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Siege Hero

JohnBHappy peasants harvesting grass. Peaceful people admiring the clouds. Then the bad guys come along and start sieging and such. You don't need much of a story when it comes to physics-based chain reaction games, but in the case of Siege Hero, from the creator of Sieger, you definitely need to know you're the one fighting on the side of good! This highly-polished iOS game features gameplay similar to Crush the Castle, Angry Birds, and even Implode!, although the sum of its well-made parts adds up to something much more intriguing.

siegehero2.jpgEach level in Siege Hero is set up with a clear view of an enemy fort, complete with wobbly platforms, towers, and witless soldiers. Your job is to tap the screen and launch a projectile to crack the building, allowing gravity to pull everything down to the ground. Your main throwing tool will be rocks, and they're surprisingly good at hacking away at wood and stone blocks. Later on you'll get things like bombs, fire potions, and barrels of oil to toss, making the destruction even bigger and more impressive than before!

For warriors trained in sieging, these guys really are pushovers. To defeat the bad guys, simply knock them to the ground or whack them hard enough with pieces of debris. The more efficient you are at causing carnage, the more points you'll receive. You get bonuses for saving peasants, having ammo left over at the end of the round, and for smashing things like lamps, treasure chests, and pottery that populate many levels. Earn a high enough score and you'll get a gold crown for the level. Gold crowns unlock a number of bonus treasure stages. They're more challenging and entertaining than the main game and well-worth fighting for!

siegehero3.jpgAnalysis: Siege Hero is everything we like to see in a casual mobile game: high production values, a control scheme built for touch screens, and easy pick-up-and-go gameplay. The difficulty level is well-tuned for quick sessions but also allows you to go back and try for a better score, something that adds replay value and challenge only for gamers who care to experience it. Smart design decisions are around every corner of this game, making it a must-have if you own an iOS device!

Destruction is the central focus of Siege Hero, but it isn't all bombs and collapsing buildings. The game requires a modicum of thought, planning, and trial and error in order to succeed. The difficulty level isn't all that high, and if you don't care for gold crowns and bonus stages, you can breeze through the game's 63 levels in no time. Getting a good score, however, actually takes some practice. You can't just stumble into epic hero status, you know.

We've seen Flash games ported to mobile devices before, but Siege Hero is much more than that. It was built for the iOS platform in mind and incorporates lots of tiny design choices that makes it well-suited for small touch screens. Physics puzzle games have always had a safe home with casual gamers, and Siege Hero is easily one of the best on the entire iTunes App Store!


I love the game, but an stuck on lvl 2 screen 63. Any help would be great! thanks

remove the left hand road from under the car, then it pulls the rest over...

This game is addicting. But I can't get passed 2-8. I need some help. Thanks

I too am stuck on 2-8! Please help.

Throw first rock in middle of bottom chain or stones and take out the two side guys then either end of middle chain and then opposite end of last chain

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!! "remove the left hand road from under the car, then it pulls the rest over..."

I'm stuck on level 2-38. Please help!

I'm stuck on 2-38, help please? One keeps standing safe no matter what ??

2-38, Just beat it!

very qickly burn the X on the Right followed by the Right post on the middle structure and then the rightpost at the connection point of the X on the far left structure!

These are great! Does anyone know how to beat level 2-63?

I'm stuck on 2-42

Can anyone help me in 2-48? Thanks a lot!

Anyone beat level 2-12 (the lst treasure level????)... I'm stuck like GLUE!

Can anyone help?? Im stuck on 2 25...freaking me out!! tks in advance

2-12 the level where you only get two fires. How do I get through it?

How do I clear 2-15 without killing the peasants?

The game is not letting me into the next level. I was congratulated for completion of a level and I can't get back to the island to continue to the next level???????

I have completed levels 1 and 2. Is level 3 Age of Pirates? When is Age of Pirates available? Is that the last venture?

When is level 3 available?

how about 1-61?

I need help on the last treasure level on the age of discovery. Can you help.

Anyone beat 2-11 treasure level?

"Which level are you talking about? 2-12 gives you two rocks, not fires. Pause the game on the level in question and see what it says in the upper left corner of the screen"

He is talking about 2-12 in the treasure room. You're talking about 2-12 within the game level Age of Discovery. I too am completely stuck and have NO idea. That's the last level I have to get three gold crowns all around... Any advice would rock.

And again, it's the last level of the treasure room on Age of Discovery where all you have is two vials of fire. Thanks!!!

Level 1-63? Please help iv tried everything but i cant do it :( x

cannot get past lvl 2-39! been so addicted to this game tho...

Is anyone at the Pirate level?

Help with 2-31

Need help with 1:59

Great game but annoyed there is no pirate level what a swiz

need help on level 2-19, can't pass it!!!!!!!

It's impossible to get a gold crown on level 2-15 !

HELP!! Last gold crown needed!! I cannot get a gold crown in Age of Discovery (level2) treasure room 2-11... Pls someone help me out here??

I'm stuck on level 2-49. Please help

I tried the hints left for level 2-48 to no avail. I can't seem to kill the two at the bottom.

How do you do level 2-37?

Stuck on 2-41 please help

I'm stuck on the final gold stage in the Age of Discovery level "63-12"... any help???

I can't complete the last gold level "63-12" in the Age of Discovery level. Any help???

Help how to get gold crown on 1-62?

How do you clear the last gold level on level 2 Age of Discovery

i could use some help with a the last few levels i have...they are 1-14, 1-41, 1-46, and 1-57...any one have the spoiler for those?

Hi ! I'm wmnico8 on leaderboard 13th ! Do anyone want to exchange any technic or ideas to increase score ? Bye

2 43. I cannot get gold

Hi, I cant get a gold crown on 1-29... its the only one left appart from the last treasure level, can anyone help?

Thanks a lot!!

I'm stuck on level 2-9 and 2-25, I can't do it. Any ideas?

Need help on 2-20

I love this game! Anyone know how to reset the whole thing so I can stat over?

Need Help on 3-20 :D

Wow, a great new set of levels! S-Hero, 3-20 was giving me a hard time too (I had to come back after finishing all the rest)! To beat it:

First burn away the two wood beams to the top and left of the cannon. Next burn away all three pieces of the T-Beam by clicking right in the middle of the T which causes a pirate to fall on the cannon which then safely fires over the girl's head and kills the other pirates.

Level 3-46 is driving me crazy!!! It's the only level I can't get a gold crown in & I've been trying for days! Im seeing the level when I close my eyes. Plz help!

Wow! I just sent a cry for help on level 3-46, I went back to the level rite after I asked for help & got a gold crown! :)
Now I'm going to do all the treasure levels so I'm sure I'll b back for help! Thx!!!

Some help on level 3-11 please!

Pirates 3-46 is soooo frustrating, got close to gold but just can't top it, any help?

For 3-46 burn the far left hand bottom 2 wooden blocks (same size as concrete block), make sure you only burn these 2. This should take out the pirates on the left side, repeat for right side.

LVL 3-62

I have it, but not with a gold crown.. Any help?

I am top 100 on leaderboards. I cannot get gold on 3-46 Pirates. I just cry.

Courtney, or anyone!! Please help!! I'm having the same problem, I can't seem to get the gold crown on level 3-46? Any suggestions or walk through instructions?

Thanks Boab, got it!!

thanks for 3-20 ttyler1999!

can someone help me with 3 - 49?
i cant do it with golden crown:(

Boab - you Da Bomb!

i only miss golden crown on level 3-32 can anyone help me!!! please

For 3-46, fire bomb the bottom two wooden planks in the lower left and lower right corners. Only the bottom two, because the longer top one needs the kill the pirate with the black hat.

Please can someone help me with Age of Pirates level 11? 3-11 seems impossible!!! :'(

Can anyone here please help me with Age of Pirates level 3-62? Thanks!

Woohoo - all completed!

@siegeheroaddict for 3-11, firebomb the bottom left bit of wood (the one under the guy with the black hat and to the left of the wheel'). This should push the explosives under the 'mast' structure. Now firebomb the guy on the right of the lowest wooden platform on that 'mast'. This will drop the other guy standing on the same platform onto the explosives. Job done.

I'm stuck on 3-28! I can knock everyone down, but I can't get a gold crown. any help?

For 3-28
Burn the bottom left wooden block on the right hand most tower.
Tower should fall left and take everyone out and give you a gold.

For 3-62
Take out the bottom of the 4 small blocks, this should cause the right most tower to lean against the one on its left.
Next bit is tricky, need to burn the 2 wooden blocks that are touching between the towers and the vertical one below it for the left tower. Don't burn the horizontal one on the right tower. Get it right and it's a gold.

Stuck.Age of Pirates level 3-31

I need help with age of pirates level 3-36, I cant seem to get a gold crown!

Please help with 3-32, I just can't get this one

How do you get the extra fire bombs (in red, above what ever weapons come with the level)?

Only have 2 that i couldnt get. Please help! 2-28 3-19
Thanx a ton!

Hi, I've just played this game on google chrome. I do not have a smart phone. Is there a way I can play more than the 35 levels that chrome provides?

Is there even a way I can play this on my desktop?

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