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ArtbegottiFor a while now, we've been doing these Babylon Sticks Caption Contests as some of our You Are Games escapades. We've done seven of these contests so far, and we've had seven winners, out of over seven hundred comments. Winning seems like an uphill battle, doesn't it? But with the proper focus and concentration on the goal, the winning caption may very well come to you. You must climb higher, and reach farther to achieve caption enlightenment!

bs-contest-enlightened.jpgUntil you hit that point, you've got to start with your feet on the ground, taking a look at the unfinished Babylon Sticks cartoon drawn by James Francis here. Focus. Concentrate. Can you uncover any humorous words of enlightenment in the array of ink? If you can, send it to us! Submit your caption ideas as a comment below using your Casual Gameplay account. Multiple entries are allowed, but remember to keep them appropriate for all ages and obscenity-free. We also tend to like captions that keep a gaming theme, so keep that mantra in mind as well.

And as always with our caption contests:

  • All entries submitted become the property of Casual Gameplay.
  • You must be at least 13 years of age to enter.
  • Void where prohibited.

You must complete your quest by Monday, March 21st at 11:59 PM (GMT-5:00), so begin your caption-searching journey now!


I hear the wifi he gets up here is wicked. He plays two 3D shooters at once.

I told you mountains were just problems with anti-aliasing!

Whilst He's resting from His work from Populus, here we find God logged into Second Life!

"See, I told you the gaming gods were real..."

I heard that all that playing Doodle God went to his head.

Gaming addiction has become more extreme in recent years.

"Yeah, supposedly, he's the only guy who knows how to get past the third dungeon boss"

"Homerun in Beserk land - 50 years later
Still going for that last achievement?"

Y'know, we could have just looked for a walkthrough...

SHHH. Never disturb the master while he's on a killstreak.


To master the zen of gaming, you must approach it with the right mind.

He played years of computer games till he became a gaming-guru.

His only enemy was zen mode...

"You might as well turn back now. I've been waiting for my turn for almost a week!"

Good luck getting his attention...He's just been hovering there, mesmerized, ever since he discovered the jay is games archives!

I've been playing here a lot of time but never created an account. Today I have done it only to say that An Onyx Mouse idea is the best I ever read... So, I think is uselees trying another one. Congratulations...

Watch for a green gem above your head.

That's Razer's new gaming laptop, it's fit for a god!

We'll finally know for certain, Windows or Mac.

Master! We must know! If a tree falls in the forest... can it still be worth a tetris?

So we're clear? If a block falls in the forest and noone is around, it IS still worth a tetris!

I don't know why we hiked all the way up here. He posts all his cheats on Facebook and Twitter.

We could have just sent him an email by the looks of it.

"What do you mean, he's still playing Gemcraft 0?"
"It takes longer to level up with a trackpad."

By the way, that's one entry, not two!!

"You've seen the 'Hi I'm a Mac, and I'm a PC' ads right? Well... this guy thinks he's Linux."

"Have you ever read 'Zen and the art of laptop maintenance?'"

"I know meeting Steve Jobs was number one on your bucket list, but I think we took a wrong turn at Albuquerque!"


Ps. Does anyone else have Computer God by Black Sabbath in their head? No? Just me? Thought so...

...and that, my friend, is the internet.

There he is... The only man in the world to beat the last level of Achievement Unlocked: achieve enlightenment.

The only loophole he found to his vow of silence was trash talking during online multiplayer games.

I never expected this was how Miyamoto came up with his best ideas...

"They say he beat Qwop and I Wanna Be The Guy in the same day!"

"He's using god mode."

"So this is what Cloud Computing is all about!"

"Yeah, he's programming the next "Black and White" game."


In response to Lawton post :

'How does he fly?
That's a silly question, since the Internet doesn't weigh anything'


'It's OVER April!'


'If he would die, the world would tare itself apart like an angry child wih a napkin'

"He's been trying for years, but he still can't double jump in meatboy"

"He's got the high score."

"..and you're sure he can explain it? -the whole submachine thing."

"He's still only level 6"

"I guess that avalanche wasn't naturally caused after all! It must have happened when he failed 'Within a Deep Forest' again and lost his temper!"

"I told you not to let him try the hard games! Look what he did to Japan in his frustration!"

We finally got to the gaming Guru.

"I could have sworn he was using that coffee shop's free wifi!"

"they're right jay IS games"

"and i thought we were cheating hikers for bringing a portable radio....."

"We're finally here! Oh, wait... oh god... I *told* you shouldn't have accepted SuperHotCuteXOXO's request to date IRL!"

i hate to double post, but i didnt quite say that right....the joke is the use of electronics during camping....... but yeah.... perhaps i should have noticed that before clicking submit...

I forgot my question for the guru... I just keep wondering who his internet provider is?!?

"Who's that guy?"
"That's Ghami- He created the belief that wanting to level up causes suffering, and only by surpassing that need can we reach enlightenment."

I told you we could LAN up here... Why didn't you let me bring my laptop?

Do you ever feel like we're just pawns in some universal game we can't understand?

Life is just a game.

So, the online dating service said I would meet my date at the top of this mountain

"Told'ya he hacks, see how he's levitating?"

"He said something about Ctrl-Alt-Delete? I'm not sure I like the sound of that..."

"He *says* he's only using it to help him commune with the spirits, but I'm pretty sure I just saw him minimize Solitaire."

I don't see what the difficulty with this game is. What's it called again... I want to be the dude?

"ever seen a bald old man with a beard floating on top of a mountain while playing on a laptop?"

"This is the weirdest happy coin ending I ever saw."

"Well that takes the happy coin ending to a whole other level."

"Yeah, that was a happy coin I found back there. Why do you ask?"

I always wondered what would happen if you reached level 200...

"Yes, even God plays World of Warcraft nowadays."

If you get enlightened by the God of Games, you will be able to finish games of any difficulty.

"Is he meditating?"
"No, he just got the Firefox 4 beta."

You may play god in the grow games, but unfortunately god can't play god.

"See! I told you - it's the old python 'import anti-gravity'!"

He has finally achieved Katamari Enlightenment

"Send a report to the developers. There's supposed to be a chair!"

"That's not levitation. It's a graphics glitch! Remember it's still a beta version."

"What do you mean 'it was just a saying'? I thought you were serious when you said we needed to thank God for that."

"We have to wait. He's beating 'I Wanna Be The Guy... With his eyes closed."

"You know I always thought Jay Bibby would look... different."

"You know I always thought Jay would look... different."

"This is James Francis. Without him, we wouldn't exist!"

"Quick, he forgot to plant his flag on the peak. I push him and you plant ours!"

"Of course he uses the Internet now! Facebook is the best way for Santa Claus to check who's been naughty and who's been nice each year."

Hicker to other hicker: "We can't speak to him right now, talks something about having to beat Doodle Devil ..."
Doodle God to Laptop: "This time you wound screw my Elements up!"

He's achieving oneness through Unity3D games.

Gaming Guru says: Man who plays on mountaintop gets High Score.

I don't care what you say, climbing up here to talk to him was still faster than waiting on hold for Tech Support.

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