Three Nights Escape

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Three Nights Escape

SonicLoverThe alarm clock brings you to your senses. The apartment is dark and ill-furnished. Your weird absentee housemate, Ann, is always asking you to do things for her. You don't know why, but you've got to escape... and you've got to do it over the course of three nights. That's why the latest surreal escape masterpiece by Esklavos's Frederico Rutenberg (remember him for Surreal Escape?) is called Three Nights Escape.

Three Nights Escape isn't as bizarre as, say, Detarou's work, but it's not exactly normal, either, if the horse in the bathtub is any indication. It has all the typical disadvantages of a Rutenberg game... mild pixel hunts even with a changing cursor, puzzles that literally can't be solved without trial and error. Fortunately, the atmosphere redeems it very well, and the puzzles DO make sense if you look at them just right. Overall, it's definitely worth taking a night or three off to play.

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Walkthrough Guide

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Three Nights Escape Walkthrough

Night One: Dance Class

  1. You'll start in the "Bed View". Nothing to see here but the bed and a locked wardrobe. Go right.

  2. Welcome to the "Piano View", which contains a piano and a table. Take the tube of glue from the table, and the screwdriver against the rightmost table leg.

  3. Examine the piano keys. You can play seven of them; after eight notes, you'll get a "Nothing happened" message. Clearly, an eight-note combination is needed here.

  4. Look on top of the piano. There's an antique ballerina figure missing an arm. Hmm...

  5. Back away and go right again to reach the "Door View".

  6. There's a letter under the door. Take it and click on it in your inventory. Ann wants you to fetch a package.

  7. There's an expensive vase on the table to the left, and a canvas or something to the right. You can't do anything with either just yet, so go right to the "Sofa View".

  8. Take the pliers on the sofa and note the two odd pillars, one of which has three niches in it. The painting above the sofa shows this area, and there's supposed to be a door between the pillars, but there isn't. Weird.

  9. Go right to the "Bathtub View" (last one, I promise). You can turn on the water, but to no avail. Take the bicycle tire by the tub.

  10. Go left twice to the Door View, then through the door to go outside. I'll tell you this now, since it's a little confusing: going right from here takes you back inside.

  11. The bike's broken, and you're not going anywhere without it. Use the bicycle tire on the bike, then the pliers, to fix it.

  12. You can now go left, so do so to reach 761 Alley Road.

  13. Ring the doorbell (on the inside right edge of the doorframe; you can see it). You'll get a package.

  14. Bring up the package in your inventory. To solve this puzzle, you have to turn the screws with the screwdriver in the right order to open the package. The lid loosens visibly with each correct turn, but if you turn the wrong screw you have to start over.

  15. The correct order is: lower right, lower left, lower right, upper left, lower left, upper left, lower left, upper right, lower left, lower right.

  16. Once the package is open, take the dancer arm inside.

  17. Backtrack to the Piano View. Combine the glue with the dancer arm, then put it on the dancer. Then take the dancer.

  18. Put the dancer in the niche of the same shape on the pillar in the Sofa View.

  19. Time to go to sleep. Return to the Bed View and click on the bed.

Night Two: Animal Care

  1. Let's see if anything's changed around here. Hey, there's another letter under the door. Pick it up and read it. Ah, Ann wants you to feed and play with the dog, and she gave you the vet's phone number... too bad there's no phone.

  2. Go to the Bathtub View... uh, that is not a dog. Anyways, first we need to feed him.

  3. Maybe there's another package at 761 Alley Road. Go back there and ring the doorbell again; you'll get another package.

  4. As before, you need to unscrew the screws in the right order, which you need to find by trial and error. Or I can just tell you: upper left, upper left, upper right, upper right, lower left, lower left, lower right, lower right, upper left, upper left. You'll get the brush and paint.

  5. Use the brush and paint on the canvas to the right in the Door View, then pick up the grass.

  6. Go to the Bathtub View and feed the grass to the "dog". Now you need something to play with.

  7. Remember the vet's phone number in Ann's letter? There are eight numbers, which only go up to 7... I know where we can use a combination like that. Go to the piano and check the keys. With the leftmost playable key as 1 and the rightmost key as 7, "play" the phone number.

  8. A key drops! Take it, then use it to unlock the wardrobe in the Bed View and get the ball.

  9. Go use the ball on the "dog", then click on it to play. Hm, where did it toss the ball?

  10. Go to the Door View and... whoops! I hope Ann doesn't see that before we're gone. One of the pieces is clickable, so take it.

  11. Go to the pillars in the Sofa View and put the horse-shaped piece in the appropriate niche.

  12. As before, go to bed.

Night Three: Ship Ahoy

  1. As before, there's a letter from Ann under the door. Take it and read it. Something about a ship?

  2. Go outside. Hey, those shears by the boxes to the left weren't there before. Pick them up.

  3. Go to 761 Alley Road and ring the doorbell again for a third package.

  4. Thankfully, there's no trial-and-error screw puzzle this time. Just cut the black cords with the shears until the box is open, then take the ship-in-a-bottle and paper inside.

  5. Go to the Bathtub View. Plug the drain with the paper, then turn on the water to fill the tub. Finally, put the ship-in-a-bottle in the water.

  6. Go back outside and take the newly manifested ship figure.

  7. Put the ship figure in the last recess in the Sofa View's pillars, then click the sparkles that appear in between. Success!


bearharry Author Profile Page August 30, 2013 11:09 AM

but we still can't find Ann...
And I hate the screw puzzle!

Score: 0 (0 votes) Vote up Vote down Report this comment Reply
shjack180 Author Profile Page August 30, 2013 4:26 PM

That was easier than I expected. Definitely an odd escape game and quite nonsensical.

Score: 0 (0 votes) Vote up Vote down Report this comment Reply

Mom always said don't play ball in the house.

Score: 0 (0 votes) Vote up Vote down Report this comment Reply

Nearly thwarted by the invisible


I've always loved Esklavos's sideways thinking, even if the actual game elements are way too simple.

Score: 0 (0 votes) Vote up Vote down Report this comment Reply

That trial and error screw puzzle can die in a fire.

Score: 0 (0 votes) Vote up Vote down Report this comment Reply

I could have done with a couple of Porto bottles Ann would have brought back... never mind...

Paris : cloudy

Score: 0 (0 votes) Vote up Vote down Report this comment Reply

What Tenzhi said

Score: 0 (0 votes) Vote up Vote down Report this comment Reply

Firefox 23.0.1, Mac OS X 10.7.5: I can't seem to click the close boxes on things, which I think makes the game unwinnable.

Score: 0 (0 votes) Vote up Vote down Report this comment Reply

@Tenzhi: You forgot slowly.

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