elves are not amused. I would now like to withdraw it. How can I go about cancelling/removing it?


I cannot send elf yourselfs in email. What am I doing wrong? If I preview it I lose it and cannot find it again. If I try to send it I get email page but cannot find the file to send.


elf yourself is really funny, especially if you add male pictures.


how can I resize a picture, everything I download (after I have resized it on Irfanview) says picture is too big. Please help. Thanks


yoyoyo this thing is FUNNYY..


Gloria, I am having the same trouble as you. Once I preview the Elf Yourself video with the photos of me and my co-worker, I can not retrieve it again to email it out to people. Any techies out there who can help us? Thanks! Ann


I have been sent 2 different elf links- both load for a second then say done w/ light blue screen- what is wrong?




I cannot access elf yourself. I have no problem with other media. Help.


I have been sent 1 elf links- From my boys it load for a second then say done w/ light blue screen- what is wrong?


I cannot send elf yourselfs in email. What am I doing wrong?


If you successfully preview yourselves as elves, click on the link that says, "send to a friend" and send it to your own e-mail. Then you will have a link to send to other people.

I'm also wondering about the blue screen problem -- I get that at work. At home, I'm using Mozilla Firefox instead of MS Explorer.

Salena Pereida December 17, 2007 9:33 PM

I'm trying to get in onto my myspace does anyone know how?


If you are having difficulty (getting the blue/gray screen & DONE) opening the Elf Yourself link, try updating your Flash player. On the Adobe Flash Downloads website:


There is a red icon in the upper middle section of the page which will automatically guide you to obtaining the latest flash player. It is free and only takes moments. Merry Christmas


once you have you and your loved ones as little elfs how do you save a pic of that as just a picture as many people ive seen have been able to do and put as their defaults on myspace/facebook or as the backgrounds for their computers? I CANNOT figure it out!


I can't get "elf myself" to load, the bar will fill up abt 3/4 of the way then stop for hours and won't go on. How do I fix this?


Does anyone know how to save this on your computer? I'd like to save it after the site comes down in January.



Wanna see Bush and his family dress in Goofy Elf Outfits and dance like an idoit? Check out this funny site

Have a laugh!

Who knows December 6, 2009 9:08 AM

The shift key doesn't work on it but it works everywhere else. How do I overcome this problem?


I elfed the Spongebob Squarepants cast. :) I saw Spongebob, Patrick, Squidward, Mr. Krabs, and Sandy all sing christmas carols in ridiculous chipmunked voices! XD


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