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BlueprintWith the winter quarter finishing up next week at RIT, I've had little time of late to spend digging up those hard-to-find gems I like to feature here. No worries. David Thorburn's amazing physics-based Teagames saves the day.

Blueprint is a brand new blue brainteaser similar in concept to the previously reviewed CCL Game and to the Incredible Machine series of games from as far back as 1993. The objective of the game is to arrange the component parts on the play field so that when the ball is released it will hit the target.

Use the mouse to drag the parts around on the grid of the blueprint background. A piece will either 'snap' into place or will turn red if it cannot be positioned where you move it. Once all pieces are positioned the way you like, click the "Start" button to set the ball in motion.

Analysis: Blueprint is an elegantly simple game that increases in challenge and difficulty as the levels progress, though levels may be completed in any order. The scoring and high score system for this game is flawed since the levels don't change each time you play. Attaining a high score is reduced to those who figure out the correct placement first, only to speed through a second time knowing the answers. Nonetheless, David's exceptional Flash physics engine has been put to good use in yet another engaging casual game for his Teagames website. Wonderful stuff.

I really do love these types of games, and yet it seems I am always left wanting more. It's as if there is potential here for a much more gratifying experience, one that includes all the various components and contraptions, but with different objectives than simply hitting a target. Something like a pachinko or a pinball machine in which I can arrange the various bumpers and pegs to yield the highest score, maybe?

When I was very young, I had a unique set of wooden blocks with grooves that marbles could be rolled upon. Corner blocks had tunnels carved within to redirect the marbles at right angles. With the entire set, an elaborate system could be built to the great reward of simply watching the marbles travel through it. Those blocks were my favorite childhood toy, and I can't help but think of the good times I had with them when I play games such as this.

Play Blueprint

Walkthrough Guide

(Please allow page to fully load for spoiler tags to be functional.)


Cool stuff :)


I just found this yesterday and I was wondering when you would get around to reviewing it. teagames is awesome and this new addition is great fun.


What gives? I hit start and the button switches to reset but the ball doesn't move. I could move the pieces and the little treadmill before clicking start. The reset button doesn't reset when I click it. I tried it on both IE and Firefox and got the same results. Any suggestions?


Cheers for the 'walkthrough' tobey! =)

I copied your images to the jayisgames server for posterity. I'm not sure how long photobucket keeps things around.


Just wanted to tell you that each game is different.. So your fine pictures wont help most people


Hey jay! I played with those exact same blocks back in the third grade. I would spend the whole day playing with those. Thanks for bringing back those memories =)

It would be fun to play with a flash game like that. It would probably be as fun as that world of sand game.


whoops.. sorry for that, im incorrect.. It IS the same each time..


a similar game to this (and an awesome game to boot) is whizzball.


No worries, Oskar, though I wish you were correct. It would have significantly improved the replay of the game.

Good call, Blink. In fact, I tried to fit a mention of that one into the review, but it seemed awkward where I had it so I took it out. =)


Cool game. Teagames have always been awesome. Cool find, Jay!


This game reminds me of an old game I have called The Incredible Machine...


I must say though the walktrough may be helpfull it misses some of the much much easier solutions.


So when I click start, the start button turns into a reset button and absolutely nothing else happens. When I click the reset button, absolutely nothing happens. None of the help files mention how to get the ball to move. How does this work?


Gosh, there always seems to be someone that has trouble playing one of these games.

I'd be sure Flash Player 8 is installed on your computer. I have heard reports of strange and unusual behavior when trying to play Flash 8 games on previous versions of the player.


It seems all the puzzles only have 1 possible solution. Or at least it is ment to have. I found a funny solution for level 12 by leaving 2 pieces unused:

William Shubert February 15, 2006 12:47 PM

That toy is called Multiway Rollway. I had it as a kid too, wow it was fun. I loved to build the most complex paths I could, where the ball would roll, fall, and fly from one part of the system to another on its way down. Many hours spent on this!


YES, That's it! Multiway Rollway by Creative Playthings.

Thanks for that, William. Oh the memories. The world definitely needs an online version to play with. =)


It's interesting to see the setup in the spoilers. In most of the higher levels, I used different setups and they all work as well.

The scoring is strange and very inconsistent.


I have Flash Player 8 installed and I just cannot get it to work, it just stops being fucntional after I hit start. I've tried in FireFox and IE and also on a different computer and haven't had any luck.

Any suggestions?



I am still having the same problem. I have uninstalled flash, reinstalled flash. I now have flash player, and in Opera 8.5, FF 1.5, and IE7 beta, when I click start, nothing happens.

On another computer, it works flawlessly.


Use the other computer.

=) sorry to make light of your situation, Tom, and yet I am at a loss as to what the problem could be. I've been a computer professional for 20 years, and I have given up trying to understand Windows. When it works, it's great; but when it doesn't, God help you.

Are you able to view ANYTHING in Flash?


Yes. Everything other flash file I've viewed seems to work perfectly. (I'm also a computer professional, although not for 20 years.) I love the game though. Oh well.


Jay and others, thought you would like to know the game has seven new levels and looks to add 7 more in the future. High scores appear to have been fixed as well.


Cheers Jondoogin! That's great news, and a good reason to go play this one again. =)


Hi Jay, fantastic site! I found this site while since looking for a hint (without spoilers) for the fantastic Hapland 2 and have been lurking here for a while since but haven't posted yet.

Now I know I'm only 20, and probably a bit too young to be harping on about my youth already but what the heck. When I was a kid, we had an out-of-date amiga 600 and I loved "Bill's Tomato Game", anybody remember that?

Well these games make me reminisce about that great game which is why I have a real soft spot for "physics based puzzlers" like this one. Anybody looking for a project to take on? Well I seriously suggest a flash incarnation of "Bill's Tomato Game"!

Anyway, I think that'll suffice for a first post..


I think you should review Whizzball, Jay. The puzzle picking systems is poor, but it's pretty amazing the number of puzzles that they are making the kids create every day.


Hello all... there are seven new levels on the teagames website and I am totally **&$£!* stuck on the last one (level 21). Any help much appreciated.


There is a much better way of doing level 7, simply make a nearly full circle wit hthe tubes and bounce the ball will come all the way around and re-hit the bouncy thing and fly to the target


Here's the sollution to a couple of new puzzles

Level 1


Hello all... there are seven new levels on the teagames website and I am totally **&$£!* stuck on the last one (level 21). Any help much appreciated.

...posted by: Harry

put the treatmill at the fourth place under the ball then put the half - pipe 1 place above ground and their have to be 2 places free at the left on the treadmill then put the upward nudge 2 places to the left of the half-pipe and on the ground then put the last upward nudge on the sixth place left off the lowest block

sorry for bad english hope you understand


I need help on the second to last one of the new ones.


i worked out the 2nd from last level, you've got to put the green ramp with 3 blocks under it, with the point of the top of it in line with the right of the target.. then the bent blue tube on the bottom row with 1 block to the right of the target and the pusher thing also on the bottom row, 1 block to the left of the bottom of the ramp! i hope this makes sense!


i just solved puzzle 21!!!!!!!!


i cant do the last of the new levels it annoys me!


Horray for new levels!!!

apocalypse22 May 16, 2006 3:17 PM

Walkthrough on new levels? screen shot of final?

Fluffyducky May 19, 2006 9:31 AM

someone post a walkthrough for the new levels please!!!


Heres a solution of how to complete the final level (of the new ones)

apocalypse22 May 22, 2006 1:56 AM

haha nice work zeemastair, but id also like to see the puzzle solved the way the creators intended. Yours seems to take a bit long.


the are now 7 more new levels to play and i need a walkthrough of it


that was a solution for the last one.

i have beaten all of them except one so if anyone needs solutions i can post them.

the only one i can't beat is number 22 i think. the one with the right nudge, the left nudge, and the pink triangle ramp.

DougyCorolla May 26, 2006 11:38 AM

Here is a solution for #22 with the left and right bumpers and one up bumper and a triangle wedge:) First put the pink triangle directly below the ball so that the ball hits the middle of it, and have it one square from the bottom. Next, place the left pointing bumper to the right of the ramp so that the ball roles down and hits it. Next place the right pointing bumper one square to the left of the wedge, and one square off the ground. (one square of gap between it and the flat side of the wedge) Lastly, place the uppward facing bumper four squares from the right hand wall, and three squares up. BINGO



hey dillion could you post up some solutions. that would be great!


thanks but thats not the one i'm talking about.

i can't solve this one

i'm not sure what number it is but i just can't seem to get it.

ace1wizard May 27, 2006 6:29 AM

number 22 is the one with the crossroad thing...i cant believe i did that one first time.

DougyCorolla May 28, 2006 4:57 PM

Ooopss Sorry guys, I did do the wrong one. Here is the solution for the one you meant Dillon...

The key is that you can move the grey block...

so first put the pink triangle below the ball so that its centered below it. Next, put the right facing bumper at the bottom of the ramp so that the ball can roll down and hit it right away. Tak e the grey square and put it so that the bottom right hand corner of the square touches the top left hand corner of the right facing bumper. Lastly, the right hand facing bumper goes two squares left and two squares up from the bottom right hand corner of the playing field.


I posted solutions for the new Blueprint levels here.

inneedofhelp June 9, 2006 5:34 PM

can someone tell me ow ot beat the one with the three blocks in the middle and there are two upward nudges, one half-pipe and a tredmill that pushes to the left?


Alternate solution to level 7 (of the 28):

Just because it's funny that it even works.


I've completed the game, and added screenshots of how to do each level here:
but I recommend only using it if you're truly stuck, because it's no fun otherwise :)

One or two concepts (and a few screenshots which I forgot to press Print Screen for) were taken from this site as well as others so thanks to everyone who helped out. BTW I've named the levels in a different way to everyone else, so check the level_legend image first, thanks :)


I found an alternate solution to this level.


can anybody post the one for the third on the new ones?


im stuck on level 15 (1st new one) plz help


Challenging but fun.


Very nice game. A puzzler with a unique twist. Better than all those match-3 games if you ask me.


:o I was reading your review and the game and was reminded of how I used to play with marbles like that too. Except I used anything I could find around the house. Books, Jenga blocks, foosball table, rulers. The game Whizzball that someone else mentioned in another comment is something like that. There's also the falling sand timewasters that can go along the same lines.


what about the other 14 levels i need help

Anonymous June 7, 2007 5:09 PM

woot i did lvl 28 =)


can someone please post the spoilers for the 14 other levels that are in the bottom row when you select one to play?



Hey oskar!

Tobey's walkthrough is right! it's the same EVERY TIME!!!

jodabomb May 17, 2009 8:01 PM

Help! I can't figure out the 3rd level on the bottom row! Help! Help!

Calvin May 7, 2010 3:02 PM

Madtown, try updating your flash player.


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