Captain Dan vs. Zombie Plan

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DoraCaptain Dan TitleWhat-ho, my refined gentlemen and ladies! You have been chosen not just for your good taste and exceptional breeding. We have seen the expressions of disdain on your faces at the grand galas as you listen to the inane patter of your peers. We have heard the yawns you try to stifle during the operas, while all around you subdued men and women clap demurely in their kid gloves. We have determined that you, along with the one known only as Monocled Man, are the only ones who pick up a pistol and help… Captain Dan versus the Zombie Plan! (brought to you by Ian Snyder and the good people of BonusLevel)

Oh, yes, you may well laugh. Perhaps you consider it beneath you? Mayhaps I should have mentioned that these are no ordinary zombies? They are vicious creatures with unusual abilities coupled with ravenous taste for your sumptuous flesh, and you are armed only with a simple pistol.

Yes, it will be a long road, to be sure, with many, many levels of difficulty, but Captain Dan's remarkable technology will assist you! In fact, he tells me that by pressing something called the [WASD] "keys" you may direct Monocled Man about the "screen". Further, if you have such a device as a "mouse", you may simply "click" to fire when you acquire a weapon! Such things are beyond a simple maid like myself — I haven't the foggiest what rodents have to do with this crisis — but I am sure you will fare well!

Captain Dan TitleAnalysis: Yes, stealth and quick feet are rewarded here rather than running pell-mell into a level, gun blazing, but you may find yourself doing a tedious amount of waiting. Often you will have only a short window of opportunity to move unseen, and missing this means you will simply have to sit and stew before it presents itself again. Of course, sometimes this happens slower than you may prefer, as these zombies are in no hurry to move anywhere when not making a beeline for your delicious cranium. You must be swift and stealthy as you guide Monocled Man through the area using the environment to his advantage, for if he is spotted, he shall quickly be swarmed. A single touch means certain death.

Ah, but these are trifles, my friends. I know we are speaking of life and death here, but you may even find yourselves enjoying it all. It sounds positively scandalous, but it's true! It's incredibly satisfying to spin about and ventilate the heads of the oncoming horde after spending so much time sneaking about. The challenges mount at a steady pace, so you will likely not feel overwhelmed even in the more frenetic levels, and the introduction of new creatures keeps things "fresh"! Perhaps an odd thing to say about rotting corpses, but it's true!

Ah, me, but I do prattle on. I can see you're anxious to go. I won't keep you, for destiny and bullets await! Godspeed, good friends. And do try to keep your clothes clean. Polite society frowns on even heroes such as yourselves tracking brain matter across the bearskin rugs!

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sirgren April 7, 2009 6:09 PM

cool game


Interesting concept, but the sneaky part is a bit too slow and unforgiving for my taste.


Someone tell me how to exit out of that info screen?


i have never got so frustrated by a game as i have for this one! i almost broke my laptop in rage from this game. it's fun but the later levels rely on perfect timing and luck, which is not what makes a good game


As someone else mentioned, it starts out fun (a puzzle game) but about level ten it gets mostly tedious.

I stopped at level 12, when you had to sneak by 2 of the teleporting zombies. Just no fun.


I tolerated this until "Race 2 zombies." Lots of fun in some maps, ultimately too frustrating to continue on.

robonoob April 8, 2009 1:28 AM

I just passed lvl 12

1. Go down immediately after the level load.
2. Wait until all the teleporting zombies goes to the top right corner.
3. get the gun.
4. Since the teleporting zombies are here, they will teleport zombies to you, even you are not spotted by them.
5. Kill all those spotters, teleporting zombies and then zombies


It's not the kind of game you sit down and watch like a Tower Defense game. It's totally based on your skills and it's really a hard game after level 12. But this is the kind of challenge some players like. Most of casual players will only play 10 levels here I guess. My colleague spent 3 days on this game, complaining it was a frustrating game but he couldn't stop playing it :) .


Thanks for the feature, JiG!

I'd be interested to hear more from those who found it too frusterating. Like maybe if there's a particular quality to certain levels that makes them more frusterating than others?

On passing level 12, and playing the game in general,

Many levels rely on getting really close to the zombies, almost too close to be comfortable.

Level 12, for example. I usually beat it by running strait through the camera zombies, as they're placed in holes in the wall. Then wait at the corners for the teleporters to walk by and right as they come around, run by them. This allows as little time as possible for them to see you.

Ultimately, I think at the heart of the game's mechanics is the concept of learning how to "break" a level design and beat it in a way you're not supposed to. If it's played like any other zombie game you'll quickly end up bitten, but a little bit of creative thinking can go a long way.

JIG is Awesome! April 8, 2009 2:35 PM

There seems to be a bug in lvl 11 that allows the normal zombies to simply walk through the wall when you are seen by the camera zombies. This has happened to me repeatedly despite going unobserved by the teleporters and before I have opened the wall with the switch.


stuck on level 64


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