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Open Sea

JohnBBest of Casual Gameplay 2011Aah, the salt of the sea. Deadly waves threatening to drown passersby. Armed frigates firing on civilians. Mummies scuttling across the sandy beaches, infecting helpless folks with their embalmed charm. It's just an ordinary day for the citizens in Open Sea!, a satisfying and great-looking mobile arcade game by The Pixelizers. To get everyone to safety, you're going to need a little bit of luck and a whole lot of lightning bolts.

Mo has a sweet job working as a prophetic leader in Egypt. One day, he encourages the people to flee across the sea. The problem is, they have no boats, so all of this fleeing has to be done on foot. Open SeaFortunately for Mo and his buddies, you, your Android device, and your swipe-happy finger are there! Simply tap or slide the rows of waves to create gaps so people can cross safely. Guide them from the top of the screen to the bottom, minding every sort of danger that rears its ancient head.

On the friendly side of things are Mo's followers, groups of mindless people who know how to do one thing: walk from the top of the screen to the bottom. Most keep to a fairly straight line and can tiptoe away from the water, but a few troublesome folk need more pampering from you. Lazy followers, for example, will fall asleep in the middle of the screen. Old folks are agonizingly slow. And drunkards weave and bob like a snake playing dodgeball. On the bad guys side of things, expect to see mummies, antagonistic ships, and more throughout your journey.

Levels are splayed out across a map that meanders across the desert. It's mostly linear in nature, but if you earn enough stars, you can gain access to small branches that offer a prize or two at the end. You'll also encounter some friendly faces that may or may not be recognizable. Like Jess, the prophet who, if you guide him to safety, will grant everyone the temporary ability of walking on water. Nice!

Open SeaAnalysis: Open Sea! is precisely the sort of casual game you want on your mobile device. It's easy to pick up and play, a treat to look at, and features a variety of new elements that slowly unlock as you progress, keeping you consistently interested in playing just one more level. Even better, after you blaze through the game, you can go back to earn more stars and unlock even more levels and game modes, a task you'll happily undertake for rewards you'll eagerly consume!

Public service note: Open Sea! is no walk on the beach. The game gets challenging jten or so levels in, and it never lets up, no matter how much crying you do. If you go back to earn more stars, expect even more challenge (and crying), but only subject yourself to that after obtaining a good level of proficiency. Seriously, you will get better at the game. It just takes some time!

Open Sea! is an epic, sweeping game, but at the same time, it's personable and humble. You can jump in and play with no learning curve, but actually getting good at it takes time. It's exactly what you want from a casual game, especially since its so good looking and carries a quirky sense of humor!


Looks great, definitely going to give it a try.

Just wanted to point out that the platform for mobile games is still showing up wrong sometimes in the RSS feed - this one reads 'mobile (windows)' for example.

[Thanks for the bug report on the RSS feed. Which feed URL are you using? The site's main feed, index.xml (RSS 2.0), shows Platform: Mobile (Android). I'll check the Atom feed to make sure it's updated. I may not have been updating that one as religiously. -Jay]

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This looks so cute! I wish I could play it on my PC.

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@Jay: Aha, I am using atom.xml, wasn't aware there were two! I'll switch over to the main site feed if that's better.

[Well, they should be the same, and I think I just modified the Atom feed to be identical to the RSS 2.0 feed (actually I should have kept them both the same over the years, so thanks for the push to do that). Stay with the Atom feed if you like, and please let me know if you notice any weirdness with it again. :) -Jay]

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Doesn't support Android 3.x tablets. Bummer.

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Cute and fun game. Love the style.

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hikari no sakura Author Profile Page November 1, 2011 10:58 AM

Thanks for giving an Android game a full review for the first time! This game totally deserves this :3

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