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KyhCreeper World 2: AcademyWhat? Another Creeper World game? Oh no, this is a flash game from Creeper World 2. It's bigger, badder, and more side view-y. Knuckle Cracker's Creeper World 2: Academy introduces you to a whole new experience.

Rather than the top-down view of the original Creeper World, you're given a side view which offers an easier visual of creeper depth. Also brought in due to this new perspective is the advent of mining ore. And when is this ore used? Why, when you start producing anti-creeper. Take that, you blue substance! So, along with your trusty blasters and launchers, new to your arsenal are the makers, which produce the anti-creeper, and the nullifiers, which (gasp!) destroy emitters!

What Academy offers over the new view point and weaponry is upgraded, more colorful graphics and a storyline with a cast of amusing, if cheesy, characters. This doesn't just feel like another entry into a great real time strategy series, it feels like a stronger, more entertaining cousin. If you loved the other Creeper World flash games, you'll love this one. With both an interactive tutorial at the beginning of levels and the same mouse driven control setup (with optional keyboard hotkeys) as the previous games, it's a cinch to pick up even if you're new to beating back the creeper. Back! Back, I say!

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Very nice difficulty curve (although Mission 7: Pressure took me awhile to figure out) with the later missions taking some planning and strategy. I'm still working on the last mission, gave up last night after 2 hrs.

Couldn't get close enough to the emitters to take them out and every time I got my blasters surrounding the emitters to place the nullifier, a drone came out and all the blasters went after the drone and ignored the creeper, which took out the nullifier.

I haven't tried saving a mission in progress because I always come up with a new strategy when I start the mission again.


Um. It would be nice if the review said what the game was about... Sorry but it's a bit weird and annoying.


To do the last mission:

Mine out the map and fill it with reactors (max +energy).

That gives you the energy income to have blasters at max power. With lots of blasters and a few launchers, you should be able to win.

The bottom right corner of the screen should be filled with blasters.

Also, get max upgrades for weapon speed and range.


I didn't read the spoiler, but I noticed that you can set the blasters to ignore the drones, so try that. I haven't gotten past "Engineering" yet though, any tips on how to put a dent in this thing so I can nullify it?




I didn't notice the blaster menu, thanks for the tip. That would have made all the difference in the world. With six full rows of blasters and two rows of launchers, I had the firepower and energy. Just missed the switch on the blasters. That takes this game to awesome.


For Mission 5: Engineering

I filled each of the two chambers with blasters and launchers, they shoot through the shield, and then moved the repulsers/blasters/launchers down one square at a time. Once out of the starting section I carved a square on either side of the repulser beam and put a launcher in each space.

For the bottom section I carved out the ground completely across, loaded it up with blasters, put another microrift in the space between the starting areas, and pushed the creeper to the left until I could get a couple of repulsers on the right side of the emitter. That gave me enough room to get a nullifier going.

It still took me over 46 min. for that mission.


How do you beat Mission 4 : Spelunking?
There is no Ore to use for Blasters or Anti-creeper!


You don't need ore for blasters?


Furlucis - I figured it out, but I feel like a total n00b when I did.
Urgh, the 'tutorial' and the Help section don't explain that at all.

Now I'm working on Mission 7 and having trouble.


Hey I can't get past the ninth level, so can someone post a spoiler for that level. Thanks.

i c u r 2 i 4 m e January 1, 2012 7:39 AM

HELP!! how do you beat the spelonking level 4?

I had it firing all night, no difference. can't built nullifiers....



I need help with level 7: Pressure. Any one got some tips?


for pressure use repulsers and blasters, 3 thick. and launchers behind them


I believe you should use shields to block the creeper. Place blasters/launchers behind the shields, and maybe a repulser.


for number 5 I wasn't making any usable head way until I set up a repulser pointed down above the blocks of creeper moving back and forth. that caused the creeper that was moving to spread out so the blasters could get it, after that the wierd lines went down quick and after that it was just cleanup


also for the first comment, in the menu you get when you click the blasters you can set them to go after things in a given order


Anybody bought the full game? I'm kind of considering doing so, but I'm curious what others thought of it.

PS. Seconding the comment about why the review doesn't say what the game IS. The only reason I tried it anyway was because it was in the best games of 2011.

klrehm123 October 16, 2012 6:29 PM

"Hey I can't get past the ninth level, so can someone post a spoiler for that level. Thanks."
well, daniel here it is:

1. put the liberation ship to the top right corner as far as possible, ignoring EVERYTHING at the bottom.
2. place one blaster at the small rock surrounded with creeper.
3. once the creeper is destroyed, surround the rock with reactors(that should be enough to supply power to another reactor).
4. attack the creeper below the rock, The one WITHOUT the emitters, and then put reactors on ANY free space you can find there, even in battle.
5. tip: you can put 2 beacons to increase your range and then just nullify the emitters.
6. put as many blasters as you can by that creeper and continue attacking it until it is gone.
7.put reactors on any free space.
8. dig until you reach the drones and attack them with the blasters
8. hold them off until the canister is filled up.

Shadow7015 November 12, 2012 8:14 PM

Anyone know how to beat the 30th level?


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