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Pocket Planes: Trade for airplane parts here!

We have created this special page for community members to swap and trade aircraft parts and Game Center friend codes. Feel free to post requests for parts and replies to existing comments for trading on this page only.

If you are looking for our Pocket Planes Strategy Guide, Hints and Tips Walkthrough, or our Pocket Planes Review, or have general questions or comments about the game not related to trading parts, be sure to visit that page and post your comments there instead.


puredeathknight is my game center name i think

well if we dont get the prizes add me on the game center and i can gift some parts

im loving the new event! finally close to europe and worth 30 bux!! btw dudes and dudettes, i thought it would be a nice idea if we added each other as friends in game center? we can trade parts and build planes for a much lower cost! this can help out new players who have just started because i have a ton of class 1 parts lying around and in need of a birchcraft control!

Lemme know what you think! :D

Does anyone have Navigator-M Controls they can send me? I just need 1
ID is Splogaton

Ah never really went for the navigator M :/ ill buy one incase i come across it

I have all the parts to a Wallaby-M I can give you. Would that work? Very similar stats and still Class 1

Bought a Navigator M and split it up, i sent you the controls Theo and if any one needs the body and engine feel free to add me and let me know!

got mega ninja'd, lol. Anyways, just waiting for the cash to come in to get Casablanca and either Madrid or Algiers.

Anybody got a Kangaroo M that can be traded? I have a wallaby that can be used for now.

Should be the same as here, smjjames, and thanks.

I see. Alright then, thanks Jay! I'll add you in my games center. :)

Will someone send me a plane for the event? Game Center name is IGN Jackson

Just "hangar then fly" one of your existing planes.

I know that, my planes don't have enough range and I have no bux.

Can anyone gift me Kangaroo-M parts pls IGN is Anonymous4245
Btw Jay love the guide tnx very much

Kangaroo-M engine sent! If any other parts pop up on the market, I'll send em your way :)

Tnx for the engine Trinn ^^

[You're welcome! Enjoy :) -Trinn]

A body left and off to Narnia I Go lol

Anyone able to send me parts to build a plane to make it across the Atlantic. I am in need.

Game center I'd is madhatter2010

i have gotten the flight crew reward 14 times already. anyone else have that problem? also who needs Huey parts? i have a few extra now :)

i'll trade you Esimis! I made a killing in coins and bux last night kicking off to get from #1000 to #60 in our flight crew :-)

I'm level 13, what do you wanna swap?

Can anyone gift me ah Huey Engine? XD

Ign: Anonymous4245
Tnx if you consider

well since i have 400bux because of their bug planes are not really a problem now. if you have any class2 planes that can cross from africa to S.America that would be cool. my nick in gamecenter is h4terbreed

could anybody send me an huey body please? i you have one to spare, il send an huey engine in return :)

my game center name is sitroniste :)

dont need the huey body anymore :)
il send my engine to gabby :)

I already recieve the 30 bux :) !
Do anybody have parts for a kanguroo M? I will be pretty appreciated


I have no Kangaroo M, but can send all of a Kangaroo C or P... Or Mohawk M.

Find me on Game Center as ELLE-JIG or elle @ casualgameplay(dot)com.

I have extra planes if anyone else needs them, just let me know!

Hello Elle, thanks that will work too
Im still acepting all planes : ) Thanks!

Who added me like 20 minutes ago? You're not showing up on my friends list for some reason :/ and why did I get another huey part along with 30 more bux!? xD

Thanks Elle for the parts!
Janu I think was I :/
I only recieved one prizes :

Hello Okmyx, starting this game and already was thinking in buy Madrid
Srry the abuse but do you Mohawk C body part?
And also Im accepting all types of pieces too : )




Thanks alot!

Anyone want to trade a Huey engine for another Huey part :-)

I think the reward system bugged out and gave me many of them.

Hey guys :) anyone want to trade a huey engine for another huey part? :-p ... or did everyone get a huey engine...?

Anybody have Birchcraft M control and/or body to give or trade for huey part?

So I have a Huey engine...Anyone else willing to trade parts so I can build it?


Do you have body or control of a Birchcraft M?
I have body and control of a huey

A question: Im level 10 I cam use planes above my level if someone gift me the parts?

@jay I sent you an aero eagle m part as I'm not a fan of the m planes. Feel free to send pezkingjs an aero eagle p or c part. Thank you. We've got to keep up this second place status

@Jog4m I don't have one, but I'll go buy one for you-I'm level 10.

@Jog4m I have to Birchcraft M controls, what now?


How was your username? So i can send you the part and then you send me that part

@Jog4m My username is burly_jim. I'll be waiting!

@Jog4m So what do you want for the Huey controls?




Thats a give : )

@Jog4m I got the body OK, so what can I give you to get the Huey controls?

@Jog4m Thanks, I love the Huey! And @everyone sorry for taking up the chat for so long :P

I have a couple of Huey engines to trade for other Huey parts :)

Let me know if you'd like to trade!

I have a couple of spare Huey engines if anyone wants to trade for another Huey part :)

Also up for trade:

Mowhawk-C (engine, body & controls)

Equinox-P (engine & controls)

Feel free to add me to your game center list! Superdave0531

Hey everyone. I have a bunch of parts that I dont use that I can gift away. If anyone has spares, I could use some Mohawk parts. I will return the favor. My gamecenter name is Jatindrj.

Whoever it was that sent me the parts, I need your name again so I could send some to you too


I sent only a Mohawk part because was the only one I had. Enjoy!
; )

I have some parts coming your way J!

Any body have Birchcraft , Equinox parts and Kanguroo P parts?
I can give some low-end class 1

Please people I need any spare parts or even complete plane parts would be awesome!!!! (I would shower you with gratitude) I have Beijing and now it costs 25000 to reopen it (difficult when I am level 7)!! I need money!! please help would be greatly appreciated!!
GC: Kurtis^_^
Thank you thank you so much also just when sending me a request say PP or pocket planes, or parts. Thanks so much again

omg Jayisgames!! thank you so much!!! I still need more though :,( but thank you so much anyway!! and that eagle one!! omg I love it!! but if I had all the parts.. haha but thx you anyway :)

I would appreciate 20 to 30 bux plz :3

Does anyone have a engine for a supergoulpher-p? My game center Darnel_C

I also join jayisgames, I flew 8 flights to panama so far. @jog4m I got kangaroo 4 body, whats your gamecenter?

any Mohawk M parts would greatly be appreciated!!! thx so much!! will give back! :)
GC: Kurtis^_^

Jayisgames thx for the Mohawk engine. I gave it back to you seeing it was appropriate because I already got a Mohawk by then. If you want any parts for a equinox m or p would be pretty awesome :) but anyway thx you so much for your help and I will try to give you some parts. I am now a lvl 9 and have reopened Bejing :) all thx to this website!! thx so much!! and maybe we can make a deal and see if I post your website everywhere I can to make you know for some part I could arrange that. but anyway thx again ^_^

I don't seem to have anything anyone needs/wants yet, but my name on Game Center is "Monica Mc" if you want to add me anyhow. :)

Hi, if anyone has an extra Huey body then I can trade whatever M-type part you want for it.

Just got the game and I really enjoy it but I could really use some friends as well.

My GC name is Ihiri I will accept all that add me.

Trading Huey Control for a Huey engine

Game Center ID Anonymous4245

I need the supergopher p controls. My gamecenter is carterb91

Hey does anyone know what I need to do in order to get what I'm guessing are the special aircraft? I'm not exactly sure really.

Anyone have any birchcraft parts? Will return the favor. GC- Jatindrj

Jatin accept friend request in game center
Ign: Anonymous4245


Its that one, Jog4m

hi again. I need aeroeagle m part control and engine. will give u tomarrow of parts in exchange. if anyone could make this happen it would mean the world. thx ^\^
GC: Kurtis^_^

Add me --(patrijeje)--

Somebody have Mohawk or Kangoroo parts? I can give back Airvan P parts : )

I can send you the parts to a Mohawk-P, Kangaroo-C, or Kangaroo-M. Let me know which you'd prefer and your Game Center ID.

All of them :)!
The Mohawk P will be nice!
GC: jog4m

[Sent! Enjoy :) - Trinn]

Recieved, thankss!

How come my pocket planes fail to retrieve my friend list. Jayisgames is #2 I joined yesterday and severed 20 jobs so far, is it possible for someone to send me Mohawk p parts for all supergopher p parts?

Does anyone have kangaroo-m parts or Mohawk-p parts my game center id is Teejmiester.

Any starship parts would be greatly appreciated. Game center is samueljt

Jayisgames. please give me a aeroeagle M parts control and engine? plz plz plz it would mean the world. I will give u tons of parts back if u want. I will do anything :)

@jog4m gave you a kangaroo M part. Can you send me all three airvAn parts?

GameCenter Id = Phatbazinga

Got a bunch of kangaroo parts and the lower level airplane parts and a just a few higher ones, ask and I'll send them if I got them

@bazinga I need a Anan c body and all Mohawk P parts.

I want to make transatlantic but i need parts or whole plane coz i cant find it in market. If you don't have any transatlantic parts any parts of planes with 3+ P or C is awsome. Thanks.
My gamecenter name is : zizou1990

"Transatlantic" isn't the name of a particular plane, it refers to any plane that can fly across the Atlantic Ocean. The first aircraft I acquired that was able to make the distance across the Atlantic (I went from Boston to Madrid) was the Pearjet, with upgrades to the range stat, which is purchasable at Level 14.

I just added a bunch of you :-D My name is 'sucobe'. I'm level 17 and got a ton of parts laying around though that I don't mind giving up. I'm based in Australia and finally hitting India/China, so can't be much help on the global events until I open up some airports across western Asian :(

Bearclaws (P body, C body), Equinoxs (all parts), pearjets (all parts) and aeroeagle (P engine/controls, M engine/controls) parts laying around if anyone needs anything

I'll take the aero eagle M engine and controls, if you still got them. I love the combo planes (M). Trying to upgrade my fleet =D

I'm phatbazinga in game friend Id =D

@Hardy Awadjie i need something to do transatlantic. Send me Equinox or a Pearjet please. Thanks.

i'm zizou1990 btw :D

JayisGames!! thx thx thxtthx thx thx u so much!! air the awesome plane parts!! I couldn't be at lvl 11 without your help!!! tons of parts are going to slowly trickle your way :Dthx so much again and hopefully more trades in the future!! :D this is a awesome website!!!

Seenseasbee, please add me!

Sevenseasbee, please add me! Not seenseasbee

now i only need a birchcraft-m body. if anyone have it please send :D
GC ID : zizou1990


Hello, I could use the Equinox, pearjet parts please :)
GC id: jog4m

I don't have any rare planes sorry

Then they're free! Enjoy! I just sent them! ;)

I have an airvan-m controls
But I need an kangaroo-m engine

I have an airvan-m controls
But I need an kangaroo-m engine
GC ID:aaaustin64

I have an airvan-m controls
But I need an kangaroo-m engine
GC ID:aaaustin64

Hey, could really do with parts for/a pearjet, I don't mind which type. Thanks in advance!
Game Center is KURLYKILLER99

My rare planes/parts My wish list
-x10 mapple pro -c130 hercules
-2 concordes -bobcat
-blimp -sea knight
-starship body -kringle kruiser
-concorde engine -hot air balloon

My rare planes and parts
x10 mapple
2 concordes
starship body
concorde engine
My wish list
c130 Hercules
sea knight
kringle kruiser

If anyone here has a kringle kruiser engine, im offering a full sea knight or any concorde part!! just msg me on gc(my name is mcmcm808)telling me your offer, then send the kringle engine, and ill send what u want!!!

Hi i'm looking to trade parts.

Now i have


Looking for parts of these planes and the HOT AIR BALOON, BOBCAT and HUEY.

B.I.G. SAGA in Game Center.


What parts are you looking for?

if anyone has any old class 1 planes they would be willing to give me i would really appreciate it! add me hamposoc on Game Center. i just started so i don't have much to trade sorry

Trading a Sea Knight for a concorde if anyone is interested.

Message me on GC: g1ngernut84

I have two Concorde engines and Concorde is the only plane I give a darn about so I was kinda annoyed. Can anyone trade me a Concorde body for one of my Concorde engines? And then if anyone has Concorde controls I'd be willing to trade either an entire Starship or Cloudliner for them. I would REALLY appreciate any trades :)

Oh yeah, and my Gamecentre name is Yourigthbilly. Can't believe I forgot that... Huh...

That's Yourightbilly, mispelled my own Gamecentre name. Feel like a moron.

Hey guys,

Have: Blimp, P40 Warhawk, Fogbuster controls, Hot air balloon controls

Want: C130 Hercules controls and body, Concorde controls and body.

I will trade an entire plane or the balloon controls plus fogbuster controls for either of the controls + body.

Gamecenter name: Random_Person29

Thank you!

My bad, name is Randomperson29, one word.


I have: 1 Blimp Body, 1 Blimp controls, & 3 Blimp engines. (So basically I have the materials for a blimp plus to extra engines.)

I'm willing to trade for just about anything! (Except more blimp stuff or Sea Knight stuff.)

My game center name is "Olivia R. M".


Selling Airvan M Controls i found in Cebu.
If you need it, give me a part of any other M plane.

I've amassed just about every plane and part, through events and tons of time spent playing. Hit me up. (user name @ gmail, gamecenter adrianstray)

Hey wpc,

You got extra concorde or C130 body and controls?

for trade
hot air control
hot air body
c-130 controls x2
bobcat body
bobcat engine
blimp controls
blimp body
concorde body
concorde engine
huey engine
huey controls
kringle body

will trade for
c-130 engine
concorde controls
huey body

Hello, Olivia Mercurio,

Can I have your Blimp? :) I have all Birchcrafts, Equinox-M and -C, all Kangaroos, Pearjet-M, Aeroeagle-C, Hot Air Balloon Engine, Sequoia-C and -P.

Just tell me what you want traded.

Hit me up in Game Center, Douggy1991.

Will give any part needed
Username- supermihir

I've got an extra kringle controls amd i need an engine. If anyone can help me out that would be fantastic
GC: Iamachamp

Hey lamachamp,
I'll send you a friend request, accept it and I'll send you my spare Kringle Kruiser engine.

GC ID sluggo-joe

Hey lamachamp,
I tried to send you a friend request but Game Center refused lamachamp. Try friending me and I'll send you my spare Kringle Kruiser engine. You can send me Kringle Kruiser controls.

GC ID sluggo-joe

Friend request sent, I must need glasses or a different font for messages.

Hey iamachamp,
I received the Kringle Kruiser control and sent you the Kringle Kruiser engine. Thanks.

I have a Concorde that I am willing to trade for a:
Cloudliner P
Cyclone P

Thanks. Friend and message me at gamecenter. My name is fireice624 and my logo is a South African flag.

Hey I'm in need of a starship. I just think it would be cool to have one. I am willing to trade anything sold in the market

GC Id: KR475

Hey fireice624
I'll trade you a Cloudliner P and a Cyclone P for your Concorde. I've sent a friend request. I have the Cloudliner but need to buy a cyclone p as soon as one appears in my market which should be sometime today.
GC ID sluggo-joe

Sluggo Joe,
I accepted your request. Send me the cloud liner and then I will send you the Concorde. I am having a little buxs problem at the moment. As soon as I can get enough money to send it to you, I will.

Hey fireice624,
I sent the Cloudliner P. I'll send the cyclone P as soon as you send the Concorde.
GC ID sluggo-joe

Hey fireice624,
I sent you the Cloudliner P a few days ago, I'm still waiting for the Concorde you offered. Please send it as soon as possible. I'll then send you the cyclone.
GC ID sluggo-joe

Hi. Anyone still willing to trade their concorde parts? I'm in need of a concorde body and concorde engine. I have an extra concorde control if anyone wants.

Hey yall. Im the newest member of the flight crew

Hey Patrick Soon,

I have an Xtra Concorde Engine I can exchange you for a Concorde Control. Gamecenter name: FensterV

GameCenter Id = Chris koopman

Im looking for any kangaroo mowhak or x10 part!

Looking for concorde controls and engine.
Can give ANY type of regular plane complete for each part, or complete huey for each part.
Email me if interested =)

I am an admitted addict to Pocket Planes. I think y'all are my best crew. I am pulling over 150 for global events, but would like to trade too.

Having trouble with the iOS gamecenter... can anyone add me please? my GID is: solstingr

Hi I am looking for a Concord engine
in return i have a starship body or controls that im willing to trade I'm bna2 on pocket planes
feel free to add me

Hi there,

I'm an (addicted) player at level 56.

I have many parts to trade and am in need of some parts.

My GC-Name is "dr. jack ryan", -no- not because of that horrible new film ;)

Star Ship:
Need: Body & Engine
Have to trade/swap: Controls (several)

Need: Controls
Have: Engine (or will give you three other parts from the list below).

Hot Air Balloon:
Need: Body
Have: Controls (several)

Other parts I'd like to have:
C-130 Hercules Engine
P-40 Warhawk Body
Huey Engine
Sea Knight Engine

Parts I will trade:
P-40 Warhawk Controls
P-40 Warhawk Engine
Blimp Engine
Huey Controls
Huey Body
Sea Knight Body
Sea Knight Controls
Kringle Kruiser Engine
Kringle Kruiser Controls
Every Part of any conventional aircraft

My GC-Name is "dr. jack ryan" - and there is only one Jack Ryan in film - Harrison Ford!

I am looking to trade a Concorde for a 2 Cloudliner Ps and a couple Mohawk Ps.
My gamecenter name is fireice624.

Hey wwieandt I have concorde controls and will trade for a concorde engine you can add me "SpeedyE" and we'll trade.

Screw my last offer. I am starting an Asia division of my airline.


I need:
3 Fogbusters

My gamecenter is fireice624
Message back if interested

Hi fireice624...

3 Fogbuster M oder 1M, 1C and 1P or which combination?

fogbuster P. Just 3 fogbuster Ps.

Fine, I started transferring, it may take 1 or 2 days to get all 3.

I´ll give any kind of entire plane up to cloudliners for concorde controls or engine.
I´ll even give you 5 cloudliners if you give me one concorde.

I need the body for a Concorde. I will trade two controls for the Concorde for it.

Does anyone have any mohawk Ps they could spare? Thanks
Send to fireice624 @gamecebter

New to the game, and would love to find people to trade and gift with. Ddaddy74 is Gc name. Very new to game. Thanks for the help

I Have two extra Concord bodies
badly need a Concord engine
willing to trade both Concord bodies just for
that engine I'm bna2 on pocket planes
add me

probably a silly question, but...
how do you gift an entire plane when using the android version?
I cant seem to see a button for it.
But I can with parts
name is : pplmky

Hi y'all. I am trading a cloud liner p for a fogbuster P, a sequoia P, and an aero eagle P. My gamecenter is fireice624.

Looking to trade my equinox -m for a Mohawk -m. Game centre: brettsir


Send friend request to ztcnwe so we may trade.

I am trading a cloud liner P for a sequoia P and a fogbuster P.
Gamecenter: fireice624

Looking for Concorde engines and controls (as I have the body)

I am willing to trade:
- Blimp Engine
- Starship Body
- Hot air baloon body

my GC ID is: Moshtopus


Anyone Want to Trade a blimp engine for my blimp Controls? I have a body and two controls, so i need an engine :( GC: Brettsir

does anyone want to trade blimp controls or engine for a body?
I have 3 or 4 engines and controls now, lol
name is: pplmky

Moshtopus, add me: pplmky
I have concorde controls.
and I want a hot air balloon body !!!

Blimp engine for blimp body? GC: kenyeximan

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