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The Spider's Bride We here at JIG don't endorse rampant butterfly carnage. But we do support true love. And when the object of your affections has eight legs and certain dietary requirements, well, you gotta do what you gotta do, right? Squash butterflies to keep your betrothed fed in this game of skill and balance!

The Leon Wars The Leon Wars is a solid gem of a turn-based strategy game, set in a fantasy world where monsters war against humans. It's surprisingly long and can be pleasantly challenging at times, and the tidy, gore-free presentation is easy on the eyes. If you've ever wanted to order a giant flaming sentient orb or a griffon rider into battle, this is the game for you.


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Categories: braintraining, browser, flash, free, freeworldgroup, game, linux, mac, math, quiz, rating-g, windows

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Math Mountain File this one under brain training games: Math Mountain is an addictive arithmetic game wherein you climb a mountain, competing against another person or the computer, by answering math questions correctly. If you're not very good at arithmetic, Math Mountain is a fun way to practice; if you're already good, then why not give your brain some exercise?


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Categories: action, browser, flash, free, freeworldgroup, game, linux, mac, original, physics, platform, rating-g, unique, windows

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Blobular Blobular is a free online clone of the PSP physics game Loco Roco. Tilt the game world left and right to guide the gooey blob around each stage, collecting fruit along the way. It's a fantastic way to experience the quirky style and gameplay of the PSP game without spending a single cent.

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